The Purpose of an "Anti-Human" Consciousness

I would say, most of us on this forum are human, at least to some degree. And by opting into being a human, we chose a very specific particular experience. On a daily basis, our humanity is challenged. We are bombarded with so much information and streams of energy, information, and not just us specifically on this forum, but the average Joe. I think even those who are not energy sensitive, have been picking up on the energetic/mental/emotional turmoil caused by events from the past few years.

But anyway - I was thinking lately about anti-human consciousness, and how in a way it might powerfully be FOR us, even though it doesn’t seem that way.

Here is what I mean…

We live in a system, and this system needs to function correctly. Some call it the matrix, some call it “earth”, the cosmos, 3D, call it what you want. In order for any system or algorithm to run correctly, it must be tested. Which means, its limits need to be identified, along with bugs that should be fixed, in any case there is a troubleshooting process.

I think we have people, and other entities, which embody this stream of consciousness that seemingly “attacks” that which is human, because it tests limits in a very extreme way. The limits of the human body. The limits of the mind, the soul, the spirit, society.

Think of a person who decided they need a million plastic surgeries, they are profoundly out of alignment with themselves. But without these crazy people, and they are incredibly mentally/emotionally unhealthy (compared to what we know now, is correct) we’d literally have no way of knowing how much the body can handle, to what degree, to what extremity.

This isn’t to condone such behavior, please do not misunderstand what I am saying.

But this seemingly out of alignment, unhealthy thing, is in a way, a form of troubleshooting. Which from the POV of a human being, is extreme, disturbing and deranged, but from the POV of the universe, it’s just a blip in the ocean. And same goes for wars, and dictators and cults, the list goes on.

Once again, these are just my thoughts, and who knows, it really might be total bull-sh*t but I might also be onto something.

What do you guys think?


How about 5D Consciousness or well, Angelic Beings?
Are they evil too - or just self interested?

Is Survival of the Fittest (But on a Universal/Cosmic scale) the only truth according to you?

Idk, I would guess that the Chakras system offers quite the answers, and the higher ones are all about love, understanding, higher consciousness and possibilities, not slavery, War and other lower things.

Are there no universal laws, no karma or higher justice, no higher good?
I m just curious on your opinion/view.

Of course, each soul and each group or species has free will (my opinion), so if some other species are pure warriors, that’s their choice and theyll have to deal with their consequences/the consequences of their actions (or are there no consequences - is that what you are saying).

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Well, they are pixels, not real beings.

Yeah, I like your ideas.
I thought about such possibility, but I can’t say if the System works that way or not - judging from our human level/perception/experience, this becomes a high probability.

even so , killing is killing, anihilating something that wanted to live , just for sport, cause it doesn’t actually threat one’s life (it’s virtual). The dammage that this does is not on the pixels beings, but on those who play the killing game , we become killers in potentiality , we resonate with those energies and concepts, so they attach and stick to our aura at fine levels and they are then called karma …

People may laugh, but the same is valid for the real life hunting sports, like fishing (when you’re not hungry). We as a species got so low that we feel enchantment when we see a perfect, beautiful creature, a fish, struggling while dieing. I talked about this subject with my ex boyfriend , who was fishing as a sport, and who said once that he was fishing and then sometimes was extracting the metal hook out of the fish’s throat and was throwing the fish back to the water saying “bye, fishie, we’ll meet another time again!”
I then asked him to imagine how a man would feel, if he would be harpooned with an huge metal hook in his throat and got under water to the point of drowning, and then taken out and the metal hook extracted out of his throaat and liberated and told “Bye, we’ll meet another time again”.
By the way, the wounded fish are thrown into the water , and all the bacterias etc would jump on the fresh wound… I doubt such a wounded fish would live, or how many of them live after the “noble human” experience.
Nothing is noble about that…

Basically, orienting oneself to unneeded violence is shooting yourself in the foot, and then asking why it hurts…

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Well, you comparing me with your mad boyfriend is not fair, I don’t do that, the fish is alive, gta characters are not, also, we are all potential killers, you got instincts of a killer yourself (we all do, as long as we have these Bodies with ancestral genes, reptilian/older brain and flight or fight processes), you are not holier than me, in that regard.

so sorry for the misunderstanding, i just replied to that idea, and certainly not reffered to you personally in any way. I just elaborated about how karma is generated, because few people understand that it’s a sum of resonances generated by any of our thoughts and actions and focus.
Sorry for any disturbance that i caused. I wish you peace and light :herb:

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It’s OK, I’m also taking things waay to personally. :sweat_smile:

Everything’s fine, no disturbances here (other than my usual ones).

Thank You. Same, I Wish You a Beautiful Day. :pray:

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Isn’t GTA simply a really cool and fun game?


Duality is necessary and propels further development of the Being.