The SEE System: The Sapien Medicine Edition (_OM Approved)

Well hello Being,
Are You Looking for Freedom?
Energy Sensitivity and Awareness?
To Achieve your Goals?
To Reach Enlightenment?
… You’re in the right place :upside_down_face:

(Don’t take my word for it… Testimonials down there :point_down:t4: :point_down:t4: :point_down:t4:)

Okay guys let’s begin a movement…

To start, if you want a 10-minute preview of my “style” here’s an audio intro I created for this to see if I fit your temperament. I’m very laid back but a straight shooter. Keep that in mind:

If you’re here interested for the course even though it’s past the registration

You’re welcome to use the material for the first two sessions on your own. You can do your journals on your own and you can use my responses day by day along with the message of the day to help you along.

While it is not the same as me specifically pointing what you need to work on, you should be able to get the same benefit. Use others journals as your guide as well.


Once registration is closed (Jan 5th), We will create a poll to decide what day works best (Sat / Sun) and what time as well

What to Expect;

In this course, you will be able to release emotional situations, learn to hone your focus and continuously improve it, and experience Satori/Enlightenment/Direct Experience of Truth

What’s expected of you:

Session will have daily tasks you have to accomplish both in personal practice and journal your results in the thread.

If you miss any of the assignments, you will be put in the back of the line to get processed. If you do not accomplish the task by the closed off day for the Processing Appointments (TBD), you will have to wait for another opportunity of this event, if it happens (no that’s not FOMO tactics, likely only doing this once or twice).

14-Days full focus is what you’re being asked to have.


Even if you’re able to levitate and shoot lighting bolts from your hands, you will still be required to go through all this. Basics are to be mastered.

Curriculum -

Session #1 Mastering HPP Release Saturday 9th 11am EST

Beginnings of emotional control, vibration creation, and self-awareness/inquiry

Post Session Instructions:

Video Session:

Write 20 Topics and release EVERYTHING about that topic, even if takes 10-20 releases on just one topic.

Buy some candles for next session


HPP Entry#1-6
(Use these questions as an overall guide)
How many topics did you release today?
How did you feel before the session?
How did you feel after the session?
Did you experience deep sense of relief or big emotional releases? Is the process getting easier, if so how?
Anything else you wish to add.

Vague journals = No entry.

(Note: Yes you can use Sapien Med tools with this but the point is to allow you to see that you can do this without any tools and that you can do it anywhere.)


Raw Truth

What Matters In The Process

Mega Tools To Learn

The Process

How To Make A List Of Topics

Message of the Day 1 + Troubleshoot/Comments

Message of the Day 2 + Troubleshoot/Comments

Message of the Day 3 + Troubleshoot/Comments

Message of the Day 4 + Troubleshoot/Comments

Session #2 Vibration Rising Mastery

Honing focus, choosing vibration, creating a palpable effect

Post Session Instructions (Saturday 16th 11AM EST):

Video Session:

Pick one of the Main Goals (Body, Security, Relationships) write it on a piece of paper as your main focus. HPPv2 the topic completely and throughout the week let it morph into the specifics bit by bit. Continue digging deeper and let it flow into whatever it does.

Use Amygdala (+Fear Release) loop at least twice a day while releasing with HPPv2. Quiet your mind, feel whatever comes up, and do the process to those feelings. Have fun. Always finish with giving yourself love and grounding if you wish (This is my preference).

Do the Focus/Candle exercise. Light the candle, set a timer for 10+ minutes, lightly gaze at the candle, anytime that your mind drifts off just bring it back to silence. Over and over again until the timer goes off.

Practice giving yourself Love for no reason. After tasks is a must but do it throughout the day as well for no reason, no releasing, just to give yourself love. Hold that feeling until the physical sensations kick.

Format: Vibes # 1-5 (Starting Monday)
Questions MUST (NOT OPTIONAL) be answered:
Did you do your cycles of Amygdala and Releasing? What did you experience?
Did you do your Candle Exercise? How did you find it/ Is it getting easier?
Did you run cycles on your Goal Releasing? What did you experience?
Did you end your tasks with giving yourself Love? Did you give yourself that feeling throughout the day? How do you feel overall?
Anything else you wish to add…

Miss an exercise = Consequences :upside_down_face:

Appointments for Processing Will Happen For Those That Finish All Five Journals Fully

Weekly Mass Meditation Post aka How To Level Up Every Week
Torsion, Plasma Light,Schumann - My Favorite Stack (One of my digests of this…)

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Plasma Flower

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My Reviews #1,#2,#3

HPPv2 Tip

Message of the Day 1 + Troubleshoot/Comments

Message of the Day 2 + Troubleshoot/Comments

Message of the Day 3 + Troubleshoot/Comments

Last Message

Closing Statement:

Testimonials in my last SEE System thread…

Any questions ask away…

Angel :v:t4:


@Yuichi @ryantraveling @anon96557306 @TCS @noname

This is the course

@Starlight You’re welcome to participate as well

@uial Help me out to get as many donations as possible :upside_down_face: :wink:


:100: :+1: :heart_eyes: :100:



Cool intro Man, I’m in :+1:


If I understood correctly this is full course with satori in it? Your teachings are exactly like your first thread descriptions?


An expedited version but yes it’s the core skills of my course and then if you finish all the task you are responsible for, you will get processed by me for free.


@anon22855873, thank you very much for this amazing opportunity :two_hearts:

I have some questions regarding the organization of the course :

  • How long does each session last approximately ?
  • If one is not available at the time of a session, can it be viewed after ?
  • How long do the daily tasks take approximately ?

Great questions!

  1. They will probably range from 40 mins to 1 hour and 30 minutes. You will be able to leave the session as you feel that you acquired the skill necessary. Format of the course is a bit of blahblah by me, history of the technique, what to expect, homework, questions before practice, practice.

  2. We can work something out but yes, I’ll have a recording always.

  3. Session 1 will be 15-30 mins a day. Session 2 will be 30-45 minutes a day. These are estimates keep in mind.


Thanks !

I guess I’m in, then :star_struck:


:heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

PM me the confirmation when you’re ready :upside_down_face:


I’ll do that :+1:


That’s great to hear especially as I live in Africa. I think we are 7 hours ahead of NY city. Anyway let’s see what times the polls will select. Either way I’m in :heart_eyes:



:upside_down_face: :blush: :blush:


Let’s see if we can create a circle of 20 :slight_smile:


I’m in!


I don’t meditate, have any practice or anything. Would it be wise for someone like me to join?



The second session will begin your practice and get results every time you do a meditation.


I have a difficult time remembering a lot of my past experiences. In addition, I have aphantasia. With all that in mind, would it be wise for me to join?

Thank you for creating this. Nice drip btw.