Will aura deep clearing field clear the fields of the mandalas.?

Will the deep clearing field clear the fields of the mandalas???

No, the Mandalas fields themselfs will not be cleared or destroyed or anything

What will be cleared is their influence on you, that means your energy body would not be able to get the Mandalas energys because it is being cleaned, after having used deep clearing field you then can again get benefits of the mandalas

using deep clearing field and mandala or any other field at same time or prior before using deep clearing field will results in having the energy cleared and therefore the energy of mandala/field will be cleared

the usual rule is I think, before using deep clearing field, dont use any field for 3 hours because the fields energy will be cleared and the benefits will dimish, I think after having used deep clearing field, wait 30 minutes and then you can continue to use mandala/field


The Deep Aura Cleansing field will not remove the fields from the mandalas. The fields on the mandalas are protected and even (I believe) self-healing like the dog tags are.

The Deep Aura Cleansing field will remove from your energy system all energy work (good or bad) that was done to you within the 3 hours prior to your use of the Deep Aura Cleansing field. When I say energy work, that’s a broad term including subliminals, affirmations, as well as any Sapien field used within that 3 hours prior to your Deep Aura Cleansing. For this reason, most people like to use the Deep Aura Cleansing first thing in the morning, giving them a clean slate for the rest of their day. Then they can listen to their other fields, meditate, do self-hypnosis, etc. to their hearts’ content afterwards.

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I have made a pendant of the mandalas so that means after using the deep clearing can I again put on the mandalas??

Yeah sure, you can keep them on too, but the energy would just be cleansed of you and while aura deep cleaning is playing you wouldnt get any benefits, only after it stopped playing the fields/mandalas would be able to influence your energy system again

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