Radionics/Psionics thread

In this thread I wanted to discuss Radionic machnies, softwares, trends, sigils etc.
What are Your experiences with Radionics/Psionic practices?
I have used:

EasyRad & EasyRad premium:
quite good results, energy is felt right away after starting a trend on myself, I have done some experiments with morphic fields (audio) to heal myself and others and I did in fact managed to at least lessen the pain and symptoms of my loved ones.
Although sometimes Im not quite sure on how to put my intent in words.
Sometimes I used mantras/Spells and intent and it work quite well also
Particulary Om Namah Shivaya mantra and traditional Exorcism Rite
Power boost symbols also had quite huge impact on final result in my experience.
The same goes for Law of Attraction engine, but I feel the Easy Rad (PC version) works somewhat better.

Astro Caster, and Sigils from Blaze:
Those I found also working well but with Casters You have to be carefull with what planet You ar choosing.
The Sigils also worked well, printed or used as a trends.

Sapien’s Card/Mandalas
While not made specifically for that purpose, Mandals as a trends I found working suprisingly good.
With Cards I was experimenting a little more, what I found was working best for me was recording my voice speaking activation formula ‘‘Shielding Activate now’’ with some silence so it would play again after 30,60 minutes (depending on card)
What worked also was recording my voice, and doing screenschot of it in audacity, to use it in a image form. (interchangeability of information at its best)

For people who have absolutely no idea what this is all about, I found Unckle Chuckie’s books were a good starter, however his opinions and general attitude on life is controversial, his knowledge is quite good and way of explaining things simple to grasp. So google his books and You are good to go.

I have not build any physical Radionics Machine yet, did some experiments with magnets, wires, microphone and speaker, but my current conditions dont really allow me to build one (Imagine living with someone who is sceptical even about Law of Attraction, or straight out Atheist, and buildling Radionic Machines lol)


They are some radionic android apps that works too. A person must be sensitive enough to energy to feel it working on and be able to charge or enhance whatever with. Sure that it will work for non sensitive people too but you won’t know what’s working on and what tweaks needs to be done so you can advance on what you looking for. Just my 2 cent.


Have you ever tried the empty chair technique? I don’t recall my reference. I think this is from one of chunkie books

Maybe i mixing things between many references lol

But i think the technique is more about enhancing the astral senses and body


which radionic apps have worked for you?

not really, did the technique work for you?

Still working on it using it along with the astral viber.

Some of bantorad apps like the law of attraction.

You used easy rad?

long time ago but nothing works better than using the mind itself,

i find when im in theta, delta or epsilon state i can do things better than using radionic if you have developped enough psychic energy. but when i overload on energy i can’t do s**t, things just go rogue.


Its simple but effective software. What do you mean with overload energy?

When you get more spiritual energy than your body and mind can handle


while in theta, delta or epsilon state, do you use any thought or intent amplification/energizer device or sigil? also do you visualize the effect or do you hold concept in your mind? I find it much easier to visualize vividly than to hold concept lol, the best I can do is lik 30 seconds.

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I don’t use any device not even sigil, i have better visualization when im in alpha or theta states. So this what i began with visualize my concept as much as possible. Then release it later when im in delta or epsilon. Because in this 2 states separately i have no other thoughts that hover on my head beside the concept i had already visualized when i build up also some desire to it. Sometimes things happens by accident when rewind the sequences. I see it when it happened exactly.

In delta and epsilon it seems my functionality as human being lessen. I can’t think of much no so productive tasks takes longer to do. So no day dreaming and become more serious emotions are shut off, and my sleep times increases with mostly 9 to 10 hours a day.

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