Question on listening style

Hi guys. I’m somewhat new to the sapien scene, but I am loving the energy course so far. I’ve gone through each of the audios with their respective break. And am now beginning the second round while logging my exercises.

I’ve read a number of people in various forums here and in YouTube comments that the sapien programs are actually more effective without headphones. Is that true in all cases?

As I like to get up really early and do my morning meditation and write out my intentions, I gravitated to using headphones and have been doing so thus far. As the course literature I’ve read so far doesn’t state it specifically, I’m guessing that I should probably be listening without headphones? Does it make any difference if I were to play it through my smartphone as opposed to tablet?

Thanks everyone.



You can use phone speaker and put the phone next to you

Phone or tab doesn’t matter. As long as you can hear it.

Still no headphones needed. But you can use it if you like


Check out the Official Sapienmed FAQ (Updated)! Sammy’s done a great job of answering questions like these. Straight from the source…just for you!


I am pretty sure, today I triggered “Stem Cells Targeted to Face” and “Remove Double Chin” fields just by thinking and intending. I had listened to those audios months ago, and today I got the same sensations around my face just by recalling them.

So, my suggestion is that don’t worry too much about the way you listen. The audios are just a link.


Greetings, @OneMind!
glad you joined us


Just saw this. Thank you <3

I exclusively listen with headphones because I have a little one and I don’t want them exposed to the fields and everything works well for me.