A Blueprint of Power (Major)

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here is mine.

This can help with spiritual work, but surely you realized this is something that did not exist before and was not part of the human dance at all.
It does not take away from any of your own processes.
Literally something that would of never been a part of anyone’s life.

Why do you think you have or should have pre-designated rights and control over it.
As with the perception that ‘enlightenment’ is free and everybody should have it, these fields should be free and accessible to all.
I disagree.
You have to work towards the things you want,
This is what builds experience and makes you and your subconscious appreciate what you have.

Either way, that is my opinion.

Remember, you are disliking the fact that something that you were not aware of, and never existed was made and now offered for a limited sale.

It does not matter, as i can simply not offer it, I am apprehensive about this now.
The nft is not going to be released as soon.
It will be a few days or even a week or two.


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Sad that this had to be said, this should be common sense. we should just be grateful that he’s realising all these publicly, it’s his time, his work.


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Wonderful thats good so it will be luck more or less thanks for all the cool stuff I find it quite easy to only see every new awesome field you drop when in reality every single one encluding all that exist are wonderful precious and life changing!!!
Even if i dont get lucky I am very grateful that you make such experiences possible for people and my life so much more fun and full of options, opportunities and miracles ;)
And also a big thanks for this forum to samy and all the cool people the community that contribute to it who make so much information,transformational tools and knowledge available!!!

To say it in simpler words thanks to dream and all of you❤️


good luck people


I have some crypto in my trust wallet. Is it enough to buy nft? Should I keep some ethereum?

You don’t need crypto. You use regular currency. It is all done for you and you are given a wallet.


The thing is, whatever the outcome may be - whether this is released or not and whoever gets it on the end -, it will be the perfect one :)

So there is no need to stress or lose sleep, the browser can always freeze and your internet connection can always fail for a bit…
And you may awake in the middle of the night to check it, if you’re supposed to. :D


I’ll share my invitation here since the original thread is yet to get its best attention … I feel like our excitement got the best of us… it’s not a fear of missing out… it’s a deep hunger for growth… development… we all appreciate the work we are given, we fall in love with all the prosperous outcomes… we all love to witness our best self coming into life … but we also can get blinded by it… it’s a double sided want just like everything is…

We been glued to our screens, paused sleeping, reading, taking a walk in the nature, because we highly value what’s to come, even if we don’t need it… we are all here because we have enjoyed our best selves and we wanna keep enjoying our best potential…

It’s a reminder to also see for ourselves how this can help us grow or keep us glued where we are at …


do you know how sometime places that are haunted, have lots of granite?
granite, also contain a lot of crystals in it,
they store information a lot better than even your normal memories,
a lot more deeper data and energy.
This stored data, when replayed/accessed acts a a haunting.
The non intelligent sort of ‘echoed’ one.
So this enhanced capabilities are enhanced
Also… under force or pressure… crystals can produce a lot of energy,
due to the piezo electric effect.

In addition, the time crystals, rotate through time and space, to keep an appearance of symmetry


This is what has me most interested. Quantum ground state and energy that cannot be lost to the environment.