Should I start the course over?

Hi guys! I feel like I messed up on the energy course. I bought it and had plans to spend a couple weeks dedicating a lot of time to it. However I ended up having to go back home to see my family and haven’t had any time to myself, therefore haven’t kept up with the course work or live zoom teachings. I have still been doing the audios, I just finished the energy sensitivity one.

Do you think I should stop the audios and wait till I’m back home so I can dedicate more time to the coursework and start the course over from scratch? Will the course still have the same effect if I’m watching replays of the live teachings etc…?

Any insight would be amazing, thank you!


Yeah, I’d say wait until you’re home so you can really focus. I haven’t taken the course but I can see how the exercises would be a big part of it too