The Requests and Fields

There are a lot that wont get made, nor will spamming or upvoting get your requests done, in fact it probably makes it less likely.

(stating rules always sounds so harsh)

But here you can post a request, but you need to also provide the rationale and what ways you think it can be done.
So hypothetically you may want to grow a tail, then how can we make this happen? what hormones or growth factors can be used? what genes can direct that growth? etc etc.
Same goes for energetic growth and modifications.

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Does sapien take requests
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Fields for cooling down during hot summer days(suggestion)
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Ah tag for 3 Datian with 3 treasure ,microsmic orbit and trasmutate

An updated eye color lightening field… Especially formulated for dark eyed/skinned people.


I’ve found the results from the new posture/ atlas video much better than the experimental scoliosis audio. It’d be great if there’s a new audio field that aligns the rest of the spine where the Atlas video stopped.


Anything for pineal gland, 3rd eye


Sapien has a 3rd eye audio on Gumroad:


Thank you! <3 I would love a field for grounding/centering. Grounding into the different layers of the mother earth, and really bringing the raw and pure earth energy up into the body. Most of us are really ungrounded with most of our energy swirling in our head area. This field could also be for centering our energy along the midline/mid axis of the body, calling back our energy that is scattered around in our field and elsewhere for focus. Grounding and centering is really the basis of spiritual practice, but is maybe considered a little dull and boring compared to all sorts of out of body adventures etc. A field that would help to build this very much needed foundation/roots for further spiritual exploration would be a great gift. :pray:


Something that can help with oily scalp, dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis.

Sebum regulation in general


I want a sub for genetic hypothyroidism treatment please.


I think there are audio fields for the blood pressure and hair removal. Check the YT channel.


I have some maybe esoteric and metaphysical request (maybe for dream seeds channel) field for synchronization of left and right brain of hemispheres… which could bring us many insights, epiphanies, revelations , answers , solutions for our questions, problems, causes … it’s like a field which could connect us with Source or maybe with our subconscious, and we could therefore simply know it what is next step, it would be like consulting, hard to explain, and perhaps hard to make or even impossible, never mind, but that what I would like it :slight_smile:


I have two requests for fields that would not only greatly benefit me but a lot of people:

  • Hypothyroidism / Hyperthyroidism (Overall thyroid gland repair and healing)
  • Cure or relief for ADHD

As for how they could be done, i’m not sure about the first one, but ADHD has been linked to dopamine imbalance, i have used the addiction field and gotten some relief from it, but a dedicated field would be so much better.


I just have these 2 requests, cause I could not find them on Sapien Medicine.

  1. I would like to see a field for Bladder Regeneration , or/and Overactive Bladder .

I think there is a stem cells to bladder field , but I would like something to make your bladder stronger and regenerate it , and maybe calm the nerves that are associated with your bladder.
I know they have a kidney regeneration field , but I don’t see a Bladder Regeneration field .

  1. I am another one who would like to see a field that focuses on Hypothyroidism .

I know there is the Endocrine System field , but I would like see a field that focuses solely on Hypothyroidism.
As for how , maybe the field that heals and regenerates , and sends the nutrients or anything that is needed for your Thyroid to function better ?


I’d like to see one for spine alignment. I left a comment on the spinal alignment/atlas as I have a weird birth defect where my atlas vertebra wasn’t put in at the factory. I don’t have one! My skull sits on muscle and the 2nd vertebra/axis is actually my first one. I can get problems with nerves especially in hands if my spine gets too tweeked. All my nerve challenges are stemming from my neck. I get along best by pretending all is well in that area but possibly a field for deformed spines could be beneficial.


Field for programming the Reticular activation system (RAS) for success In whatever you want to do. This is supposedly how billionaires can focus on a specific task long enough for law of attraction forces to work fast in manifestation. I believe this will be great for all of us.
Google definition: The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is a bundle of nerves at our brainstem that filters out unnecessary information so the important stuff gets through. … Your RAS takes what you focus on and creates a filter for it. It then sifts through the data and presents only the pieces that are important to you.


SIRT1 activation is in the NMN audio (on patreon). It’s also in the antioxidant audio.


It would be nice to have Subconscious limits removal field on a dog tag or bracelet. TIA


It is on the Fearlessness pendant (on enlightenedstates - currently under maintenance). Also should be available as a custom order on enlightenedstates.


Brain hemisphere synchronization is available on the Genius field (enlightenedstates).


Schumann Resonance audio as well as Sacral & Base Chakra audio help with grounding.


Have you considered working with the A.P.E. field?