Will there be more webinars?

due to life haha ive missed the previous ones:(


Yes, most likely! :smiley:


@uial thank you sure hope so

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I keep missing them too, but only because i didn’t know i had to check here. Sam emailed me about the first one, and i thought that was how it was done. :drooling_face:

Yes there will be. Not this month as there really isn’t any space in my schedule to do one. But next month for sure.


do people who get the course later have access to this webinar. I have the course but i dont want to be left out. :frowning:

I think that some webinars get added to the course as recordings and you might have your email put on a list for new webinars.

U can listen to old ones because their download on their

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i dont see where to listen to the old ones

Please let me know where to access those downloads

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