What should we do in this course?

So, I got the Preview version of the course first because I want to see if it works or not. I have questions, how long to listen in healer primer and crystalization audio? It confuses me, it is said in healer primer to listen for 3 days after that take 2 days break, what does that mean? Also How long do I listen to one of the audios in it in a day? Please guide me, thank you so much.

It is my first time in the Morphic Field, I usually listen to subliminals. I never listened to Morphic Field.


Is the healer primer and crystallization audio contained within the preview course?

I would be surprised if it is…

Yes it is

That cant be true, as there are 5 audios in total in the course, and they need to be listened to in chronological order

Hmm, then I think it is not, its chapter named Healer Primer and Crystallization Audio its 6 and 7 minutes each, the content is someone talking

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The fields come as additional MP3 files - most probably only for buyers. The videos of the course are teaching and explanation.

You black-marketed the course, didn’t you?

So the question of what to do might be irrelevant for you, since it may not work for you, if u stole it, don’t actually own it.



Its 6 videos in total, including those mentioned above
Actually 4 videos and 2 documents


Lol, ok, my apologies then.

But still, it doesn’t contain any morphic fields to listen to.