Your fields wont regenerate hypothalamus and/or pituitary gland


I’ve listened plasma combo 2, plasma flaunt, brain regeneration and endocrine system rejuvenation enough to work and still my low testosterone haven’t improved. So your fields wont work on regeneration hypothalamus or pituitary gland. Not sure which one they won’t work. Just suggestion to make working one on these two!

That’s not easy to say how much have you listened? For all you know maybe in 2 weeks it normalizes. What is normal for you? what happened that it isn’t normal?
Maybe the test boost would work better for you or the reduce estrogen field.
Many people have normal functioning of these brain areas but still not so optimal test levels and that changes after they get more active and incorporate more sport and a healthy diet into their life. Maybe you don’t have enough vitamin D3 or not enough building blocks (diet) for you body to produce more test etc.

I don’t know your circumstances these were just some thoughts that came to mind. Just wanted to show that not only these places are important for healthy test levels.

Testosterone levels depend on many factors.

Like, frequent ejaculation and nutrition.

For example, if you don’t ejaculate for 14 days testosterone levels increase 400%.

If you do intermitent fasting (20/4 or 23/1) testosterone levels also increase naturally.


In addition to the fields you must improve your nutrition and lifestyle. No junk food, Sleep early, sleep 8-9 hours, zinc supplement and omega 3 are essential. also if it is possible to lift weights regularly, without overdoing it.

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