The SEE System: The Sapien Medicine Edition (_OM Approved)

I am almost I :wink:

Thank you so much Angel, yesterday you’ve helped me remove a big chunk of “me” and have unlocked deeper parts within :pray::heart:


So we’ve come to the end…

We are only a few days short of making this a full one month process and as I’m closing out this course officially, I would like to share a few things from my perspective as an ever-evolving student of this subject and from the perspective of a teacher.

This “project” started for me as an experiment:

Can I teach what I do or better in a fraction of the time I would do it and with the only interaction being videos and forum messages?

Can I process 15+ people into Satori in weeks and can all of them be successful?

Were all the changes I experienced and everyone before all of you guys just an exaggeration on how much of a “life-changing” experience it was?

One thing to understand that while very often to the detriment of my progress I always hold a good amount of skepticism in everything I do in order to have the proper “tinkering” mindset so that I can improve in anything that I can. Regardless of holding that state, I keep focus on the overall goal.

My main objective when working with people is to show them that the things that have made them suffer are easily taken care of under the right mindset and with the proper tools. This has made me create an irreverent attitude towards emotional baggage and traumas. Even if they make us suffer, they are all bullshit and unimportant. While this offends many that identify with their suffering, the moment you learn to separate the identity that suffers and the one who observes the suffering, the game is up. Now you’re left with the responsibility and raw truth that it’s time to clean up all that garbage to have a better time in this existence.

From the moment I learned to enter Satori and I was made aware that “the more you spend in temporary enlightenment the faster it will become a permanent state” I decided to test this, for three weeks (12/12/20 - 1/3/21) straight I did nothing but meditate all day long, some days forgetting to eat and having to remind myself to drink water at times, this momentum allows you to realize many things but the main thing is what the ego really is and what it’s capable of creating in your life. As I had the blessing of feeling moments of pure separation from it, I finally allowed myself to rest and just Be. This was the feeling of Home I have always been searching for.

After a few days, I was quickly made aware that I am indeed still in physical reality and therefore the mechanism of goals kicked in but along with that a desire to share portions of this manifested, and while it began first as an aspect of my ego, it turned into an expression of love. Now don’t confuse the latter statement with an idea that I did not have my challenges. Multiple times my ego flared up to the point that I had to do intense cycles so that I can come back to center as I was losing myself in the identity of the “spiritual teacher” which was one of the reasons I resisted doing this to begin with. With the help of OM, I was able to snap back and finish the course.

The question might be popping soon, so do we all have to get to that point where we meditate all day long?

Absolutely… not. To each their own, truly. I reach for heights that are according to my path. Some are just going to take that experience and allow themselves to create the life they wish, some will strive to be spiritual masters, and most just need a taste/reminder of who they are to continue their lives. No path is greater than the other. The main objective is to know that you have tools to end suffering nothing more… nothing less. To judge this as a spiritual race or compare yourself to others, you’ll quickly create an illusion and create your own pit of suffering.

If you do end up there, guess what? Just start from the top and get back to your center. If you’re willing to have the courage to face yourself, you’ll always have an answer.

So as I get ready to close this chapter as I need some much-needed rest from being “GO GO GO!” for the last three months and relatively speaking 3 years.

Here’s my conclusion thus far of the human experience:

  • Your emotions are all bullshit.

  • Your programming can be changed.

  • Who you are is greater (in feeling and concept) than anything this world can offer you.

  • Tools do not have to be complex but you can complicate them.

  • Your “job” is to Identify with Self as much you can and to let go of anything in the way of that.

  • Emptiness will allow you to feel Self, Self is Love. Cultivate it, Be it, Give it.

  • Love cannot be defined but it can be felt even if the person does not portray a “loving” character.

  • Love is all that matters (literally even; “allows matter to be”).

The answer has become obvious as now 19 people have reached the state of Satori (Temporary Enlightenment) and a few more are still pending. We all describe the same phenomena. We all experienced the same deep sense of gratitude of being Self and there’s a new spark in life because:

“Who the fuck is going to tell you that you’re not you?”

And while that can be muddled with the mind and ego… You had a DIRECT EXPERIENCE WITH TRUTH.

So what’s next for me? Will there be a Round 2? Will I teach others to do this too?

Silence for a while. Maybe travel. Having all my goals. Being love and sharing/practicing more. I don’t know if I’ll be ready for Round 2 for a while or if it will happen period. I might consider working a case by case on a one on one after some rest. I don’t know if this is something that you can fully teach, it takes a certain level of self-discipline and power to not crumble when another person you have little connection with begins to face their demons and you have to keep poised in knowing that you are shining the way out of that tunnel.

I will say this…

Even though I am exhausted, I got annoyed, I had bouts of having to face my weaknesses, I questioned “why in the world did I do this?”, and I am even excited to finish this course…

I’ve grown immensely in one month and that wouldn’t have been possible if you guys wouldn’t have participated.

So from my heart to you,

Thank you

Be well

Angel :v:t4:

(Program Message from _OM)

I’m so extremely glad so many of you got to experience the “I” state. Some of you have even experienced something even beyond that… Let’s call it a “Non-dual state” where there are “no thoughts” or “no words”.

As Angelgome said above, these are temporary states of “Direct Experiences of Truth” that can become more permanent and stabilized over time.

My ongoing “assignment” for all of you is to continue to practice going into the “I” state (or the non-dual state) AT LEAST 2x a day… OK?

Quick Pro-Tips for Doing Satori Processing

  • Say the questions aloud when possible
  • Write down your answers for quicker, deeper processing

Just like the daily SEE practice you had before getting the Satori session, regularly practicing collapsing your daily issues, big or small, with the Satori Process will release/clear/integrate farther than you can imagine!

And you get to experience that “I” state of bliss, joy, and peace, as a daily reminder of WHAT YOU REALLY ARE.

So again, put in the work, that you’ve already been doing, and do your best to process in writing at least 1x a day as the experience will just get deeper and more fulfilling each time that you do it, and clear away even more junk/blockages/programming, etc

So Once Again… Great job everyone!




  • I appreciate your help so much and for reminding me that to realize the Self is to be Still



As one of the “still pending”, thank YOU, @Angelgome. Even though I’m not there yet, I’m close and getting closer each time I practice, and your help and guidance has been and is a very precious light on what can be a dark and bumpy road. Thanks a lot also, @_OM, for helping me and for your always wise insights.

Your dedication, your patience and your support have already changed my life and this is only the beginning :star_struck:


I am I… a more refined and heart centered I !

@Angelgome Thank you so much, Angel!! I’m truly grateful for all your time, patience and guidance. :pray::heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Ah yes…I almost forgot…

a very special welcome home gif I’ve been saving just for @Angelgome :wink: :rofl: :joy:

Great job Angel! :muscle: :100: :raised_hands: :fist_right: :fist_left: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Ah so all it takes is helping over a dozen people skip 20+ lifetimes to be welcomed? Piece of cake :joy:🥲 /GodLevelSarcasm

Well it’s been nothing but a great experience here. Only 120 days and it feels like I’ve shed and grown into 20 different bodies and now a new one every 3-4 days.


Thank you :pray:t4: Did my best and ready to vacation inside myself for 8+ hours again.


I keep forgetting how fortunate I am to have reached this state when others 10, 20 and even 30 years older than me have still got no clue as to where to go in life or how to deal with their emotional baggage. I’m eternally grateful to you for that bro.


My SEE testimonial:

I’m just going to describe what I was like before and after.

Before SEE: I was a guy with a lot of identification with my worries. Also had many repressed emotions of hatred towards the world that I wasn’t aware of because I had driven them so deep within myself. I was just lost and truly lonely in every sense of the word with a complete absence of motivation to achieve anything in life. I felt like a plastic bag blowing in the wind. Aimless.

After SEE: The best result I have gotten is energy sensitivity. With this I have begun to be able to actually feel like a true member of the sapien medicine community, just by being able to feel the various fields and expressing my gratitude towards the sapien team.
In terms of personal growth, my mountain of anxiety has almost gone. I only feel it during really tense situations which I will eventually release.
I don’t feel lost, hopeless or purposeless anymore. And I have definitely been able to activate the “flow state” (state of just going with the flow) a lot more and think just a little bit less than I used to.
I feel like a plastic bag blowing in the wind. Just going wherever life takes me.

Same place. Different perspective.

Thanks again Angel. Hope to see you with new skills soon buddy.

Back to work now :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:


It was a long road but, thanks to the unconditional support of @Angelgome and @_OM, finally …

I am I and beyond :sparkles:

I want to thank you all :heart:
Sharing this journey with you has no doubt made it easier. Reading about your experiences allowed me to better understand and accept mine and to put them into perspective.

Special thanks to you @Angelgome :sparkling_heart:, for guiding all of us with tough love … and simplicity, efficiency and effectiveness :wink:

Thank you @_OM for kindly and patiently accompanying me on the last part of the road :two_hearts:

A new road has now opened for me and I can’t wait to SEE were it will lead me :star_struck:


So happy for you!:smile:


No welcome gif, it was all for nothing …



:eyes: :eyes:



And thank you @Pia :heart: (not sure the little hearts/likes are significant enough)


You’re welcome! :heart:


My SEE testimony:

“Simple Efficient Extraordinary”, huge respect for Angel and what he gave birth to.

This is a life-changing system that will save your years / decades / lifetimes of seeking & suffering.

Your mind may resist it at first, but the initial effort & potential struggle will be worthwhile your time.
This is some tools you will acquire for life.

Gratitude Angel for the work you have put in and the immense patience & care over that whole process :pray::heart:

And gratitude to his shadow agents (Bless you _Om :)), Dream & Sammy for putting that community together and the ones that allowed him to pursue that vision.


Hey Beloveds, bringing back some life here :pray:

What have been your most valuable collapse lately?

For I:

  • Love / I
  • Spirituality / I
  • Divine Consciousness / I



Since @Angelgome is on vacation, I get to force my way into substitute teacher until he returns. :smiling_imp:

So I saw the list of polarities he gave you which are kinda heavy to do when just starting out.

I would start from the bottom and work your way up to the more existential ones.

Like the ones above will probably be polarities that you’ll want to revisit several times to collapse as your sense of I grows and deepens over time :slightly_smiling_face: