Sleep Paralysis πŸŒ‘

Yesterday I was having sleep paralysis for the second time in my life. I am thinking This one occured because I was trying to do an OBE the day before that. Idk if its connected to that. Is it some kind of an evil force. Or is that just a myth ?

Try this one, 2-3 loops for a week, should deal with sleep paralysis. It completely did away mine, you can check the commentaries on the video, that several people reported the same.

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It doesnt really happen to me. If I feel like I need it I will try it . Ty very much. But I was wonderi g why does it happen. Is there any kind of a spiritual experience ?

Sleep paralysis is natural and makes sure that you don’t hurt yourself with walking around while sleeping and dreaming.

When you induce an OBE, you stay conscious while your body goes into sleep paralysis, which can be scary when one experiences this for the first time.
But really nothing to worry about. Just get familiar with that state and continue on praciticing inducing OBEs.


Thank you. That comforted me

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that it is very natural because you were trying to OBE so its your mind accepted and started attempting to give you the experience keep trying you will have your OBE

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