When using the Healing Energy to help others can it be mixed with Reiki/Crystallization Energy

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I have just completed the Energy Course and wow it is amazing!!! Packed with so much information that was easy to digest and the fields wow they feel amazing :star_struck: Such value within this course thank you so much to the creators :pray:

My questions are in relation to using the Healing Energy if anyone would like to share your advice on it please :smiley:

Say for example I have a person on the bed for a healing session, can I mix the Healing Energy with the Crystallization Energy and use Reiki Energy also?
Or is it best to use just one healing modality.
If it is ok to mix the energies can anyone advise on how to do this please?


And it helps!

I combine various methods and always try to add the crystallization
In fact, thanks for the reminder…i think i had forgotten about it recently

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@Nice2knowU That is great to hear :smiley:

You are very welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Would you mind sharing how you combine the methods please?

Am I correct in thinking a session could begin with example Reiki and using the symbols on each chakra and then bring in the Healing Energy from ‘Become The Healer’ after using the symbols and then after the chakras have all been worked on I would bring in the Crystallization Healing to finish the session?

Or is there a better way to combine the energies?

Thank you for your help :sunflower:

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It is up to you to experiment.

I usually infuse the healing and crystallization directly in the beginning, combined with the actual healing intention


Yes, you should add Reiki, Crystallization, and Be the Healer to every healing you do conceptually. You should train yourself so that if you call one, you automatically call the others. You can add light sources and other beings as well.


I agree.
This helps so much


That is great to know then that I can experiment on what feels right :slightly_smiling_face: I just wasn’t sure if there was a certain way it should be implemented.
Thank you for explaining how you use the different energies. I will give that a try that also.


This sounds fascinating. Is there any particular way I can learn to do this or is it something I need to just learn through practice and experience.

Is this like calling in Archangels and other beings to assist with the healing?
I usually open up my space calling upon the help of Angels, Archangels, Christ, Reiki Masters is this the same thing? I only do this at the beginning of my day before meditations or energy work.

Thank you for your help and advice :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can intentionally do it. State out loud your intent and then channel them one at a time until it is automatic.

Your servitors can help you with this.

So would my Field Integration Service.

It is exactly the same. I call on Jesus, angels and archangels, ascended masters, and “all beings compatible with Reiki” or similar.


Thank you for sharing your wisdom :pray:

Can I do this before the person comes to the healing space? Is once in the morning enough or is this something that should be done at each individual persons session :thinking:

I need to research this as I do not understand how this works. It has always sounded fascinating but I just don’t really know much about it.

I will look into this too thank you.

Appreciate your help thank you :pray:

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Yes, but I’m thinking you should do it with a switchword. So when you say or think “heal” or “healing” it activates them all. And you can script yourself to do so like a servitor, or use a servitor script to continually request a servitor to help you do so.

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Wow @SorcerySupreme this information you are sharing is very interesting. I have so much to learn. Can you recommend anything that would help me to understand more about servitors and how to work with them and also how to incorporate the switchword.
Is there a course or certain books I should look at?
I need to learn more :pray: Thank you for sharing your knowledge I am grateful.

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I’d start with Ethereal Crystals,
manuals 1 to 12 are free to be found online, attunements to the crystals are in these manuals.

Taking it up 10 notches…
Online I know there is a pdf of the book
ATTUNE TO DIVINITY, over 800p full of attunements to herbs and their Devas, your inner body/certain flows, and much more… very in depth. It helped me a lot, but it can be s bit too much right now (as in overwhelming much)

Learning from these books, you’ll see… all is one!
And as we’ve been here, part of all that, for the same eternity, that you can go within, if there is a certain crystal or herb that you’re not attuned to, but would love to use, ask if you’re allowed attunement direct from the Ether/Akashic.
(Hint: I never got a no… :pray:t2:❤‍🔥)

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Thank you for sharing this information @Ananda :pray:
I will have a look for the manuals online they sound very interesting. I will start with the Ethereal Crystals as you have suggested.

This sounds amazing. I am excited to delve into this information.
Many Thanks for your help :sunflower:

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Hello! I do tend to layer them, although not always. I’m attuned to Usui Level 2, so I start with the gassho position and the short prayer I learned from my Reiki Master, draw the symbols on my palms if I remember to, and let the Reiki flow for a few seconds. Kind of like letting the water run through the pipes a bit to get warm haha. When I feel settled in, I activate the “Start Healing Now” command.

I’m sure throwing the Crystallization in there somewhere would amp it up as well, as it’s a bit like CKR in function.

Experiment and let us know.


Enjoy fully :smiley:

Ethereal Crystals… knowing all is basically energy, and we can manipulate it at that level, then I imagined that my whole bed was made of Amethyst!

The next day I woke up buzzzzzzing, so serene, pitch in my ears…
(Usually most intense first time you have such a shift). I sometime combine crystals, or tweak a room, if I have an interview or something…
Use your imagination, very powerful tool ❤‍🔥:brain::dart:


Hi @lilo thank you for your help and for explaining how you work with the different energies. I will try this way also.

Thank you for sharing this information also. I was not taught this by my Reiki Master, I am also attuned to Usui Reiki level 2. I looked it up when I seen your post and it seems like a beautiful way to begin working with Reiki energy or any energy healing and I will most definitely be using it going forward. It feels very respectful :pray:

I have been experimenting a little trying to bring in each different energy and tune into the different feelings I get from working with them.
I feel the energy from the Become the Healer audio as the strongest sensation in my hands, it is like my hands just expand and there is a very strong flow of energy. It is more subtle with the other energies. I will keep on experimenting with them :smiley:


Wow that sounds like such an amazing experience :hushed:

Yes 100% I will thank you :smiley:

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Found the book on an online (free) library…
Scroll to bottom of page to -freely- dowload as .pdf :grin::+1::blush:


@Ananda Thank you so much for this and sorry for my slow reply to your post. I have only seen it now.
I will check out the link you posted thank you :pray:t2: :relaxed:

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