Tarot Magic

This thread is for sharing how to use the Corpus Spiritus Deck cards to add some magic into your life. The cards are already magical on their own. They have the power and don’t quite need energizing. It’s as simple as meditating on them that you can infuse yourself with the energy and manifest certain results. I have more to share on this and will soon. That being said, this thread is open for discussion on tarot magic!


I am experimenting with using NFT version as trends in Radionics…


The NFT versions would be especially well suited to these experiments, as the NFTs (as I understand them) contain the most helpful* aspects of the archetypes of the cards.

*Not sure if that’s the word that I want there but it’s all I can think of right now. :laughing:


That is actually a really cool idea. I have a few paper radionics boards I have laying around. I’m going to experiment with them and see what happens!

Thank you for the idea!


Softening the grip your mind has on how reality is perceived is a fundamental and known step in advanced psychic work. And here, scarily accurate tarot draws helped me a lot in the past, and still help me.

I already experienced some unbelievably accurate draws that rapidly deconditioned a lot of layers in my mind, and opened new angles of reality for me. This is the type of stuff that echoes in a lot of other dimensions of how you perceive things, so in the end you don’t end up just ‘believing in tarot’. You end up with a much more magical life overall.

My physical deck didn’t arrive yet, but I imagine this effect getting much stronger with an everyday, physical interaction with it.


Hi, Cambrian. Is there any detail you can share with us about how you actually came to perceive tarot as more magical? You mentioned accurate draws surprising you but I am wondering if there are any clues you can give for those of us who would like to tap into the tarot magic side. Thanks! :) :rose:


I think the transition from believing something - accurate tarot draws, in this case - to knowing they are accurate is the magical thing I experienced.

This transition from believing to knowing is important, and you kinda need to train each case individually. However, a lot of these cases have overlaps with other ones, usually because they share a fundamental aspect that, when understood, makes you ‘gain points towards’ every single branch.

Get tarot draws for example. Let’s suppose that after enough interactions with it, you go from ‘believing’ to ‘knowing’ they work. But acknowledging something like this means your old mental molds on how causality and space-time work are softening. With this softening, you have fewer subconscious limitations and increased manifestation power, which are vehicles to a more magical life.


Thanks for the explanation. It was a pleasure reading this, I love the way you write lol. Looking forward to more gems from you! :gem:


I bought the digital version before the NFT came out. Do they have the same qualities?


I think Captain said there is more knowingness built into the physical deck. It might have had something to do with a special field built into the image on the back of the cards that helps with integration and interpretation. :rose: :slight_smile:



That’s a hoot! :rofl: