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Transcending The Ego

When ascending in consciousness and vibration it can become clear that there are certain aspects of your ego that are not in alignment with the divinity you are. Using different qualities of divine light targeting the mental, emotional and desire body to bring up any emotions, thoughts, beliefs, blockages and desires that are not in alignment with the divine self and releases it while keeping you clear of any impersonal energies from mass consciousness that may make these bodies stagnant once again.

The desire body is a subtle body that when stimulated will invoke intense emotional and thoughts making it almost irresistible to fulfill the object of desire. When this body is fully cleared, the field calls upon your divine self and other highly evolved light beings to help evolve the desire body into a body of pure awareness which burns away desires just by being. Simultaneously, the energy of the angelic comfort field are also weaved into each of these bodies which assist in the release of the intense grip of the ego and personality in a way that yields more ease for the process of internal alchemy.

The result is a holistic clearing of the bodies of ego allowing for the light of your divine self to shine through more beautifully. Use at your discretion. (You may share with friends and family)

(Audio – 5:11 mins long)


Consciousness of having been born a master and being raised as one merged and permeated through your being to transform you, your memories, emotions, self worth and more.


Was brought to my attention that shop link wasn’t working, just fixed it so it should be working now.

My review/testimonial is 10/10.
The mandala surely targets and clears the ego with divine light. ego is or was now a problem i was having and preventing me from evolving/allowing other fields to work.

I feel much lighter and relieved and i felt lots of integration, followed by body pains and tiredness (it’s all the other audios kicking in to the fullest)/(the blockage/thought forms/ego is removed).

secondly and most importantly is the creators passion and follow up on the product. guided me on how to use and in better techniques that would help the situation. and for upgrades was also notifying and updating. which is an exceptional service.

Great job. well done. The result is really “holistic clearing” and “light of divine self” is shining through.

Elemental Cleanser & upgrades of the spirit are two other product of same creator also with similar testimonial targeted towards the abilities/concepts in that mandala.


I’ve been using Transcending the Ego from time to time, and I’ve noticed that when I start using this for a few days that it gets so much easier for me to just be in a state of being, also noticing that so much stuff is getting cleared leading to much more clarity on doing what’s actually necessary for me. Awesome stuff. :pray:

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