Starting my journey with the Self Love stack + journal of my experiences with fields

I’ll be using this thread to post about my journey with @JAAJ self love stack, which I’ve decided to listen to daily for as long as it’s feasible - at the moment I’m studying so having audios in the background for several hours is not an issue. I’ve recently realized that my self love really needs some work, so we’ll see how it goes.

The stack I’m using is the OG one, but I sometimes add other audios (I’ve been using Angelic intercession a lot) or switch the order a bit. I’ve started this on the 15th, so today is day 5.
The first few days were blissful and I felt very positive energy throughout the day. Yesterday (day 4) I was in a very foul mood for seemingly no reason. Today a lot of buried issues seem to be coming up: the common theme seems to be how troubles from the past that I considered myself to be over with are, in reality, still shaping my perceptions and decisions.


Day 10
I haven’t been able to play the full stack the last few days, but the main audios are still there + other fields by Sapien and other creators.
#1 effect I’ve been seeing: I suddenly have an immense sense of clarity about what I want to do with my life: I have an almost crystal clear vision of what I want my future to be, which is something that I had never had before. It feels like I now finally have the solution to a puzzle I was trying to solve for years, and the only thing that’s left to do is to physically put the pieces in the right order. I also feel much more comfortable with being a woman and I’m starting to actively appreciate it - for my whole life, it felt like a limitation and a curse and I was never truly comfortable with my own femininity.

Today has been pretty rough though, I am filled with regret about the past and anxiety about the future - I wasted several years of my life in an abusive relationship (the situation was way more complicated than that but that explanation will suffice) and now, at 28 years of age, I haven’t accomplished much. The aftermath of that time left me to rebuild my whole life. Not all hope is lost though, I will be graduating from medical school in the next few (several?) months, and I have other things going on for me. It’s just this anxiety that gets me when seeing people my age being comfortable in their career and especially starting families. You know, the fear of being irremediably late and being left out in the cold. I pray that with hard work, fields and the help of benevolent beings I and all others will be able to accomplish our dreams.


Day 15
I’ve taken a couple days break because my energy system felt too taxed. Still, the improvements I’m seeing are incredible. Some days ago a lot of sudden realisations started coming to me on how certain specific ways of thinking and perceiving had been holding me back, together with the realization that I can’t simply wait for fields to give me self love but I have to actively build a life I love - I had been looping Subconscious limits for hours so that might have been the cause. It was similar to months of therapy compressed into just a few days. I am also taking more actions to actively improve my life - for one, I’ll be taking music lessons starting next month, something I’ve wanted to do my whole life - and I’m also feeling a lot more self respect, as well as taking action in certain relationships in my life to avoid repeating past mistakes.


It’s been a full month! I haven’t listened to the whole stack every day, but my mental health and self esteem have never been better! I feel great, and I will even dare say that at this time I feel like I have no mental health issues whatsoever anymore. I haven’t only been listening to audios of course, I have also taken practical steps to improve my life, but these audios have been a blessing.


Congratulations chakra


A lot happens in a month! Congrats


Some of the most visible effects I’ve been seeing in this last month:

  • I have my best self interests at heart way more - this means that I’m studying regularly, exercising regularly, taking time to socialize and generally caring about taking positive actions for myself. This seems to come out of a feeling of self love rather than the feeling of strong motivation/willpower that I get from other fields.

  • Connecting to other people is becoming easier and easier. I used to feel very disconnected from other people, even small differences in lifestyle seemed incredibly big and important and I had a very rigid idea of what kind of people I could get along with. Now it’s way easier to make friends and find something in common with people from all walks of life.

  • I have more respect for myself, I’m starting to define where my boundaries lie and I feel like I’m becoming willing to drop someone if they are crossed in unacceptable ways - before, I would just cling to anyone out of fear of loneliness.

  • This is weird to explain: I’m both less worried about what others might think of me in terms of compromising myself (e.g. if I need to stay in during the weekend because I’m tired I will just do it, while previously I would have forced myself to do something out of fear of looking like a loser), but I’m also more willing to listen to the opinions of others who might have my best interest at heart.

  • More love for others: I’m becoming more generous, patient, giving my time to others doesn’t feel like a burden but like a blessing.


Great to know that you have healed yourself. I too had few mental helath issue like anxiety attacks (minor) overthinking, self critical and self judgemental, low self esteem as i failed many exams and i am starting my day with ego dissolution, remove subconscious limits, inner healing, self acceptance, inner beauty reflect outwards,
Then i go by listening fields related to weight loose.
I would like yo know which fields you listened to get better mental health.
Though i am not consistent with self love things but i know i need it and somehow i feel these fields won’t be much use as they some times gave me overwhelming experience,whole day i am not in a state to do any mental work.

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The whole self love stack by JAAJ, you can find it here: JAAJ's Daily Self Love Stack 🤍.
It’s a lot of audios, but I kept them in the background while studying or doing other things. They were most effective when I journaled while listening to them though, especially the trauma related ones. I absolutely recommend journaling if the fields make you feel down, it’s a great relief. Maybe start very small if your energy system can’t handle the whole stacks yet. I also listened a lot to Angelic intercession, Attract love and Zealot of positive change. Definitely do work on your self love, I’ve found that things like losing weight come way more easily when you love yourself more. Best of luck :white_heart:


Ok so it’s normal to get down when you are self healing journey.
I am having my down time almost every second day and specially at the end of the day


That’s right.
Typical “ascension symptoms”.
Everything that was surpressed, especially emotional energy, will come to the surface to be released, transcended and healed.

One cannot rise in vibration unless one releases that negative subconscious emotional bagage that is “pulling one down”…

There are also many good posts on “ascension detox” in the Ascension tag thread and Ascension-naut NFT thread.

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I’ve recently had a lot of success with a stack I made for moving on from a certain bad relationship. The actual relationship ended a while ago, but the scars it left me were lingering on for way too long, I was spending a lot on time venting and ranting on Reddit and online support groups. I don’t think that’s negative per se, and it certainly helped me process a lot of what’s happened, but recently I was just doing it without any real need and it was hurting more than helping me. So I added these audios to the usual stack:

  • The devil reversed X10
  • Death x5
  • The fool X2
  • The negentropic fool X2
  • Childlike wonder x2
  • The zealot of positive change x5

I’ve been using this for the last 10 days maybe? I no longer feel the need to rant online and spend time reading stories from support groups, I feel “over it” in a way I didn’t feel before. I’m now using the energy I was spending focusing on my past to focus on my future and my current healthy relationship and career.

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More changes I’ve noticed: my online habits have definitely changed. I can now notice “toxicity” (I don’t really like the word) especially on social media in a very noticeable way - even though I try to only follow pages/creators that post positive content, the algorithm will still force me to see posts that are about divisiveness, hatred, rage baits. A lot of women hating men, a lot of men hating women, omnivores hating vegans, vegans hating omnivores, “jokes” on how much left wingers suck, “jokes” on how much right wingers suck, entire pages devoted to watching people being horrible and so on - the algorithm recently suggested me a page called “Daily updates on men lying”, why would anyone want to fill their days with such content that will give you nothing but trust issues?

I’ve always known that social media were a pile of crap, but recently I haven’t been able to bear it, I can see so much more clearly that it’s 99% negative stuff, probably to raise engagement. It’s like entering a room and smelling trash, I just have to get out. I mostly follow nature videos, recipes pages or music pages, but the occasional great recipe isn’t worth being exposed to so much crap. The result of this has been that I’ve been spending way less time online, which was a goal I had, so that’s great!