Spiritual Practices

It’d be nice to have a sub-forum in which people can recommend, share spiritual practices/techniques to implement on daily life and also share their results. Maybe even spiritual practices that can go hand and hand with SM audios.

Spirituality sub-forum is very abstract and it’s not oriented specifically to the practical side of spirituality.

For example, I’ve noticed that after 10 or 12 hours of fasting, my energy sensitivity towards audios increases but I dunno where to post such thing because there doesn’t seem to be a location that deals with such endeavours.


Do you prepare yourself for a fast in any particular way?

I am particularly interested in fasting triggering autophagy, but as far as I know you have to fast the minimum of 16 hours in order for that to happen.

I do keto.

I eat tons of protein and fat. No carbs.

Fish and chicken it is better than cow and pig meat.