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Where can i request field for paederus dermatitis pls? and something special stack for snake poison removal pls.

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Also hi!!!

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Hi, XinXin! Someone will be along shortly to help you with your questions. In the meantime you can use the magnifying glass icon at the upper right to type in search words to reveal topics already discussed in the forum.
Angel White welcome white letters

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Make a new post under ask for advise
But damn snake poison.
Probably the hospital first
Or if they are Indiana Jones suck out the venomous blood
Then maybe an audio stack
Thats a hella vauge question though lol. Do you mind explaining more

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Yes Sir, my respect with this link can explain than me. But this only for Venom Poison.

信心 ,



不是老师. :dolls:

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Sir, I m not Chinese.

my apologies, ma’am

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