Smart fields

Question for smart fields (acu automaton ) , will the field works for everyone who hears the audio OR only works to the one that plays the audio even when other person hears the audio?

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I’m not sure whether I understood your question properly but most of the smart fields are not “noded”. So when a user plays one of them, the other owners of the field are not affected automatically.

However, as said by others in this thread and elsewhere: whenever someone uses such fields, there’s a body of knowledge that is collected and added to the field’s database. That can then benefit other people with similar issues.

Edit with example:

You, Joe, and I have the same X smart field. When I play X, this doesn’t affect Joe and you at that moment.

But the work the field has done on me, the analysis that it has conducted on me, etc. are stored in its memory. So when you and/or Joe play the field, you can be helped in the same or similar way. The field is sort of saying “ah yes, I remember this stuff from Bronyraur. I can adapt it to Kaworu and Joe in a way that is specifically tailored for them though”.

Also adding this one to the list, at least in the way explained by the description and Maoshan:


What i mean is

for ex:

im sitting on a sofa with 2 of my friends beside me, minding their own business like using their own phones,

for normal fields i know that when i play an audio , as long as my two friends hear the music they will be affected.

what if i play a “smart” field and they both hear the music, will they be affected too or the field will only affect me ( the one who plays the audio) ?

Still, thank you for your reply, I learned something :smiley:

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I see now, my bad. Well, I’ve just realized that I haven’t listened any smart field with anyone around yet (I’ll check again though).

One thing is that those are mostly the ones having a protection. So here’s what applies to them:

(This was said about a smart NFT. For some other smart fields, it might not even be the case, meaning that people in the same room wouldn’t even feel any bit of it nor affected by it).

Also, for some of the smart fields that don’t have any owner-exclusive protection, the fact mentioned below can happen too:


Elemental Alchemical Ability: New Release

The Crucible of Stored Trauma: New Release

Myofascial Release and Anointing


Can we add to the list :


is a smart field.


(Patreon) The Smart Skin Tightener


There is also :


Already listed above.

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All fields become smart fields when learned by a plasmafied servitor… ;)


How to plasmafied servitors? :scream:

Play the plasma field and sit the servitor by the speaker. Tell it to learn the field and use it to plasmafy itself.




Really smart!!! :point_right: :brain:


Smart Hair Styler (Gumoad) is a smart field.


Are all smart fields interactive?
I understand for interactive fields as they can understand what an user tells them.
Shamanic medicine blend is explicitely mentioned as an interactive smart field in the description.
Not in others I’m aware (my mental and emotional supporter can work while you talk actively to it)

I suppose they could be considered to be interactive. It seems that many of our forum friends interact with their fields, smart or otherwise.

But I thought one component about what made a field a “smart field” was that it could review you, your energy systems and your situations and then decide (from its growing knowledgebase) what you needed worked on and in what order, so that you didn’t need to tell the field anything.


The new Corpus Spiritus Tarot Deck is a smart field