The Uruz Archetype Part 1 (Male Enhancement Alchemy) Private NFT

Hi guys,

more details will be shared when the draft is submitted. Next Friday, probably.
275 USD would be needed.


This creation mainly utilizes the technique called Alchemical Revision of the past and present, utilizing the Uruz/Auroch Archetype and the technology of Atlantis to initiate and guide the process.

My goal was and is to integrate concepts which are grounded in our reality and Dream is particular familiar with.

This format could become a series of other concepts with additional ways to achieve the results but all symbiotically combinable.

Vote below, and don’t forget to write me via DM to integrate you in the group. The vote is incognito.

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Next Friday will be the submission.

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275 USD version

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For the users who voted but still didn’t manage to message me, you can leave a comment here too if you like. Some users don’t know how the DM function work. :wink:

Only a few are missing. Thanks :heart:

Concept is finished.

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