Scribe’s Scribblings - 2024 Reset

I’m….reluctantly starting a journey thread. It’s tough to put yourself out there, especially amongst a psychically advanced audience. But, the fact is that I am like the dog who sees a squirrel around here, and loses focus…on to the next new field, etc. My hope is by journaling I will focus more, and thus accomplish more of what I want to do.

I wear many hats. From Corporate cog, to small business owner, to gym rat, to writer, to musician, and of course this little habit of esoteric dabbling, of which I am a middle-aged neophyte.

I’ll continue to wear those same hats in 2024, though I hope to get closer to retiring the Corporate Cog hat.

There are some things to fix with my health, mostly related to over-indulgences. I will be adopting a more Whole Foods, Plant Based diet. I don’t think I will be able to go all the way, and be able to keep peace with my spouse. We are foodies, and so this topic has already led to some tense conversations. But some bad blood work (high cholesterol and triglycerides) resulted in a doubling of my premiums for Term Life insurance, plus feeling very exhausted and very much my chronological age lately, has led me to wanting to make some changes. I own the Culinary Magic NFT, and so I hope to put it to use, considering I absolutely despise preparing food. Losing some weight, improving blood numbers, improving body composition, overall feelings of health is what I am looking for.

I’m focused on growing our small business. My spouse and I own a gym and it’s been growing nicely over the last two years. My goal is to grow it to a degree whereby I can quit my corporate cog job and run the business full time with her. I have the Billionaire NFT, as well as Abundance FinTech, and of course there is a wealth (pun intended) of other fields devoted to this topic.

Financially, I plan to add a sizable chunk to our overall net worth in 2024. I don’t know how much I will share on this topic, because it is the one, I think, that is most likely to cause issues here, and put me at risk of attacks.

It’s been 12 years since I’ve written/published a book. There isn’t much of a set of fields devoted to this topic but I will attempt to work with Blueprint of Artistry to reveal what is possible.

I’ve been a gigging musician, playing in cover bands heavily for the last several years, and I left behind dreams as a songwriter. It’s been 17 years since I’ve written a full record, six or seven since I released any singles. I want to get back to songwriting and recording, though I do not have the tools or software presently to do so. Turns out spilled coffee and laptops don’t mix, but I will get started with the IPad and Garage Band, just to get all the bad songs written and recorded first.

And of course, I continue to try to upgrade in every facet of my life. There was a time, three years ago, when I started being heavily active here, that I was an anxious mess in most areas of my life. Panic attacks on the regular, etc. And it’s been a rather rapid evolution whereby I rarely lose my cool, my perspective, I rarely feel anxious now. No panic attacks in a couple years. And that’s from the self work and the Fields, here. Really, if that’s all I ever achieve, it is more than enough.

2024 is a year of simplification for me, of focusing on what brings me happiness, and cutting out as much noise as possible. I may relentlessly share, I may not. It may interest you, or it may bore you to tears. We’ll just have to see…


Happy new year, Scribe :tada:


Thank you. You too.

I appreciate your contributions.

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Happy New Year.
And wish you all the best in your journey ahead.
God bless…


January 1st, and most of this first week is a baseline of sorts. I took key body metrics via the InBody 2700, that is available at my gym. We are having a body fat reduction challenge for six weeks at our gym. Since I am the owner, I cannot officially participate in prizes, but we are having our own mini competition amongst ownership and staff.

I’ve spent waaay too much time trying to scale down to a manageable level the number of fields I am working with. Had a good little chat with a wise man on this forum, yesterday, about this topic. I also use fields from other makers, and so it doesn’t take long much effort to create a playlist that is hours and hours long. January 1st I was all over the place on this topic. Part way through January 2nd, I am more focused.

January 2nd, I am back in the office. I know I am walking into several hot messes, and while I am not in a panic, it bothers me, especially when I am the medium of communication to stakeholders.

Trying to limit my alcohol substantially in the new year. It is easy to become an accidental alcoholic. A drink or two a night, maybe three on the weekend nights, and then you realize that you are craving it and cannot do without. My spouse feels that I am much more at ease, fun, and funny when I am drinking and so that does not help.

I also have my first Personal Training client since I’ve started up again, at my gym, starting in the evening of Jan 2nd. She may be challenging in that she has a list of things that she will not do. My goal is to get her feeling good enough about her capabilities over time that she is more than willing to branch out into these uncomfortable exercises. Many clients want quick fixes. I teach permanent lifestyle changes.

I spent the 1st also planning learning/practice paths on the bass guitar, my primary performance instrument. I also worked on designing my client’s workout plan, and am still working on my own fitness plan.

Writing novels, I am working through a plot outline, and will begin writing on the 2nd.


Kudos on your plans. Are you still going to gig? I saw somewhere awhile ago that you were thinking of dropping it


Still gigging. The schedule is just starting to fill in. Nothing in January. A few things in Feb with my Indie Rock Band. A festival in April with a Country band. Scatterings up through September right now.


For the first four days of this year, I’ve placed much attention on self care, since it is slow at work. One of the things that I’ve reincorporated is my Angamardana practice (the Isha version, a la Sadhguru).

Now, I won’t vouch for Sadhguru’s teachings. I have my concerns about cultism after attending the live Inner Engineering and learning Shambhavi Mahamudra at Isha Center in Atlanta Georgia in 2012/2013. There’s also some intriguing open questions over the mysterious death of his wife some years ago.

But, if I like the tool, and it works, I will use it.

I learned Angamardana in the suburbs of Boston back in 2018. I would do it for a few months, feel great, then stop, for whatever reason. I think that “reason” is that I am uncomfortable with feeling great…if that makes sense. Nearly every time I get momentum going, I sabotage it. I think that is a uniquely human thing to do, but I’d like to get out of my own way, this year.

To put things in perspective, I am a gym rat. For 35 years. And so it is not like I am completely out of shape at any one time, though there’s room for improvement at present. Yet each morning, getting out of bed, I feel like garbage. Inflammation, wondering if that first painful step on the floor is going to cause a stress fracture in my foot.

Yesterday and today, I feel pretty light, getting out of bed. It’s been years since I’ve felt that way.

In any event, just sharing this little inspiration video. One could say I am very much like the obnoxious little friend in this video, who cannot keep up with the poised young, practiced man.


I should add that I do this very imperfectly. Many times I cannot even break 90 degrees, much less touch the floor. The benefits compound, and as I stated, I am already feeling better.

I’ve scaled back on much of my morphic fields practice. I know it is strange to have a Journey thread that acknowledges scaling back, but rather than passively listening to a 12 hour playlist, for example, I want to explore a precious few. I’ve been asked privately why I continuously have a Sales thread going lately in the NFT section, and it is because, quite frankly, I over-bought, and there are some I have never touched. I get the counter-argument that I have a lifetime to work with them, but realistically, my remaining life-span is shorter than most here and so there are a handful that work on nearly everything that will ever be needed.

At present I am listening to Panchanga Yoga, which I still assert is Dream’s greatest achievement/gift.

My mornings the past few days, I’ve started with Your Energetic Being, played thrice, while I am looking at the Mandala, and finishing my first liter of water.

I then get up, water half finished and do three rounds of Sun Salutations. I maintain, though it is not necessarily its intent, that there is no better full body mobility stretch than the Sun Salutation. Of course, there are many variations. The one I practice is from the Bihar School.

Kids are getting ready for school at this point. I may join them at the breakfast table and I go through the day’s tasks and intentions, written on paper. I can cover that process a bit, another time.

Some days I may have a meeting as early as 7am, while the kids get on the school bus just shy of 715. If that happens, then I must delay my Angamardana till after that first meeting, if not, I am doing it then. There are other calisthenics I may add next, and then, being up since 530am, I may now take some caffeine. I am experimenting with a product called Early Bird, which has a mixture of nootropics, slow release caffeine, other herbs and vitamins. It seems to be working well. Previously I was a three cup of coffee guy in the morning, and it had stopped being effective a decade ago.

There is a meditation component at the table end of Angamardana, and I will substitute sitting with the Mind of the Meditation Master Mandala and Audio, for the 15 minute duration. It is only after this that I will eat.

When I return to the office next week, 2x a week, I am not sure how this will work.

Anyway’s just rambling about my mornings. From this point, I am working on my most important tasks at my day job, or attending more meetings, which is common at my level.


Friday and Today, at work….

Sometimes it gets so difficult, like you feel you are the only one who cares, who acts with integrity, who does what they say they are going to do, when they say they will do it.

I will stay late, I will work weekends, in order to keep that word. I get this is sort of an American thing to adopt the persona, whether it is accurate or not, of someone who grinds. I work for a global company and so other countries I work with, they certainly, within their rights, do their 8 hour day, and are done. They take their vacation time. They cultivate balance. And i think this is healthy.

But the project deliverables definitely drop on the floor when this happens. Timelines out the window. Showstopper issues get pushed to tomorrow, etc.

I just don’t know how many more years I can do this.

Of course, you may say, just get another job. They are not so easy to find, not at my level, in my area of the country. My golden handcuffs…they keep me here. Kids, spouse, depend on me. Health care coverage is costly in the US.

But I’m sitting here on a Monday and everything got dropped, and I get so discouraged. I shut down.

Can’t eat.
Can’t get myself to exercise, move, meditate, listen to fields…I can’t seem to get myself to do anything to move positively.

I’m full on sulking right now, and this is where my downward spirals come in. Bad food choices, or no eating at all. Doom scrolling, otherwise wasting time and procrastinating. Crawling into a very tiny shell.

There are psychological reasons for this. As a child, I found myself having to literally hide under furniture or secret spaces in the house to get away from getting relentlessly pummeled by a sibling.

Life is pummeling me today, and there’s a huge part of me that wants to hide away in a secret space. This is when I lose hope.

I write this, because maybe it helps, and then I will identify the next tiny step I can take, and take it, in order to move something forward. It’s also a way of saying that even when things directionally over time are moving positively forward, there are these speed bumps, these really shitty days, that we all still experience. No field can completely take that away.


You’ve got this, Scribe! :slightly_smiling_face: :heart: :pray: :partying_face:

Blessings and Healing for You

Unconditional Love Infusion


I feel you. If it’s any consolation, it’s a waning moon right now, and we are about 3 days away from a new moon. I find the 72 hr mark before a new moon to have this general energy.
Every month around this time, I too feel lost and like I want to hunker down into a black hole. You’re not alone.


I wish I understood how all this worked better so I could anticipate it, plan for it.

google for moon phase calendar

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With the moon waning— there’s only a little sliver of the light still showing. And our emotions ebb and flow with the moon.
I find close to a new moon it feels like a being a seed in the ground surrounded by darkness. You have no idea where you are headed. It’s very subconscious and feels like being part of the void.

Full moon is the opposite. Most people feel most powerful, energized, and clarity around then.