Unexpected benefit from using the ego dissolution audio

It seems I am receiving an unexpected benefit from using the ego dissolution audio in the energy course. I have recently used the audio several times, and I noticed my struggle with weight loss is getting easier. I’m not as inclined to run to the fridge in the evenings to grab a snack - and then another snack. Over eating was such a strong habit, but it’s getting weaker now and easier to cope with. I’ve actually been able to drop a few pounds. Prior to that I was only gaining for about the last four months.

Have you had any unexpected benefits from the ego dissolution tape? I would be interested in hearing more about this topic.



I can not comment on any audio from the Energy Course, since I have not taken it, but I will say this: Congratulations on Your Progress. :pray:
Step by step, including through/with using the energetic course, you can improve in/on All Aspects; it is just the Beginning of Your Journey/Your Successes.