The Male & Female Dynamic of the 21st Century



(I recorded my text in case someone would prefer to listen than read. Just testing this out)

The shifted male & female dynamic of the 21st century is one of the biggest debates of our time. We have many men and women venting out their frustrations with each other on social media these days. I’ve caught onto quite a bit of it and have even seen some of it trickle onto this forum. So let’s all have a fun and mature discussion about it!

I’ll share my perspective on it. But really, what I’m mostly going to try to do is summarize both sides of the issue. I may get some of it wrong, especially the women’s side because well… I’m not a woman lol. This is all just to open up discussion. I don’t know more about this topic than anyone else and am looking to learn more from you all as well.

I think it’s important to remember that women have only gotten equal (mostly) rights in many parts of the world in the past 50 years. And there are still many disparities between male and females in the workplace and so forth that haven’t fully changed yet. Before women had rights, men had all the say. Complete and total dominance over women to the extent that they were considered mens property in most of the world.

Men worked and women tended the house. Because of this, it was much easier for men to find women to marry. Women would seek men that could provide for her and her future children and there were plenty of those around. Women chose from the men in their little towns and would make do with what was there. Beyond that, many marriages were settled by parents anyways. So of course, most women had their preferences but I’d imagine they couldn’t be so picky given the circumstances and few choices they had in their environment.

This was the norm for thousands of years to the extent that these expectations of women became ingrained in mens DNA over time. That is why some men today can’t accept this shift in society. Women working and having a say just doesn’t seem right or natural to them. Some women also can’t accept this female/male dynamic shift and want to be housewives and be provided for. But these people seem to be the minority and humans collective consciousness is slowly shifting into a new age of male and female equality.

Now with these changes, something troubling has happened. There are much less men finding a women and having sex in this day and age. And a great number of these men are finding brotherhood in echo chambers in the internet where they share their frustrations with women of today. Or complain about alphas or try to be an alpha or sigma male. How did it get to this point? Well, women have much higher standards than they had back then because now they have many choices to choose from. Working, the internet, better transportation and so on has opened up a world of choices that women did not have before. So of course many women will be looking for more of what they want out of a man rather than just settling for whoever gives them the time of day.

Because they did settle and put up with men they were not compatible with. Marriage was taken very seriously back in the day and a woman stood with her stubborn man no matter the cheating or abuse he’d put her through. But as people have drifted off religion, divorce has become a choice that many women and men take up to 50% of the time throughout the world. And women know this risk and would rather be picky and choose a man wisely.

And for many men, standards seem to not have changed too much. Many men want an attractive looking woman but now, one that looks like the kind of attractive we see in movies, tv shows or porn. But the women who usually meet these beauty standards don’t fall for just any guy. They have tons of choices and they go after the strongest, most attractive and most successful men. That makes many guys feel frustrated that all the attractive looking women are only going for these high value men which are few and far in between.

And a good number of these guys are frustrated with what they believe to be more average looking women, are also only seeking out these high value men. Some of these more average women don’t have a lot going in their lives even and seem to be looking for the perfect guy and not paying any mind to the more average kind of men. They’re also frustrated with how some of the same women also want equal say in a relationship while the man is to pay and provide for everything. In general, they feel the playing field is unfair and like they are left out.

That being said, I do think many of these guys have become too complacent with the internet, video games and the distractions of today. Before internet and video games, you would have to go talk to women and get better at talking to them. I think many guys don’t even know how to talk to a woman anymore and truly, being able to verbally/emotionally connect with a woman will take you much farther than looks would. In person, you have a much better chance of making a great impression on any woman. Naturally, women will have much higher standards when looking at dating profiles because they are comparing you to everyone else. I can understand the frustration of online dating because men definitely get rejected quite a lot online. It’s a numbers game but despite the difficulty, a lot of guys just aren’t willing to put in the work to make themselves stand out. Any man, despite his looks, can become high value and therefore attractive to women.

I think this is one of the most interesting differences in the male and female dynamic. Women could get attracted to a man despite his looks if he is successful in some sort of way or has a great personality. Men typically won’t get attracted to a woman because of her success in some field or even great personality, if they don’t look sexy. I think it will take time but I do believe this will change as more women find success in this day and age. There are men out there that want to be house husbands to be provided for. I’m telling you… the dynamic has changed so much that there are so many unique variations of male/female relationships out there. But the old mentality is having so much trouble adapting to the new. Hence why there are so many lonely men out there these days. I wonder if it’s the same with women? I don’t know too much about that side of things. So enlighten me. I’m curious.

I have so much more I want to say. Such as the difficulties in women and mens communication with eachother (for example: what men see as women nagging/women see as constructive criticism. It’s typically things we need to hear but I also don’t think women realize they deliver their criticism in a condescending tone)… But if I keep going, I’ll never stop lol. Got to get this thread off the ground.

So let me start by asking you all questions

What are your thoughts on the male and female dynamic today?

What are some of the frustrations men have with women today?

What are some of the frustrations women have with men today?

What is the ideal man to you?

What is the ideal woman to you?

How are you doing in the dating scene these days? How was that been?

In what ways, you do you clash with your significant other? How do you find the most harmony with your significant other?

Do you you think the proportion of lonely people can be balanced in this day and age? If so, how?

You don’t have to answer all these. Just the questions you’re more inclined to answer.

Also, don’t mind the generalizations I made. I know all men and women are not like the things I said. I’m speaking of a subset of women and men. So forgive me if you thought I misrepresented your gender


You have nicely summed up Sammy. I think the shift happened because of multiple reasons, some blame chemicals and pollutants which are destroying human body causing hormonal imbalances etc., some blame women after they started earning, they are not making the right choices, divorces are increasing globally and women are refusing to marry in countries like Japan.

I personally think it is nature’s way of balancing the exponential growth in population for decreasing it over a period of time and then reset it after a while.

The global politics of controlling the narrative of genders, feminism etc. is just too complex, will get lost in endless debates.

You will have to constantly worry when the woman will leave you taking everything with her. Globally also way more laws in the favour of women.

It may be a phase in the grand scheme of things.

I often wonder what if internet was hijacked by parasitic entities from other dimensions for some ulterior motives. Consumption of porn is sky rocketing destroying the intimacy between a man and a woman and also discouraging a man to find a partner.

Also, internet and mainly social media took out human connection which is proven and experts also keep saying that is one of the reasons people are growing more lonelier than ever.

Only solution is cutting down technology slowly and live like in olden days spending more time with humans not just meeting friends because you are bored or feeling lonely.


I don’t have a popular outlook but I believe what is happening in the dynamic is quite fair.

As human consciousness is developing, we also expand in understanding how much more we are capable of. I believe it’s spurts of self reflection which if you have enough courage you work on the things you find to be improved upon.

Some choose their bodies, careers, spiritual, intellect. Some pick multiple at once and in doing so there’s an essence that oozes of you of someone that is “onto something”, both in women and men that’s attractive.

In my experience, the ideal partner is one with mutual acceptance for each other and that obviously depends on the degree you require due to your path. Some will require their partner to also be interested in what they are about since it consumes so much of their life, it would be best to have a partner in that as well. Physical attraction is another part that is important but if you expand your horizons, you’ll often find that you’re attracted to things you wouldn’t have thought due to only paying attention to the mold you have been given.

This mindset seems to be working for me as I tend reverse the role of looking for interesting qualities which begins all interactions with interest in the person and then if the physical attraction is there, things escalate naturally so long as there’s a continuation. I found that if you go into any interaction without a frame per se and a knowing of who you are and what you allow yourself to deserve that is perceived by others. It helps to make your intent known as soon as possible.

As for the loneliness, focus begets its results is my general perspective on that.


Sounds a bit dark but intrigued to see how the dynamic develops and if we will get to the brink of population decline from lack of young people in the next 30-40 years.

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I think a lot of BS all day long but reading the questions…. Hmmm…. I have to pause

It’s like you’re waiting to spew your soup all day, then when they ask you don’t know what to say :rofl:

There are still plenty of good men (I guess, I don’t know, I don’t care) but there are some nice women if you are ready for them.

For the rest of humanity, each one his/her own. They’ll mate up if they really want too, likes attract likes.

How we process things is more important


There is so much to say on this topic, so I will make it very short and present a possible solution. The solution will only make sense to people who are at minimum familiar with the Red Pill, the Black Pill and sexual energy accumulation for attraction.

So, the only real solution I see at this moment is the Genetic Re-Engineering of males and females:

  • Make all males looks like Giga Chad, and all females like Super Stacies.
    → everyone finds each other sexually attractive and wants to bang each other

  • Make both genders have the same level of libido and sex drive.
    → no more sexual power games between the genders

  • Remove all past cell memories of sexual shame, guilt and repressd energy
    → no more supressed sexuality and unhealthy expressions of it

  • A brain and dopamine system that cannot be hijacked by artificial sexual stimuli like porn, sex toys, onlyfans, fast money etc.
    → sexuality will mostly be expressed through actual physical sex. No more getting off to sex on the screen or selling your body out for money.

  • Impregantion only possible when actually desired by both partners
    → will make sex much more free

  • Make every male and female equaly care about all children, even if the children are not theirs
    → so that all children grow up in an environment full of love and trust and become healthy representatives of their own genders when growing up.

  • Convert gay and lesbian genetic preferences into bi-sexual genetic preferences
    → so that no one is left out or sexually non-included into the whole of society

Of course, this would come with a lot of societal changes too. I don’t really see my proposed solution to be applied onto humanity in the 21st Century, so at the moment one is more likely to find this in alien socities on other planets.

And then also, certain challenges on physical earth in the 21st Century exist for a reason by the matrix game design and provide souls special unique growth opportunities that would not be possible with a solution in place as proposed above.



For groups of a certain level of consciousness, I do think that the dehumanization of the whole species, not any gender, contributes to the inability to find coherence with the opposite gender.

Core problems:

  1. Misunderstanding or ignorance of masculine and feminine energies.
  2. Thinking that solving inequality means making the other gender into your own gender
  3. Not respecting either masculine or feminine energy in their true forms
  4. Rampant instant gratification addiction
  5. Lack of real connection or ability to socialize due to stunting of emotional skills as well as intellect

But in the end these are not really “problems” but appear to be a developmental stage of soul growth for people learning about the illusion of binaries as well as learning about the soul through the negation of it.



This is a great point I hadn’t considered. We forget how nature is in the background balancing things in its own way. Entropy is always followed by negentropy then followed by entropy. An endless cycle of chaos and order to chaor to order and so on. The shifting female/male dynamics was always going to have the scales tipped on one or the other side of balance. 50/50 equality just isn’t a reasonable goal.


Much agreed. Our standards of what we believe we want tend to limit the many possibilities that could work very well for us. I have found what works for us is often what we didn’t even have in mind at all. Always quite unsuspected and surprising. But we won’t find these little pockets of opportunities without an open mind. That being said, I do think you’re more likely to find compatible people in the right kind of environments. Going to some random bar and expecting magic to happen is very unlikely. But going to a niche artist you enjoy listening to and speaking to someone there increases the likelihood of finding compatible people.


Much agreed. The controversies in sports lately is a good example of this. There are some distinct genetic differences in men and women that just can’t make us fully equal in every way. I do believe we have to accept and understand these differences and work with them in the fairest way possible.

The internet has shifted human consciousness as a whole in ways I don’t even think we fully understand yet. As we go more and more virtual, people are going to be creating their own personalities online that they favor over the real 3d version of them. I don’t know where we are headed honestly. I feel like some people are becoming more of their virtual self than they are their physical. It’s a strange thing. And this is part of the shifting female/male dynamic. Many of us don’t know how to interact in person anymore.

Well said.


@JAAJ Don’t quite agree with genetically modifying people to try to make them get along with eachother better. Messes with the margin of possibilities and can make society so homogenised, that progress could stagnate. Also, the way humans work is that we excel in some things and not so much in others. We all have different sex drives for example because of more or less of that energy gets channeled elsewhere within our bodies. We are all unique and our bodily chemistry reflects that uniqueness in different ways. But that’s just my opinion and not dettracting from your perspective if that’s what it seemed like.

I do agree with a few of them though. Impregnation only possible when desired by both partners, removing past cell memories of sexual trauma, brain and dopamine system that can’t be hijacked. I think those would definitely be great and much needed in our world. I doubt most people would oppose these genetic mods either.


Social dynamics


let us not forget the really testing the first chakra 2020-2022 years.

all is other now.

for some of us observing, who dont change so it is painfull to observe the gap between sexes, which widens, all are evolving into something i dont recognise anymore and really are conform and compliant to the …rulers…rules…i dont know anymore.

nobody will share something from himself anymore atleast where i live. the women tend to evolve/devole into a primitve society where they move in cocherent groups with mutual aura even. men are becoming even more separate except the gangs.

this is my observation. it makes me extremely hopeless and sad.

carrying the Blueprint of love has also thought me that even though there is an extreme level of atraction the internal conflict even in a passable partner can come in the way alot. this and only this demotivates me to be a chaser/hunter to invest energy in the work as you @SammyG because i sense no pay off in the end.

this is this now, i dont know how it will be in the future…

i have worked alot on me before sapien medicine came into my life went trough the hell of realisation, traumas, attacks, war in every way, loss. then came sapien. the big lesson after really getting passable results and understanding the real energies was that i lost. lost before i began figthing. because to reach the other (not energy sensitive not knowing) you should first shout over the negativity in the aura of the person. and i have no power left for that. i gave up.

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Absolutely right about this. In the year I was in the secluded beach town which attracts people with spiritual and psychic inclination it was much easier to have long conversations with women out there from mutual interest versus in NYC is like finding a gem.

I still have a good time meeting people when I do but there’s a limit to how far I take it from lack of interest overall.


For sure has shifted greatly since the past 50-100 years.
Roles are shifting, like you said, men might do feminine tasks, and women do masculine tasks.

I cant answer this tbh, i find it very difficult to answer these generalized questions. If I had to guess, I would say men think women dont understand them and…

…women think men dont understand them.

Hot, sexy, intelligent, kind, passionate

I have reached a 30day SR streak; my dating scene is zero. :joy:

From past experiences, I found the more both partners exhibit capacities of kindness and understanding, the less clashes occur, and the more seamless harmony is restored / maintained at all times.

Yes 100% by spiritual growth and evolution. I think loneliness is tied in with depression. We are more people than ever in history, and technologically connected more than ever before, yet we have highest rates of depression. Since we were born, anything spiritual was frowned upon, more so in the past, thankfully less nowadays. But its still not accepted oftentimes. Growing up, we dont tend to it; rather, we try to blend in as best as possible. The result? We become less in touch with our true selves, and our souls are aching. We know who we are but we actively ignore it.


Spirituality is certainly the answer. I just wonder how it could be popularized to the masses. Therapy has become quite popular and I think it certainly helps but people must learn to do therapy with themselves. To learn how to look within themselves individually and work through their issues. It’s a difficult thing to bear but there won’t always be someone there for you. You must learn to work through yourself on your own.

But the thought of that scares people. What awaits them within is what they don’t want to see and experience. It used to be so much easier to bear with the mind when the outside dangers far outweighed the inner traumas. But now our inner world tends to scare people more than the outside world. It’s an interesting shift. I think slowly with time, these concepts are getting popularized through social media. I see it happening. It just takes time for it to spread to the mass consciousness.


I believe it will happen similar to the shift we saw in the last 15 years with working out and going to the gym.

Once enough “necessity” or results in practices come to light from many different walks of life it will become a theme.

From a viewpoint of patterns, society has “killed god”/religious views. That void is currently being filled by something that is probably not able to sustain it (social media etc) and in a generation or two new things will be considered to help fill the void.

The swing of ideologies will probably happen once again to something a bit more in the middle ground until the next cycle. Gen Z have been described to be an eccentric lot where they are aware of a lot of inner conflict and will probably be a couple of decades until they create or look for an eccentric solution.

One of the things I find exciting is to see how spirituality develops with the coming age of AI and integrating deeper into it. I am optimistic in thinking that the human spirit will find new ways to express itself in the midst of all that.


I agree 100%. Video games,personal insecurities and not making effort to get better at talking to girls (why would I if I have League of Legends, Assasins creed etc) are main reasons I had issues with getting a date. At first, I would have more experienced bros text in my place, where I did pick up a somewhat usable blueprint when it came to communicating with women (served up to a point, now I only talk to girls I deem interesting enough for me and express myself how I feel like in the moment), but it would all stutter in person.

Funnily, I got best results with girls back in the day, not when I looked most ripped, but opposite, cuz I would be like-Well, I have nothing to lose now lol.

Which is why I never used dating apps, it dehumanizes man to woman interaction imo, I like shinning in person the most and for me it takes least effort.

Seen this many times, I was many times rejected for a worse looking dude and dumber one (my opinion and of my friends), but I guess they would have better “game” or x thing that the girl appreciates more. Seriously, those were some really ugly looking dudes, so whichever fellow bro is reading this, LOVE UR FACE REGARDLESS :fire:.

In my experience, I know many dudes that had to date/sleep/hookup/be in relationship with a lot of girls in order to outgrow this mentality and start appreciating women for other things except their looks.

:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:


I find the answer to this changes as we get to meet more women, we might get some traits we idealized, only to realize it doesnt rly work for us after all. Also as u gain experience, u start appreciating some things u deemed not important anymore.

I think one of the biggest frustrations for both parties is: expectations. Ok we set up a date; depending on the culture in that region, both parties have some sort of subconscious expectations for how their dynamic should work; generally, a guy will feel not manly if he doesnt go for kiss after n amount of dates/spent time with the girl and girls might also not appreciate him if he gives their connection more time to grow before going in for the kiss.

Both parties need to treat each interaction/date/dynamic as a beast on its own and see where it leads.

My personal frustration with us guys is how ingrained it is in us to chase women if there is good opportunity. I was on University vacation sometime ago, guys were fucking predators, I talked to “hot” female friends to see how would they approach them and majority said-Each guy asked me to fuck as first,second or third sentence.What is wrong with men for fuck sake?

Now the thing is, she and majority of girls there, oh boy THEY DIDNT HOLD BACK ON THEIR LOOKS. Majority of girls depending how good they look(subjective opinion, poasibly no correlation), would dress in a way, pick specific bikini etc. to look their best and that is fine, but come on girls, u know how we men think and u know this is vacation, OFC EVERY GUY IS GONNA BE AN ANIMAL. Only guys that werent affected by this, were stoners and rare few, but I didnt see one completely sober guy, so yeah.

Again, we as men are responsible for growing enough to be fine with women looking how they want, and not being horndogs. Seriously, only reason I had such a good time was thanks to being Sapien Med user for 2 years, and I looked for having fun. I had a lot of fun interactions with those same hot female classmates and hot girls I got to meet there, cuz I was able to treat/see them as human beings. I am not saying u need to become a monk, I am saying there needs to be some balance.

Final tip for fellow bros; the more u are able to transcend ur need/desire to SEE SMASH, when meeting hot girl for the first time and just be generally carefree, looking to have interesting interaction with a girl, the more fun u will have in life/be more respected by women/be more attractive to them.

Lonely is subjective here. If u looked at how I plan to spend this summer, u would say I am gonna be lonely af. I am focusing on more important things than dating, setting myself up for a really cool future which includes a lot of hard work :expressionless:, but I am happy with that cuz the results will change my life more than meeting/dating the most perfect girl ever could rn (with all due respect to girls here).

I think no man can feel lonely if he is focused on his passion/goal or finds hobby to fill his time with something meaningful and that is so powerful to realize and implement, it sets u free in every possible way.

@SammyG thank u for opening this discussion man, we enjoy interacting with u and are looking forward to new topics u will hopefully bring us in the future :boom:


I disagree on this and think there is some denial of the importance of sex and intimacy going on here.
In most cases, the whole goal of speaking and meeting with girls is to have sex with them and experience an intimate connection.
Everything else usually comes after.
Unless, of course, one denies one’s own sexual nature.
Which unfortunantely happens with most men in today’s society, whose sexuality has been artifiicaly tamed – and then these men manipulatively act as the “nice guys”, instead of directly expressing their sexual interest to women. And women hate nice guys, because they see right through their manipulative bullshit.
The “Mode One” books series by Alan Roger Currie go into great detail about this.

I think the key is not to remove your sexual desire.
But to avoid being needy.
The problems of neediness arise, when men start seeing the woman they meet with as their only available source to fulfill that desire.
It is a reflection of abudance vs. lack mindset.

Women can feel the difference in a man between his sexual desire that is a reflection of his male energy and between sexual desire that only focuses on getting a quick dopamine fix by using her body as a masturbatory aid.

So, how exactly can this “fun in life” compete with sex and intimacy?
In my opinion they can’t.
I would even say that 99.99% of experiences that you can make in the physical universe with a physical body cannot compete with authentic sex and intimacy.

A relationship without sex, is a friendship.

…which is only important because it leads to more sex and intimacy.


The king is truly back! :hugs:

Keep in mind that you are all male AND female AND other things in your parallel incarnations. So blaming the other gender on anything in a way also means blaming yourself!


Dont understanding women, they are pissed off at the reality but if you do learn to understand them then you cant hate them for what they are not. (redpill philosophy)

Thinking the idea they are gonna like us for being just us. Girls want some one at least on their level, status, earnings etc.

Thinking they are gonna like us the same way we like them; we like women if they are hot but women don’t even look at us unless we offer value upfront, so by understanding that we (men and women) are different and look for each other different things then we will able to navigate better.

men not self-improving (physically, mentally and financially) not knowing who we are and what we want in life, zero sense of purpose and passion. Not being confident and having self-respect.

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He doesn’t.

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