The Subconscious Speaker App

There does not seem to be thread for this very interesting Sapien Medicine app!

This is designed to provide helpful advice in any situation that you may need it.
What it does is work with your subconscious and higher self to help influence the messages you get. (By Energetic Programming)
Its sort of like a way to communicate with your higher self and subconscious mind. To let you hear what you need to, at the right time.
You may just need to some general advice, words of wisdom or maybe some specific guidance.
The messages can be easily broken down and interpreted.
So go ahead, ask a question, wait a few seconds, shake it and see how it applies to your situation.


Wish it was on iPhone!


It was on Google Store at least last year when I downloaded it!

I now thought of you, and asked for a message and the app says: “Don’t wait, the time will never be right”.


Man I don’t like that message :frowning: I want to wait :frowning:


@SammyG @Dreamweaver Will there be an iPhone version of this?


I wish we could. We tried to make apps for apple’s appstore but got denied/ran into other issues. They are very strict and limited.


i like that! sometimes i can’t get what i want so i move on and i come across something that works better for me!

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Iphone users, you could try downloading this on pc. ;) Through some programms and easier if its on google play(well, for me was)

One day you guys will be so big they can’t say no!


Nope… doesn’t seem to be on playstore anymore… sadly

one of the first things I made,
had a lot of unnecessary code in it
and the sdk versions I used was pretty dated.
They don’t support it anymore.
there is the apk on patreon though, but I think it may have a bit less responses.


That sucks! :slightly_frowning_face: Were you guys creating a native iOS app?

Yes, Apple had a very tedious and strict app development guideline but I thought it might have gotten a little easier now.

How does one download this app? I clicked the link @Maoshan_Wanderer provided but I see no download link…

Edit: Nvm! Just read Sapien Say it’s on patreon!

Hey, just informing that this isn’t available for the subscription tier.

I don’t have access to it at the moment either

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Does it work now?
I think I downloaded it on my pc.

If it would work on android though, it would be cool.

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It would be cool to have this again, I didn’t notice before

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