A Blueprint of Power (Major)

A new & exciting limited edition NFT is coming our way soon!!!

This is a Smart field and a complex one that includes a whole lot of things, some of which are listed below:

  • The effects of Quasi Crystal (the one that has users raving already)
  • Time Crystal effects
  • Chakras are enhanced with crystalline storage ability
  • Superfills ALL storage areas, not just in a conventional way but via implosion (aka fills inside out)
  • DNA repair to an extreme level - fueled by the addition of life force and done negentropically
  • Body is vibrated to a very high level to dissolve all energy blockages, leaving the energy system supercharged!

Posting a notification as this is a limited edition NFT happening soon and given the expansive list of life-changing effects and benefits of this field, we can make the best of the opportunity and not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime kind of field…

The field comes with its protections and will work only for the NFT owners.

Keep an eye out for when the NFT listing gets posted. As we have seen, these listings stay up for a very short period of time and this one probably will get scooped faster than ever before…


My early review…

I was blessed to use this field and experience it. I did not pay any attention to the field description before using it (I usually do that to get unconditioned idea of the field). I regulated my breath, entered a neutral space, and started playing this audio. And then the magic happened.

Within a few seconds (not kidding - not minutes, seconds!) my body was buzzing. Was I the crystal, or was I inside a crystal, or were there a million crystals inside me? Felt like all of them…

And then the dance of the energy began. I was being filled up inside out like a balloon, the sensation heightened by the already buzzing crystalline effect. I was in a blissful mesh of toroidal flows of energy, and many levels of it.

The feeling of bliss was overwhelming. There was a lot of inner silence in spite of the crystalline buzz. Sort of like feeling the silence within the big bang, and feeling the subtle sound of OM within the grand silence.

The presence of my guides was intensely felt. Especially, many Tibetan teachers (some that I know, some I don’t) showed up, in approval of the field. The last time this set of enlightened beings made their presence felt was during the Blueprint of Life. In fact, when I was trying to find a picture to best depict my experience, I was specifically shown this graphic that I added to my post.

Overall, it felt like I was listening to the combined effect of the Jing, Chi, Shen, and Core Restoration and Alchemy series audios - all synergetically coming together in one big simultaneous implosion of negentropy.

Phew, all this in 3 rounds of this audio… Truly remarkable. “Major” is not merely metaphorical here.


Wowoowowooww… Thanks Maoshan; excited and awaiting :heart_eyes:


Damn how do I get this!


The NFT listing will get posted … watch out the announcement


I’m trying to figure out the same thing bro… This one is unbelievable

If any one is willing to get an extra 2 for me and Desiree I’m willing to get you double what you paid for (ik it’s worth at least 20k of the go for reselling but this is what I can offer right now…) If your willing to help please pm me!


I didn’t get any of the tarot ones…
I would have bought them if I was quicker but I wasn’t too bummed out. but since the last release I’ve had it in my head that I “have to get the next one”.
Now I understand why :sweat_smile:


I missed out on the last two NFTs as well…So when I heard of this one, I really wanted to post a pre-release notification… Thankfully, Captain said ok haha…


u know what the cost will be? @Maoshan_Wanderer


I hope those who really need it for growth and development get it.

And who lack this component on the path of development.


Like all the NFTs, nobody “needs” it…lol

There is still Minor Blueprint of Power that is available TO ALL.
And quite frankly, most people haven’t even tapped into the possible full potential of that field.


Thank you. That’s what I wanted to hear. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


oh my god my god oh my god
thank you for this captain even if I don’t get it
what an epic field !!!


stop eavesdropping! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


the description , i remember the game called Quantum break


I’m not ! coïncidence

so it’s an epic field :eyes: :open_mouth:


comment deleted

@Maoshan_Wanderer when u said soon, do you mean within 7 hours or something?



I don’ t want to miss this.