Smart fields

Already listed above.

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All fields become smart fields when learned by a plasmafied servitor… ;)


How to plasmafied servitors? :scream:

Play the plasma field and sit the servitor by the speaker. Tell it to learn the field and use it to plasmafy itself.




Really smart!!! :point_right: :brain:


Smart Hair Styler (Gumoad) is a smart field.


Are all smart fields interactive?
I understand for interactive fields as they can understand what an user tells them.
Shamanic medicine blend is explicitely mentioned as an interactive smart field in the description.
Not in others I’m aware (my mental and emotional supporter can work while you talk actively to it)

I suppose they could be considered to be interactive. It seems that many of our forum friends interact with their fields, smart or otherwise.

But I thought one component about what made a field a “smart field” was that it could review you, your energy systems and your situations and then decide (from its growing knowledgebase) what you needed worked on and in what order, so that you didn’t need to tell the field anything.


The new Corpus Spiritus Tarot Deck is a smart field


a smart field drop!


Anti-Cancer V.2 has been updated on both utube and patreon. It is a smart field.


it is a good idea, when using smart fields, to allow the field to scan the issue and then resolve it … i recommend this with all of them… NFT or otherwise.
so here it goes:
example: you have the smart cord cutter field. what you do with it?

well, you place it in one anti demon stack so:

  1. smart cord cutter x 1
  2. De-Inhabiter Combo x1
  3. smart cord cutter x 1

so for the time that passes between the first listening you listen to the cleansing audios and then again the smart audio… it would have learned what you are trying to accomplish.

you can use… theme based… the same principle with all other smart audios buidling of course coherent stacks…

not so:

smart cord cutter x1.
muscles beyond limits x1
smart cord cutter x1
the field would go whaaat???

but more so:
acu-automation x1
automatic workout audio x 1
muscles beyond limits x1
acu automation x 1
now it is understandable combo…

Good luck!


Smart Hair Texture Stylist? :grin:

what if I want to cut etheric ties with my muscle cells that don’t want to grow? :rofl:

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If they’re not growing in spite of increased workload demanded of them, two things come to mind:

  1. You probably have some limiting beliefs (conscious or unconscious) which are instructing your muscles cells to not grow in response to that demand and/or
  2. You’ll need to repair and reinstall your blueprint ( :cough: BoL :cough: )

Trying to cut your etheric cords to those cells could be–erm–unfortunate for you.


I was kidding, but thanks for taking me seriously and giving your input nonetheless.


uhm KQC is smart field?

I don’t think so. Every smart field in itself should be mentioned by Dream, and mostly smart because they needed to be in order to get effective healing, treatment and complex works. And KQC just turn you into a giant Quasi crystal so it doesn’t have to be smart.

okay thank you

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