The Raven Bones


The raven is known for its intelligence, but it’s also a bird associated with spiritual insight.

Psychic Powers

Ravens are closely associated with the occult and psychic powers. Some illustrations show them with a third eye, a literal depiction of their supposed ability to see beyond the material world.

Wisdom and Cunning

Ravens have amazing problem-solving and communication skills. They are even known to craft tools to help them catch their prey.

Resilience and Adaptability

The raven is able to adapt and survive in a range of different environments. This amazing bird can thrive in habitats as diverse as the Arctic wilderness and scorching South American deserts. For that reason, they can remind us of the value of being flexible.

Trying New Things

Connected to ravens’ adaptability is their openness to new things.

The ability to take nourishment from a range of different sources can also lie behind the raven’s spiritual message.

Ask yourself how you could turn a challenge you’re facing into an opportunity. You might be surprised at how quickly you’re able to generate new options.

The raven can also offer encouragement to try new things. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone and take a risk. If it doesn’t work out the way you want, use it as an opportunity to learn from the experience.


Ravens can also carry a powerful message about working in partnership with others.


The raven is part of the Corvid family of birds that include the crow, the blackbird and others.
Considered very intelligent. They are problem solvers.

Beautiful coloring on this NFT Dream.
I am a former bird watcher and appreciate them.

Thanks Dream.

Interesting info:


You want to see a raven come over to the green mountains…

They perform valuable service

This creation looks lovely


I just walked into my local woo woo shop. The first thing I saw was a Raven Oracle. I looked at the sample card and it says that the Raven is an attendant of the goddess Kali.


I have been resonating with Ravens for a few months now…

Lets hope I am able to withold my wallet until next payment😖


I hope THIS THREAD is not the same as “Dem Ape Bones” where they talk about EVERYTHING.

And very little on the subject.



I know right lol.:100:





I have not had the best mental associations with some of the other corvid fellows for a while, which in part led me to get this. I had been eyeing smilodon and the wolf bones, but I’m glad this was my first of the bones series.

I feel peaceful and protected. It’s like other ravens got my back, and they’re telling me not to be afraid. There’s something nostalgic and slightly sad I’m picking up. Maybe the colors are reminding me of my 90s childhood lol.


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“The Requests and Fields” .



Saw a raven yesterday and thought wouldn’t it be cool to have a Raven bones similarly to the apes and cats and all. Logged in today to see it happen, kind of surreal… I guess I have to get this now.


Audio added. :partying_face:

Ill soon give a review, this is such a fun NFT

It has been very very strong i cannot imagine how the audio will feel.

Will try it when i go to bed tonight aye!


:partying_face: Hooray!

Where does one finds these audios…as in, not only would I like a copy but I’m curious to know if there’s some kind of publicly available notification?

In the meantime,. if you could send me a copy via PM, I would be most appreciative. :sparkles:

Thank you in advance! :sparkling_heart:

i would appreciate a copy too. thank you to whoever posts link.

We keep updating this:


:sparkles: Yes, of this list I was aware (that not withstanding, thank you for your kind response :blush: )…I was mainly just wondering where one located these updates before it being updated to Mao’s list. I’ve since learned that the updates are very often attributable to intrepid forum members who (unlike me) think to check old purchase receipts for an update of an audio bonus. For those who do, I thank them for their tireless efforts on our behalf! :crown:

ETA: And, as always, a big ‘thank you’ to Dream for being his usual, generous self! :sparkling_heart:


I have always loved Corvid birds. Specially crows and ravens. To the point id love to have one or at least live where i can feed them so they bring me gifts :laughing:

I am very inclined and attracted to mystery, the night, magic, occult i suppose.

Also from very young felt a strong connection to “the other side” “the dead” “the underworld” lol creepy. Not that i wanted, i actually grew up terrified and avoided it pushed away whatever ability i might had to communicate with them or to visit there…

I was used to dream with loved ones that have passed, or channeling messages when awake. But the communication was more like conceptual/telepathic any time they were kinda getting “comfy” and started to reveal themselves more clear with my 6 senses i panicked and rejected that.

I was told i could be a rad medium etc, that always creeped me the heck out i did not want, because although that whole other side intrigues me, i felt i didnt want to exude a dark/cold disconnected aura to the real world in my day to day. I much prefer my energy to be upbeat light shiny sunny etc. And i thought that energy would cling to me.

Until Raven NFT came along…

The energy of the Raven Totem kept poking me to buy this NFT and i delayed it months because i did not need no stronger connection to the dead thank you very much lol

One day while at work the image of a Raven came to mind and i was like cho! Let me read more about the totem meanings, see if there is something more that might be good for me.

I knew all that has been listed here up in the thread, i like their connection to certain Gods/Goddesses too.

However that day at work, i read something that definitely caught my attention and that up to this day wearing Mr Bird has fully shown/manifested and that was the reason why i finally bought it. In fact he was the reason why i finally opened the profile here, because in those days i saw it being offered for like $20 and i was like yeah this birdy def wants me to get him so i did!! Hence my previous avatar.

They have the power of forseeing situations or checking places before you make a move or think of making a move or a decision

Thats what Odin, Zeus + other did to them, they would send them to inspect and bring back reports

It was even said that Noah sent one from the arc to check if it was fine to come out and stablish all at a certain location. He didnt do the job tho but there was a reason behind it you can google it so this post doesnt get longer than already is lol

I know these bones series supposed to grow in us like their abilities and essence to grow in us so we become like them, however from my experience i have felt the actual something (insert what bones available) being near me like their presence next to me while their essence and energy goes through more and more until it is in me then i dont feel them anymore, i am them. Is it just my aura? I dont know for sure. I sure do feel i am them.

I still feel Raven close to me, its the only one that i dont feel would go away eventually. I hope he stays. I love him. My little (big) whisperer.

The day i lost my NFTs (i didnt lose this one !) I swear an hour before i went to the wallet to transfer the NFTs i had sold, i read something about asking me if i wanted to add a 2nd security thingy and i was like naaah i cant bother with the google authenticator app headache, “i always have my phone with me and it has double security so i dont need it” i went back to work and let the transfer for later when it did not transfer from the app (so i had to do it from my laptop etc)

Im sure that was Mr Raveno birdy! He saw what would happen in the future, he warned me, unfortunately i did not pay attention. And this is why is important to stablish a clear connection and communication with the NFTs making agreements as to how they could warn us, what kind of signals we should pay attention to, i am sure if i would have done that, i would have felt it was him warning me and another thing would have unfolded.

I have since clearly asked him for Y and X and to please by Z let me know what is what.

It delivers.

The 2nd part has been about the connection to the dead

Here i guess as one of abilities (cunning) he lured me in to buy him talking about other things not this one i ran away for ever from lol

Anyway, with not much details ive been having almost daily dreams with dead people i know and sometimes with some i never met or knew about.

The dreams dont creep me out even tho they are real like lucid dreaming i swear, not even when i wake up i feel uneasy nope.

Its been fascinating because every single dead person either has messages for me, insight or kinda showed me they “went” with unresolved whatever with me and then i dealt with it either in the dream or after i wake up. You know how much cords, karma, ties, trauma etc can be liberated by this dynamic? A LOT is what im noticing because once i like “profusely apologize” to some or “deeply forgive” others, something in my life changes. If it doesn change a whole thing at least it triggers a chain of changes.

I feel freer.

And I cannot believe ill say this but…

I am so glad i am able to communicate to the dead.!! I am learning so much. I feel them. I see them. I interact with them. And i am not afraid at - all. Those have all been by dreams.

However, one night. Already in bed i was falling asleep talking to my deceased Grandfather (i was talking to him like telling him something but he was not there at all) in short i was telling him i will honor certain traits that he had and he tried to teach me but i never followed and it could have made my life so far much better. So thanks to the new Chakras Audios (i understood that something) and that night it just occurred to me to tell him that (i had never ever tried talking to him since he died) with my eyes closed since i was almost asleep…

I heard him/sensed his presence like behind a veil and i was like ay fk! :flushed: (surprised but not scared) and i said literally said it “Grandpa is that you??” Once i said that it was like if the veil had been removed and i could see him on the other side of a portal that had opened (like 1Mt x 30Cms) right in front on me close to my reach. He reached out his hand and said yes take my hand i can still guide you :cold_sweat: i immediately stretched out mine and he grabbed it. I felt him!!! And i was not afraid. He said what he had to said, he had a message for someone in the family and then he left. And the portal closed.

I never thought about Raven at that moment but the next day i was all morning like high in trance trying to understand what the heck happened. It was magical to say the least. Btw this all happened half asleep in like a trance with the third eye is not like an actual portal opened up in my room with me wide open :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: just better clarify that.

The picture on his side tho, like the world behind the portal was 100% real and perfect clear.

Im sure that was Raven. Now the interesting thing is that i didnt see him or felt him. But it was him doing the thing which means i am already absorbing/integrating/growing into him.

I now know how to manage that new ability or sharpen the ability.

But there is that for the ones that would like to explore it…

Dont feel scared or creeped out to try it. You wont feel fear or chills or anything i promise you.

There is a WHOLE huge world full of energies and lessons, abilities to learn and harness

If… we just take the chance and explore the other side… ;)


These would be probably the smartest bones. :D

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