Technical Difficulties posts

Sometimes in a topic there’ll be a few questions about technology problems, like where to find the TeeSpring/Gumroad email (try Junk/Spam folder or Promotions/Updates/Social tags if on Gmail), or how to download the file after purchase, or other such computer or device related questions.

I like that the community quickly helps out with such questions, everybody is so patient and sweet to walk people through the steps, but after the issue has been resolved, could the mods maybe move these posts into a “Solved” or “Troubleshooting” thread, so the topic doesn’t get padded up with the sidetrack into ‘IT Hotline’ convo . Then for future browsing it’ll be easier to find people’s comments or reviews on the item itself, rather than all the meta.

If there were an option to flag as Solved then users could help mark some posts which could be shifted.

For your consideration. Thank you!


Great idea !

It would also be easier to find solutions if they are all in the same place :+1:


Has anyone else received this message?

Is this a virus or what?

Also, I got Gmail, which is linked to pretty much anything…
So if I deem G unsafe, then what?!

For now, I pressed “Ignore”.
I don’t know what is this. My phone’s an Honor BTW (where I received that message).

It hasn’t happened on another phone. :thinking:

It could be a bug or it may be due to the fact that Honor is a Chinese brand?
Thus it may deem Google unsafe (politics).

Edit: maybe this is not the right thread for this comment/reply/issue (?).

Don’t act too fast. most likely this is a scam that tries to push virus on your Android. And this is quite obvious, remember times of popups avalanches and use browser like Brave.

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Yes, most likely it’s a scam.

However, is my phone somehow infected?

I did some quick research and it seems thst Huawei and Honor users receive that message too.

Also, checked one AntiVirus and I see no detections.

Gonna try some other Malware/AntiVirus software too.

No idea, this isn’t any indication of malware. Rather bugs in warnings that Huawei sends.

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I had something simillar on my huawei like a month ago, clicked uninstall nothing unordinary happened so far.

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So then, does uninstall only removes the Google app?

It’s not like that would be that much of a problem.

I could login through any other browser.

But I rather not.

it removed nothing. Not sure what it was about.
It happened like 2 days after I installed ex file manager through google play

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Ever since you changed your profile pic to that of that man shrugging your replies match it haha, i cant help but thinking that you are :woman_shrugging: every time you reply