Throat - Canker Sores looking for advice to heal

Hi Everyone, I have been on the forum since last July, and a Patreon member. I have had many positive experiences with Sapien Medicine. I also love to learn and hear from people who have experience using these fields.
I would love to hear from anyone who successfully got rid of canker sores with Sapien Medicine. Thank you, and Aloha from Hawaii!

I personally haven’t seen any field specifically made for that, but you can listen to the advancd healing and 25 volts frequency to attack whatever could be the source of that, I also advise u to make a small meal filled with onion(they are very anti bacterial) and listen to bacteria destroyer field by sapien. Alternatively, u can check out seiluke world “throat healing” on YouTube and also check out “heal all” by spirituality zone. I have throat issue that doesn’t feel like a sore & I’m progressively battling it out. It felt better after I boiled noodles with bunch of onions to eat as meal. And I’ve been listening to audios as well. Have you googled about this for potential solutions?

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I had a lot of those suddenly in December as I was working with the throat chakra :D

I can’t remember what I listened to, I think energy blockage removal, plasma light (and grounding ofc) to make it go away.

And get a bottle of Listerine and use it for your throat, it works like a charm as well.


Thank you Wolfy3332, lots of good suggestions which I will try out. You might benefit from the herbal tea I made and is helping my throat issues. Recipe: 2 TBLS of Marshmallow root, boil in 1 QT of water for 12 - 15 minutes. Turn stove off, and add 2 TBLS of Mullein loose tea, and seep for 5 minutes. Pour through a strainer and drink hot or cold. Drink 2 cups twice a day or 1 cup 4 times a day. It’s more potent with 2 cups. Hope it helps. I also am getting good results with Astragalus, it’s good for any inflammation. And lastly, I gargle a very strong concoction given to me of ginger and Tulsi (Holy Basil) but not sure of all the ingredients. I have used Quadible Integrity’s frequency called Holy Basil and it’s very good.

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Thankyou Monkey Owl, I will add these to my play list. I do run Quadable Integrity’s throat chakra and I think it has some positive affects too.

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