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Aloha dear friends,

I’ve started to watch YouTube channels focusing on tarot readings the past months in order to learn more about interpreting the cards. I got my Corpus Spiritus Tarot deck waiting for me in Germany and can’t wait to get back and start using it.

I wanted to ask if any of you have some favourite tarot readers on YouTube that you find especially helpful to learn interpreting various card combinations.

For me personally, an absolute favourite is The Autistic Mystic! Hands down for me always an insanely accurate read and hilarious/unique way Austin does his readings. He’s just so direct and refreshing. You can watch his readings based on your sun/moon/rising signs. For me the rising one is often times the most accurate one. I learned a lot from Austin’s way of interpreting the different cards and combinations.

Would love to hear from you if you follow any tarot readers online and if you might have a recommendation of a specific channel. Just for the sake of learning more about tarot.

Thanks a lot in advance and wishing everyone a splendid day!
Cheers, Siria


I have YouTube channel myself but it’s been dead. The YouTube mainly focused on subliminal. Or occult science. You name it. Tarot. Intuition. Vedic reading.

And I do tarot as well.


I do all kinds of occult sciences in general


I like watching Moon Magic Weekly Tarot and White Feather Tarot!

I really like Moon Magic because she’s a former therapist and she has great insights into emotional and mental health. She has a tutorial reading each month where she explains more in-depth about how she reads the cards. The tutorial is usually available on Youtube for free for a few days, but is always available on her Patreon, which is pay what you want. It looks like she just posted one a week ago, so she’ll probably post another one near the end of July.

@Imogen, what is your channel name? You can DM me if you don’t want to write it here!


Oh, thanks a lot for sharing! Will check them out :heart_eyes:


Mine would be The Lucky Mermaid :crystal_ball:
Following for years and like the fusion of her psychic tarot reading with spirit guides and crystals. But as it’s a general reading same with many other readers on mainstream tube, I take everything with a pinch of salt, make notes then come back to them mid-month if anything resonated. Accompanied sometimes by her dog snoring in the background lol

I’m excited for your journey with the Corpus Tarot deck!


Thank youuu! I’m so happy for all the great recommendations! I just love watching different tarot readers and learning from them. It’s amazing how intuitive some read the cards and connect them to each other.


Indeed! Them sharing their knowledge and skills, as well as get inspired how each tarot interpretations are personal. The imagery no matter how small tell big stories about the human condition. :open_book:


Wow thank you for this!
I’m watching White Feather Tarot pretty often. Her readings are amazing. I can’t wait to give Moon Magic a try. Your short description about her is pretty exciting! :pray:


I am a bit obsessed with these channels too, as well as doing my own readings (not on YouTube though)
My favourites are Moon Moth Goddess (she also had the channel Neptune’s child), Loving Tarot - I find her energy very gentle and she’s very accurate, The Hermit Tarot, White Feather Tarot & Alice LoveExistsVisions.
There are some readers I just don’t resonate with, but the above have always been spot on for me.

The best thing about these readings is that they get me motivated and I like to clean my house whilst listening to them :rofl: makes it so much easier.


Moon Magic Tarot just posted one of her Tutorial videos that is only available on Youtube for 48 hours if anyone wants to see it (and maybe save it): READINGS & TUTORIAL 🤗👉✨✨✨⌛🤩 How to Speed up your Manifestations & Create a Vision Board - YouTube

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I watched that one :heart_eyes:

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