Zen's Journey

I’ll be updating what I’m doing,

first I’m dropping a lot of my daily listens and will work on a few audios. (actively)


  1. The Silent Mind
  2. The Creative Spirit / The Language of Life (once it’s released)
  3. (Financial NFT yet to pick)
  4. The Sprinter


  • Silence my from the mental chatter to be more in the present (has been good thus far but would push it up a bit more)

  • Reconnect with the Creative spirit that resides within all creations, extract knowledge on my own from the guidance of creation itself.

  • While Markets are down and with the looks of getting worst I’ll like to prepare myself with as much knowledge and wisdom to make the most use of the oportunities that come about such events.

  • I’ve been slacking on the track so to get ready for next season I’m going to be working on the Sprinter to get better mechanics and prime the muscles involved in running.

Routine: (not complete will have to update as new things / better things come up.)
Meditate to each NFT for at least 10 minutes each.

  • While meditating to Silent Mind keep my anchor on repeating “Right, Wrong” Will move my feet (right on right - left on wrong)to ensure I keep the rhythm.

  • While meditating on The creative spirit I’ll like to do it in a natural environment like at a park where there are many trees so they can assist me.

They say “you can only enter Heaven as a child” Not heaven in the sky no, heaven within. There are all those moments throughout your life when you are embarrassed, ashamed, and guilty… feeling tainted forever that I’ll never be the same again, well we can go back and heal ourselves cause each moment is an imprint of a vibrational state in time. That moment created an imprint in your DNA in your field of consciousness and by going back to that moment and understanding it, in healing yourself then you erase the current imprint from it now. That opens up even more then you go back and get more that instance from childhood look at old pictures of yourself as a child and look into your eyes see the wisdom that you couldn’t see before. Find those pictures that you were embarrassed about until you can look at them with love and you start to understand “now I know what was making me feel embarrassed” it’s not a matter of pushing it away it’s a matter of letting it go erasing it.

  • Listen to Sprinter NFT audio while looking at the image welcoming the exchange of energy and allowing it to create the changes it’s programmed to do.

the frequency as to which i update this will vary.


Let’s go :muscle:t4::muscle:t4:



Man, last night I had a beautiful dream. I recall I was back in high school and this person helped me SOOO much even before I was in her school. Right now thinking about it is making me tear, so much love and respect for her, an angel to me.

For some reason, I needed to express my love and gratitude it was strange because throughout my first year I spend every day during launch break in her office, I was shy, didn’t have friends, and didn’t know what was going on in the class as I’ve missed basically 3 months of freshman classes. She made me feel comfortable so i would always want to be around her whenever i could. She was my counselor and got me out of my first high school which i hated going to.

The first high school i attended was a Spanish majoirty school and I don’t really read or write in Spanish that well so it was hard to keep up with the classes, after 3 months of trying to get my school changed, skipping school or coming in late, i didn’t fit in and out of nowhere i got pulled out of my classes and the counsuoler I was working with came and told me, “Hey… We got lucky, it seems like a counselor from a school in queens saw my request and would like you to attend their school.” i was extremely happy, ohh boy was i wrong.

considering 3-4 months have gone by, and people know each other it felt like there wasn’t a space for me… I was even more alone now, started skipping school, even more, had horrible thoughts, my grades were all Ds I wasn’t learning anything. I wanted another change I wanted out. I didn’t want to go back, i wanted to drop out it… Did horrible things to try and get out etc. It was a horrible time in my life and i made it horrible (for my life experience, sure others have had worst but everyone’s experience is unique) for my family as well.

Anyways, i had a dream of this person last night but in my Algebra class, a class i would go to once or twice a week and i just walked in and everyone around me was just in shock. They couldn’t believe I came back to class, the “teacher” was writing something down looking down on her desk and didn’t recognize I was in front of her… the student in front of me sat down and then the my counselor looked up and was shocked to the core she was just in awe to see me again but saw through me and said “Ah, so you think you can come back after all this Time? Pathetic” and I just disregarded everything and started to cry from love I apologized to her for leaving and not coming back, I’m deeply sorry and she got up and Gave me a hug she started to cry intensely I was doing the same…

It was like I was accepting a part of myself again and I was reconnecting with a lost aspect I’ve pushed out of me, but the love I felt in that moment made me realize al the shame, guilt, and disappointment I caused to others washed away instantly.

I asked the Creative spirit for some healing of past events.

Throughout my day I feel a little more love for all things conscious.

It’s funny how it used my experiences and knowledge to instill the lessons and knowledge i need to get to the understanding i need to move forward. I didn’t sit there trying to figure it out, no. I sat there with the intention of reconnecting at any particular time of my life with the creative spirit so i can heal anything. All of this was through love of myself.


These days im not listening to much fields… Not sure why.

Blueprint of Life
Primordial Spark.

Might include one more but not sure, thought?


Maybe your body or higher self is telling you to take a break from all other fields for now and just focus on a couple or these 2 ?


The Plasma Flaunt and Jindan.

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I feel like I’m the most comfortable I’ve ever been; no need to interact with anyone.

But at the same time, I’m picking up some bad habits I would need to address, but it’s a clearinghouse.

I remembered six names in 2 days (didn’t need to repeat it or anything). I just came at me. As if I was ‘fed’ the information whenever I needed it most.

Two nights ago, before going to bed, I laid in bed and focused on loving my ‘being’ not because XYZ, instead just loving my being, and lord, I instantly started to feel warmth a raised like someone loved me but my ego pulled back as if it’s not ready for that love. I noticed the exact moment in the consciousness shift where it was from an abundantly accepting mind to a ‘me, me me’ mindset. I kept switching to the abundant mindset for a bit.

It’s hard to describe what happened during those moments. All I recall was I didn’t try to analyze how or why I would show this love, rather set the intention, and that’s it.

Now that same night, I had some dreams, and they went on ALLL night. I woke up multiple times that night and went right back to them as if I was living them. For some reason, the entire world was out to get me over some student debts, and teachers I hadn’t spoken to in forever began to appear. I couldn’t reach out to no one as it felt like something was purposely trying to disconnect me from the whole.

Still trying to decipher the dream, but this always happens whenever I have an experience like I had the night before drifting to sleep. I have some ‘negative’ event manifest itself in my dream… Could it be someone/something was trying to dreamscape me?


Hey dude. Sounds maybe like past events mixed with potential, hypothetical situations? I kinda understand the idea of being ‘disconnected’, as life varies in terms of stability.

In an effort to help stabilize control over my own life, I’ve found applications and multiple outlets for things that you helped to bring to us. I tried messaging you about a project I’m working on, was gonna offer some proteins or osteoblast differentiation for the final touches on this masterpiece.

Sorry I didn’t get back, I’m of you’re still around go ahead and message me.

The pursuit of enlightenment

The Divine holds a boundless love for you, and indeed, for everything that unfolds before your gaze. Comprehend this, and you grasp the essence of existence.

Engage with this realization, perceive its depth. Recognize that no matter the strength of another’s ego, no matter how formidable their challenges may seem, beneath it all is a child yearning for love, just as you are. Every struggle is just a longing for that universal affection, and acknowledging this, is in itself, a step towards enlightenment.


A few sunsets ago, I recalled my teachings of introspection, an intimate dance with the self. Guided by the whispering winds of intuition, I was moved to embrace stillness, allowed ‘Ego Dissolution,’ to interact with my being and opened images from my early childhood, when I was but a budding bloom of three to five years.

The task, as effortless as the moon tracing its path across the night sky, was to cradle the child within me, and rekindle the fragments of my spirit that had been shadowed by scars of trauma, guilt, and shame. In this sacred communion, I became a quiet pond, not an empty void, but a serene tableau filled with the gentle murmur of self-love directed at the innocent soul I once was, coaxing back to the present those splinters of my essence.

And, as the petals of the lotus unfold in the first light of dawn, so did my soul unfurl. The liberation was as boundless as the sky, as I bathed in the love emanating from the little me, a reflection from a distant past. It was a profound recognition of the boundless love existing for me in this universe, a realization that all I needed to do was embrace my own love, as one would welcome a long-lost friend, for the person I have grown into.

Just as the ripples of a stone tossed into a pond radiate outward, so too did my self-love spread, until it permeated all corners of my being.


Lately, I’ve been thinking how we often overcomplicate things, imposing too much structure and a rigid approach.

Based on your own life experiences, how did you learn as you grew up? When you grasped a concept, what were you engaged in?

Put aside NFTs and energy for a moment. Think back to a time before you became aware of such things. Our experiences might differ, but it’s essential to reflect on our past and our personal journeys of understanding.

Isn’t true understanding essentially absorbing that knowledge or energy into our core? When you fully comprehend something, it becomes a part of you, devoid of any resistance. This concept can also be applied to understanding energy audios or NFTs. Instead of emulating others, it might be more benefital to engage with these concepts in a way that resonates with your personal experiences. Not that following others is wrong, but it might not be the best approach for everyone.

FOMO is the answer for me and probably others. What if I’m doing it wrong? Lucy is getting great results, what’s she doing? It is a Community and I had hopes that it would be a greater exchange of info. Seems many are very secretive. Early in my experiences here, OM slapped me down for asking what people’s spiritual routines are. If we want to make change in society, why are we so secretive about ways we’ve found to uplift ourselves?

I’m expecting criticisms of my response. If you ask me to take it down, I will. It is your journal, not mine.

no, no backlash at all. Thank you for sharing.

FOMO is real, but i the idea of that post was for us to look inwards and discover what works best for us when we try to understand something, different scenario same situation integrating some piece of information(energy). I don’t know what people practice around here and sometimes i try and seek some methods but if i don’t have a true understanding of it I wouldn’t really be too involved and dedicated to it.

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I would like to be respectful of the journal space as well.

This quote has some meaning for me:

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.” – Confucius

Perceive what you will.

A reason for being secretive:

“Don’t cast pearls onto swine,” is in my memory as learning from experience. But more personally I think it’s more about maintaining inputted energy and intention.

Each person has their point-of-view and way of interacting with sequential moments of experience. Some people may not see the value or potential. Or act in a way that is honorable, respectful… action that is of love or creating a sacred space. Or in other words people participating in the greater flow of consciousness/energy of an experience. Simply wanting to be part of something more than “their individual” self. Most commonly in something that is sensationalized, exciting, high energy.

Mostly though, I think people just see what they want to see. Even adding or projecting what wasn’t originally there, and then passing on that image.
Like my post here or mentioning FOMO, where one can point that fear may be of motivation rather than a way of learning, as well as shifting direction toward hopes of community.

Scribe, if I was hosting the space I may have been upset. I’m not. Was more as a way of noting a point, with example, and bringing awareness.

Many ways of learning. Observation is high up. Includes people, but more of a awareness of what’s going on in my environment. Ironically, with fear as a small part of a motivator. What could go south or potentially become dangerous. Most of the time it was curiosity. To understand and be with…

I get the idea of “grasping an idea” or a concept, but I would personally describe it as creating the space, and allowing of whatever is flowing in to flow in, and whatever is flowing out to flow out. A good example as an analogy is like seeing the positives and negatives in a roll of undeveloped film, and creating the image from there.

If there is such an existence of aligning with one’s true self, I would vote for that. Especially if more and more were in alignment. I imagine greater harmony and balance.