Sims brain journal

Following the initiative by @Jojo, I will begin to also journal first and foremost to motivate myself and keep myself accountable, and lastly to hopefully along the way motivate other brain users. Might also share thoughts, struggles or other related life things that affect/influence the journey.

[ As a disclaimer, I don’t know how often I will write, or the accuracy and truthfulness of my writing, but I will try to keep it as real as possible, furthermore I don’t encourage anyone to mimic my behavior. ]

With all that said… let’s begin.


As a first post. This was my first week of hard wiring since my last run last year which I left for many reasons. But most importantly my doubt and skepticism always keeps a hold of me. Regardless I’ve decided the following:

  1. Loop no matter what, as long as in the realms of reason, health and able to keep with studies however I feel is unimportant.

  2. Always loop SLR3.0 whenever not feeling completely drained. This is because I feel for me it’s a major factor affecting the success, even though I had undeniable experiences with fields in the past, such as my first experience using VoDL, my skeptic mind from the past still has roots attached that may affect the results therefore to counteract this, I will always be looping SLR3.0.

  3. Don’t worry about results, just do it.

So far I’m not feeling too fried. Noticeable heaviness on brain and more tiredness as expected however no autism symptoms or anything alike. Since the last 2 days I’ve looped 24/7, although I don’t know if decide to have a normal nights rest today.

I think tejas is helping a lot with the energy, my last run I remember being tired 24/7, this time I’m not as bad, today I had to take a nap however even though I slept 5 hours I was feeling fresh until midday when I came back from classes.

Lastly, my schedule is just M8K, BK, WM as boosters, SLR 3.0 always looping in one phone and my wiring Babel, MM and drops, sometimes in the same phone along with the boosters, sometimes one only for boosting and one only for wiring. I also put Plasma flower and Essence of faith and prayer on another phone always 24/7 for environment mostly. Might try other wiring fields later if I have the chance, for now I’ll keep it like this.


As a fellow sufferer, I would take the hit to overall length and get Ego Dissolution in there as well as SLR; I’ve yet to feel it fully let go, but I’ve also not done a deep dive to determine its root. But the two do seem to be trending it to a far quieter background hum.

SLR acts to stun my critic long enough for fields to work, but ego diss really seems to actually shave off what SLR has released.


I’ve actually thought about putting it alongside too, however I remember it stating that it shoudnt be looped, so unsure, i still play it at the beginning of my morning stack though

Fair, might want to recheck the audio release though. No listening recommendations or warnings are listed in the description, and there’s plenty who loop it overnight in the comments.

I wonder if Dreams for the skeptics field actually addresses skepticism directly :thinking:

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You’re right, I rechecked it, no mention. However I do remember some people talking about looping not being recommended, a long time ago though, might not actually matter

It can be overstimimulating due to

Other than the energetic effects, areas of high density of 5-HT2A receptors will have an increased glutamate level, there is also be some enhanced glucose absorption,(brain fuel) to compensate for the increased cell excitability which should take place in the frontal and temporal regions.

Some people still looped it overnight or hours daily and reported their feeling in the thread.


everything is broken down into glucose right? - stick the rick del hagen

Guys, don’t sleep on the Nerve Inflammation help field. Really great to add to your healing/overwhelmed playlist


I added it to try today, 3x SLR 1 ego looping. No problems so far. If there are side effects and I’m not noticing they are probably either being kept in check by BK or just minimal.

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Guys I’ve been tri looping for almost 48 hours straight, I don’t know how I’m not dead fried yet, my brain feels so much pressure lol. And yes slept with them yesterday, it was not too bad, a little more cranky in the morning than usual. I think M8K + Tejas is making the ride so much smoother. In the evening I was so fried I just laid in bed trying to sleep but also couldn’t sleep, yet couldn’t think straight either, felt almost drunk lol so I looped tejas. Now I’m a bit better, don’t know if keep looping this night or sleep normally, both are equally tempting hahahah. I know it’s nothing about results but just wanted to give a little update, to remind myself too later on.


I really cannot understate how good this playlist has been for overwhelm: Nerve inflammation, smart stem cells, brain and spine antioxidant.

Especially when feeling hyper-excited and anxious. And yes it has been a side effect. I don’t think it’s autism though; it’s different, just extra stimulated.

Also of course stress and anxiety helps, but first remove the overstimulation


Have u tried shen after playing brain fields? tried it for the first time today and it felt good. also is smart stem cells better than plasma brain for overwhelm?

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I haven’t tried. Does it help for overwhelm in your experience?

I don’t add plasma brain to that stack firstly because it has an aspect that might decrease/remove the boost so I’d rather avoid unless strictly wanna heal. However the audios such as inflammation or brain and spine do remove some toxins etc so it might have a similar effect to the boost so going to the second reason, also because I already have brain key, which includes plasma brain, and I’m looping it 24/7 in the booster device, unless I wanted to only heal/take a break I feel it’s probably unnecessary. I wouldn’t compare smart stem cells to plasma brain

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helps more with recoverin from mental fatigue not ovsthwlem imo

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Update: it’s been 14 days of wiring (Counting breaks)

This week I just used Drops of memory and Cyber brain mostly (wiring). The things I’ve noticed predominantly so far are the following

Visualization: I didn’t expect this but for some reason it’s getting better, dreams are getting very vivid. And I can see more ‘clearly’ in my mind. Visualize something and I can grasp more of the details in my mind, can move it more before it blurs etc. This one is pretty cool, lately I’ve been just sometimes remembering the Chinese characters I learn and draw them stroke by stroke in my mind. Pretty cool. It’s still far far far from perfect but there’s definitely been improvements.

Memory; it feels my flash cards are going faster, and each word I memorize it’s a little bit faster to get it into the long term, taking less repetition.

Processing: the time I notice this the most is when reading my Chinese texts, even if I’m wiring I’m just processing it faster. You know when you don’t understand something and have to read it twice? Happens less and less, feels more smooth, just see the grammar structure and it just clicks.

It’s still a small progress, I’m sure these fields will help me achieve so much more!

Other things to note;

I am not looping overnight for now, after some days of that, I totally crashed. I had to take a 2 break day and not only that but one of those I could not even go to class because I was so exhausted. I still play plasma brain overnight sometimes.

I also feel like SLR and perhaps aura energetic repair which I added recently have been helping too. I think I’m feeling the fields more than when I started, the brain sensations etc, days such as today I didn’t even loop them (aura repair and slr) yet I felt them so intensely, so I guess that’s good. I think for SLR I put like 200+ hours in total. Aura an energetic repair the first day I looped it a lot and now Just have it 4x at night and loop it with tejas when feeling tired sometimes.

I think that’s all for now, peace :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh wow, we’re at a similar streak count. Today’s day 12 for me, finally added SHG into my hourly stack after I got my brain used to the constant wiring.

That’s really awesome re: the language progress without currently running Babel.

If you’re enjoying the lingering of fields and want more of it, don’t forget KQC and QKA.

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I’ve had this one since day one, as mandala :slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s keep frying bro

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Guys, download an habit tracker app. Start counting your days looping. We all need some schedule. Else our minds and ego always gonna trick us even if we don’t want. also helps to know if you really need a break, or you just wanna slack off. This is a battle not only with your own preconceived notions, body limits etc. But also your own self-sabotaging. Don’t forget.

Which one are you using there? I use Done on iOS but it gets a bit unwieldy once you start tracking more than 3-4 habits.

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