A New Way of Approaching Community Projects?

Could be due to the nature of the NFT itself, instead of being on public sale. take Solidifier as an example.

I don’t see how there can be freedom of choice with lesser copies made available.

She is saying anyone can make any project they want with any number copies they want = freedom of choice

People coming and choosing the number of copies on your project for you = less freedom of choice

And she is right, this is smaller scale debate about how to distribute things in society, it’s the same debate happening in every country and political system.

People want to suggest or flat out choose things for you for themselves to keep up with their biased self-serving version of “fair”

Is it so hard to get it…
People are so caught up on the fomo it gets hard to have a convo

This is why this debate is useless, some want socialism (literal socialism, no prejudice) some want laissez faire.
We won’t get an agreement and Captain makes the law and he wanted it this way.

If you want things done your way, go talk to Captain and he will decide how it should be done

Flash news: he already came out a bunch of times speaking his opinions.

PS: I didn’t get any NFT for over a year, but then I realized it was gonna stay and made my peace with it. I suggest those who haven’t yet accepted the reality get to terms with it.

I applied for a bunch of groups and haven’t been selected, lot of NFT I want out there that I won’t have. Same for everyone.

I make my own projects and feel gratitude for what I have. Making the best decisions I can.

But right now, you are missing a lot of opportunities to do something

If you need help making your own, if you want a co-leader, ask for it.
If you want help coming up with ideas, you group will help. If you ask, people will show up.

Or keep this debate going into next year and the year after and the year after. It’s already been going on for 2 years. Why stop now


Also, if everyone gets your project, how will you trade your copies for another project if everyone got your project already ?

Happened to me trying to trade my copies and people had it already, how can I trade ?

We’re supposed to trade collectible cards and have fun, making better NFTs, more original.

Take responsibility, trade mine for yours, create our own little world and economy.

People will eventually trade their copies when they had all the benefits.

This was supposed to be fun.
A fun constructive game for the community.

People don’t want you to be in their project, make your own with your friends… limitless opportunities

But people got caught up in “I didn’t get this and that boohoohoo”

Maybe Dream wanted to build something bigger than himself with people fixing the prices (btw, he has his own copies that maybe he will sell later), creating their equilibrium and culture around it.

If you think Dream doesn’t read and doesn’t know what you guys think, keep writing.

If you think your idea of right and wrong is not just your beliefs but the absolute truth… keep writing


why would there be a need to trade if every project was made available to everyone?

I didn’t know this was the purpose of NFTs. I always thought it was about us benefiting from our collective brainstorm of ideas as a community.

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Because… it’s a freaking game !!!

That’s what Dream wanted, to add a little fun

Did I just write two long post for nothing !?

My fault, I bothered trying to explain

Available to everyone, it used to be everything should be free on YouTube

Why would I need to pay my car if it was free ?
Jeezus, I keep buying things to get them. I forgot the commie revolution happened and everything is unlimited for everyone because they exist and they deserve it all


Well, if you don’t know, now you know :slight_smile:

I said “available”, not free.

I’m not doing another expose man,
You’ll catch up or someone else will explain

Would be interesting to do a poll to see how many forum members are having fun, and if that’s not the case what can be done to make things more “fun”.

That’s Dream’s decision

Again, Dream is a high-tech science geek/psychic wizard who wanted a real life magic role game where people would have magical cards with this ability, other would have shield level 3, others would have a potion level 9

Everyone having something unique, legendary and special

This reality is pretty much a game for him and instead of just waiting for releases he want us to play

So, go make your projects or get someone else’s

Trust me, you’ll save time and the less Dream gets annoyed, the more stuff we’ll get


That’s not what the OP is suggesting though. seems like we’re applying “freedom of choice” to two different things.

You’re applying it to number of NFTs copies available, I am applying it to number of different NFTs each person can purchase at MSRP.

And I not suggesting that creators should not have a choice regarding how many copies should be minted. they absolutely do. I am suggesting, like the OP, they can consider making more copies available ala what was done with 9FP. But the final decision is up to them and Capt.

Because you can get it at msrp by getting your own from Dream already. There is no barrier, no debate to have.

What you guys want and are passively-aggressively asking is for other people’s project at msrp

Some of your are suggesting, most of you are complaining and trying to find leeway’s to get their project remade without their approval

Also, thanks for the idea.
Now we know we can make more copies, I wonder what people will choose to do with this revelation

And I fell into explaining some more


You said it, “your own”. doesn’t apply to every NFT ie even those I am not apart of, which was my point.


Hiiihhhevebeb, you don’t get to have everything you want… ehejrkelel

You are cursed, you need to make up your own mwahahah

You will no satisfy your every human desires, beep

You can have anything… that’s not enough, humans want everything

FO-MO… too much FOMO, system overloaded… going to explode

PS: you were supposed to read that with a crazy and stupid high pitched robotic voice.


Can’t speak for everyone, but I certainly don’t want “everything”. For example, in the hypothetical scenario where Lion’s Mane NFT is made free, I wouldn’t download it (no offense to the creator of it). why? because I am happy with my hair/beard currently.

You can ask for anything you want

How can you have a problem ?

You only need to know what you want and ask for it and Captain will make it as long as it’s 10 copies and you can buy 10 copies or let other people buy copies.

You can make it 1,000,000 copies of anything YOU want

It wasn’t clear but I wasn’t pushing on this agenda, it was just an idea to deal with this issue, whatever way it may or may not be implemented in the future.

even Blueprint of Power Major?

You said “anything”. which is an absolute term encompassing it all.

Neither am I. I am clarifying what you said.