The Blueprint of Blueprints (Private Group)

This NFT has been designed with the goal of being the most versatile toolset offered in the sapien catalogue. In short, it is made to be the only field you would ever need – if you so chose.

The following description of this NFT’s features is presented exactly as it was submitted to Captain Nemo:

The Blueprint of Purity

Purify your mind and body, for the ability to efficiently perform psychic functions. Supported by the following subfields:

  • Repair DNA, remove all genetic defects, and activate all latent abilities in your DNA
  • Unblock and enhance all clair-senses
  • Tap into the spheres of the Tree of Life on a conceptual level, allowing you to explore the realm of any sphere and utilize its energies for your own purposes.

The Blueprint of Spiritual Bodies

Achieve the highest level/evolution/alchemy of every single body. Supported by the following subfields:

  • Unblock/Clear all of your bodies and their components
  • Repair/strengthen all of your bodies and their components
  • Enhance, guide, and - where possible - automate the process of awakening/activating/achieving all of your bodies and their components.

The Blueprint of Destiny

Remove the most possible external influences that may work against your ability to live the life you truly want to. Supported by the following subfields:

  • Clear/transmute/resolve all unnecessary karma.
  • Automatically cut Etheric Cords which negatively affect you (with protection against backlash)
  • Best Path in Life (Sapien Shop) (toggled on/off with user’s intention)

The Blueprint of Consciousness

Heal, integrate and balance your: Shadow Self, Inner Child, 12 Jungian Archetypes, soul fragments, Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, and Higher Self.

(supported with Ego Dissolution field)

The Blueprint of the Divine Warrior

Strengthen the essence of your Divine Charisma, drawing upon your own inner divinity - and refine it into a multidimensional suit of armor (+ weapon) that protects all necessary levels of your being.


  • The Tree of Life can be tapped into by simply concentrating on any one sphere (during meditation or lucid dreaming/astral travel)

  • The “bodies” targeted in the Blueprint of Spiritual Bodies includes the: Taoist body (Neidan/TCM), Subtle Body (Yoga/Ayurveda), Astral Body, Merkaba/Light Body, and Rainbow Body.

  • The forms of karma targeted by the Karma subfield include: Prarabdha, Sanchita, Agami, Vartamana, and Ancestral Karma. The intelligence of your Higher Self could determine what to clear/transmute/resolve, performing the experiences in higher energetic realms and reabsorbing the karmic patterning into Source. It could also incorporate some elements of Ho’oponopono and Neville Goddard’s revision technique.

  • Here, “Divine Charisma” is defined as the underlying radiance of awakened divinity held by ascended beings such as Krishna, Christ and Buddha


This NFT is more than that to me. It is a personal accomplishment which I am proud of. It stands as the fruit of my 2+ years on this forum, my life of spirituality thus far, and my ambition to design a field that can evolve our spirits to their fullest potential.

I cannot take full credit for this, however. I must humbly thank @Dreamweaver for bringing this into reality, and for having been so gracious and patient throughout this entire process. Here’s to our evolution!




Its aready realsed


no no,
take as much credit as you need, its all good and right :clinking_glasses: :tada: :pray:


Oh how long this has been in the making. We started this group many months ago and worked hard on it. Thank you @anon44876465 and @Dreamweaver for making it possible!


At first glance, one may wonder what is The Blueprint of all Blueprints, or how did it seem possible to apply such a vast concept and weave it into one product…

We did wonder too. We thought we were going for something that may as well not be created at all.

This project took immense faith, dedication, and a vision that truthfully never left our leader.

Mctoran channeled his highest energies, his most futuristic version that aligned everything to what we are here with today.

At some point we even thought that was it-- a solution for a series of The Blueprints seemed the only way. It wasn’t feasible. Something better was in store for all of us.

Captain weaved this concept into the beauty of a touch that ripples through your heart and your life

The highest channeling became the highest version of this project. And the evolving consciousness of the refined self became the true reality of this day.

Congratulations to every one in our group and specially to our leader, Mctoran, exuding the best of his visions and his abilities into this project! :heart: :clinking_glasses:

By the way, this is the only Blueprint project that gains the title with ‘the’ Blueprint :)
Such wording is a specialty of the captain and is only reserved to very select fields of his :)


Looks great guys!:muscle:t4:


uhm guys, in celebration of this epic nft release, who’s willing to sell me their extra copy at a VERY reasonable price in exchange for good vibes?:joy:

I kid…

congratulations to Mctoran for spearheading this.


I picked up a copy of this one, is there a private group available?

Also can anyone go into a bit more detail about the tree of life part, I don’t quite understand it


The Tree of Life is a map of the consciousness…each sphere represents a different aspect of it. They are each a different world in the macrocosm and microcosm. It’s a map of the inner and outer worlds.

Malkuth- 3rd dimension/physical body
Yesod- energy body/4th dimension (time)
Hod- astral body/world of emotions/5th dimension
Netzach- mental body/world of the mind/5th dimension
Tiphereth- causal body/human soul/6th dimension/world of natural causes
Buddhi- spiritual soul/6th dimension/world of pure consciousness
Atman- Spirit/Higher Self/6th dimension/world of mathematics

Then the top 3 (Kether, Chokmah, and Binah) is the world of the Trinity/celestial worlds/worlds of Creation/archetypes

You can dive into each world/level of consciousness at will with this NFT. To go into very deep meditation and/or astral travel.


This NFT feels awesome
If I can buy it I think I will buy it


This part is amazing and easy to use, or at least the uses Ive accessed with it


:pray:t3::muscle: that feature was my contribution. I vaguely explored it, but while I was driving. It def took me deeper. I will use it tonight during meditation.

Edit: oh yeah…exploring the world of Buddhi right now.


would it be public for sale somehow? or its only for the private group

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trade for it or buy it from someone

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Cap can you confirm this :eyes: @Dreamweaver

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Confirm what? I think what she’s noticing is not every project with a “The Blueprint” in it (named by the group), actually got the title approved, instead Captain left out the “the”, leaving it as just “Blueprint.” But with this one, he allowed it to officially start with “The Blueprint.”


Incredible accomplishment Mctoran and team!
And this Artwork of Captain’s!!!

“As above, so below”
Just exquisitely Beautiful!



:grimacing: :grin: