Subconscious limit removal results


I started this week from listening my whole playlist at night, to just listening the SLR (every night).

I am feeling great, I went way more regularly to the gym and had yesterday a very great interaction.
I am signed to the gym for over a year but I had times where I was sick or didn’t go to the gym because of a lack of discipline and I NEVER interacted with people there. I saw people that started at the same time as me but they got a lot of “gym buddies/friends”, on my side I was going alone or with friends of mine outside of the gym. Never got asked to spot someone or anything like that. I am not introverted but I guess it just never came to this type of situation.
Except yesterday, I had mine 2min rest and a person asked me to spot him and I did. He said I did great and later when I did my exercises, he helped me to got beyond my limits (like the limit removal hahahahaha). It was pretty nice, we had a short and nice conversation.

I know it’s not much of a thing but it was a nice feeling so why not sharing it.

Oh and I think more optimistic and have more energy throughout the day.



I highly recommend adding this also:


Thank you!