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A place to note those events/breakthroughs that break our todays and reveal our tomorrows.


Saw this story on a conspiracy Reddit that was not a conspiracy. Still trying to get good sourcing, but the video below is stunning.


I’m getting different timestamp articles from 2022 and 2021, can it be trusted? It is China man, they pay media and even paid Scientific American.


They are building fusion reactors in the UK also.


Yeah. I saw that. I even saw stuff for earlier in 2022, January, as opposed to October. It’s also strange that there’s not a longer video.

Still public breakthroughs have been coming in from all over, so I don’t doubt the China has done something. I was more struck by the video, which seemed like something out of Spider-Man 2 than than a controlled experiment.

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Lockheed Martin is working on )or had long had) a compact fusion reactor. Seems like this tech is going wide in one or two decades.

Many years ago I used to follow a YouTube channel which used to focus on conspiracyque shit on Saturn and he dug out old designs of machines and reactors similar to LHC that they are portals to Saturn yada yada. His channel was taken down by YouTube or something happened to him no idea but it was cool stuff on his channel.

I clearly remember a video about a guy stuck in a loop of living through life again and again for 8 yrs in his apartment or something like that, a real Groundhog Day.

More human than human.

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Faces are too symmetrical + eyes looking empty/dead

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A couple of years ago, I imagined I’d be reading something like this in 2040, but it seems we’re skipping the singularity and going straight to the problems.

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The singularity would be a big enough problem on it’s own lol

I think a pause is great… a full stop might be even better.

But I don’t think either a pause or full stop will happen for real. AI has already been linked to military applications, and those never stop being developed because it’s seen as a promising (and therefore vital) technology for attack and defense. Not developing it would be seen as a security risk, oddly enough lol. --Since nations don’t cooperate peacefully, industry never stops or re-calibrates to life sustaining things.


We don’t have a grasp on the harms or the chances of the harms occurring, but that’s baked into the nature of lots of technologies with exponential growth. I’m shocked by the timing; a reminder that these moments are always decades away until there not.


Fr most profitable field to go into xD

The amount of technologies and how advanced they are is ridiculous. Meanwhile the rest of us get plandemics as healthcare :ok_hand: :smoking:

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I’ve got the background for it… but I’d rather not see it come to pass.

I like the prospects of it, but I know that it will absolutely be abused lol

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Somebody make sure to buy shielding NFTs for the Connors.


Blade Runner Mice




Can’t evaluate the content of the video yet, but it’s interesting enough to share.

Rumor becomes fact.


It’s a problem of “winner takes it all” with exponential growth potential, even a slight advantage at start makes one who realizes it first a dominant entity in the field. Consider a quantum computing field where scaling is double exponent.

Livermore will license the base technology. Nations will license or steal it. In any case, it will be distributed.