Video Reuploads

Why can’t all the videos that got taken down be re-uploaded instantly? Is there a reason that it has to take so long?

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People be busy, it takes time. It’s humans here not robots.


Pay $4.50 for a month of the patreon and download all of them and then cancel your subscription if you continue feeling like a whiney cheapskate.

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What does this have to do with anything? The videos already exist, just got taken down. Odysee has the videos as a backup so why can’t they all just be reuploaded?

Hmm no one is debating they don’t exist. Your issue has been noticed and is being address. All you have to do is be patient.

The missing videos have been identified and will be uploaded in the future.


Ight, thanks

Because it takes time, they were over 300 audios deleted. Im sure you dont have a youtube channel to know exactly this, but you have to wait until each video uploads otherwise the process gets slowed down if you try to upload several at the same time, also you have to take a few steps before:

  • Add the description (and since a lot of them were old Sammy has to check if its up to date with the links that are added etc)

  • select audience

  • type in the name in the caption part

  • other preferences

Each one of them for over 300 videos.

Thats why this:

Has all to do with it, because Sammy is busy with other things related to Sapien Medicine and his personal life

Thank you for your patience and understanding i know these audios are like oxygen for us, however as suggested above if you need them right right now, just subscribe to Patreon and download them.