Spiritual Fast Food

I realize that I will be talking about popular, mainstream, click-bait “spiritual” content that most people enjoy, since it takes almost no brain power to digest, so I don’t know whether a lot of people will agree with me or not - but I am so tired of it, and most importantly every social media algorithm starts suggesting this garbage to you if you’re even remotely interested in spiritual topics. I am sure everyone knows what I am talking about here - it’s just content meant to invigorate you and jolt your nervous system, its crap you can find by the dozen when doing a simple google search, hence I really don’t think it has much value at all especially if there’s zero censorship going on. The annoying thumbnails with giant text, talking about ascension, astrological gateways and 5D earth, biblical prophecies, and other regurgitated information… I really don’t know how anyone other than teens who are still developing their sense of personal authority can fall for this? If you enjoy this type of content, or believe in it, can you explain why? Why would you consider this to be worthy of your time and attention, when it’s clearly meant to mislead and confuse you? Of course, most people posting it, are not deliberately trying to confuse anyone, but they sure are trying to get clicks and attention.

As a note to finalize this post, most things that are truly valuable take discipline and effort. If the system is force feeding you garbage and you keep eating it because it tastes good and goes down easy, don’t expect any sort of greatness or evolution as a result.