Alchemical Zircon and Danburite

Oh wow… so perfect and personally timely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:… thank you Captain :sparkling_heart: !!


So i paired this today with BoL


Because uhm something i felt/saw last night.

And i confirmed it.

Of course my experience, my perception, just throwing it out here in case someone wants to try these 2 and see what they feel :slightly_smiling_face:

But to me this is either like BoL as a crystal.
Or it enhances and pushes deeper and faster the purpose in the upper chakras. Like crystallizing the effect of BoL in those chakras, thus by the crystal, expanding it and growing even hours after listening together.

Also like a version of PMHC (dynamic between mind/reasoning and heart/feelings) but between mind/crown chakra and throat chakra. It def feels mystical


I listened to this a few times last night and this one went deep. This unblocked something profoundly deep and I felt so much lighter in my heart area. This is up there with my BoL experience.

So much gratitude for creating this, @Captain_Nemo !! :blush::heart_eyes:


@anon46520955 Just saw your comment posted before mine. Yes! Definitely felt a similar BoL vibe.


The music
The feeling
The connection

Such an immaculate audio.

100% hidden Gem. Guys.

I want to say so much soo infinitely much more about it but its like discovering a huge treasure after a long path… a maze kinda map. And then pointing to you at the exact location. So i choose not to. But

If you have BoL. 100% get this.
If you have MBoP 100% get this.
If you have Exalted States

If you love Imaginarium Divine
New Perspectives
If youve been working for a while with Higher Self connection
If you feel youve integrated enough the Vibration Series


And pair them with whatever i mentioned.


Dont know how itd feel if you dont have any one from above. But i do know what it can bring when combined with those.


I love your passion for everything. Thanks for all Luna, the recommendations and the love that you express in your writing. That motivates everyone and obviously me.
Thanks! :pray:


Thanks for bumping it Luna :pray:

Bought it on an intuitive impulse, then I forgot about it.
Truly an impressive field, it brings so much peace and serenity.


Tbh my favorite right now


You sold me, just today I thought I was ready to buy and integrate a new field after spending a good amount of time on Garnet and Ruby/carnelian. So this plus, K2 and imaginarium is what I’m drawn to try. Will update with review.


A blissful calm and soothing nature to this that I need at the moment. Been forced into warrior energy a bit lately just to protect my own energy and that if my wife. This calmed me to the core of my being put me into a state of perfect balance and harmony which is where I want to be!


Great combo!! I want to read more about what you feel.

If you have BoL and add it at the beginning of the stack itd take the feeling to a very deep state and expand it to far beyond this plane :) + other stuff :blush:


I don’t have BOL unfortunately. But have had significant breakthroughs in the most calm and gentle way with this only having used it for an hour or so. Will update more as I go but I feel a calm protection that is infused with my being. This is a too teir field for sure


I just bought this, and there were two mp3 files, Alchemical Zircon and Danburite (18,5mb) and Alchemical Zircon and Danburite22 (20,2mb). Does anyone know if there is any difference between them?

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You must have just bought it after this notice went out to previous purchasers.

Resampled in version two as some playback apps have problems playing the different sample rate.

be sure to get your updated version if needed


Thank you @_OM !


I had meant to get this one much earlier, but got sidetracked.

First off, the music… it’s so beautiful…

When I listened, I felt an immediate lightness and reduction of pressure in my head, especially the base, back, and middle parts. I also felt and continue to feel my head/brain vibrating. Very pleasant small-scale yet continuous vibrations. Afterwards, I felt clearer, less foggy, and more awake. Also calmer and much more balanced.

I don’t know what else this does yet. I felt slightly inclined to cry, but couldn’t quite get there yet. I don’t think it’s the music alone, maybe there is something else to it, some kind of other clearning that’s happening. I’m sure Captain chose this music for a good reason, as always.

Thank you so much for this treasure :sparkling_heart: I’m excited to see where this goes overtime :sparkles:


Love it!!

And yes still my favorite one hihi

Also to me It is like the cheating code to reach the blue print info of higher dimensions, realms and beings


Did i really say that.

Yes I did.


Hi @Cambrian , seeking your experience and advice on where to stack the Zircon ,before or after blueprint of life?


Before :) it’s the perfect prime for these deeper soul level kind of fields :)

I’d add it once or twice after too :sweat_smile:


Nice :+1:t5:, thanks ,will try that . Also @Desiree would the Zircon crystal aspect of this field , stimulates growth for all the chakras as well ? It states( Google description from above ), that it combines all the chakras strengths by aligning them .
Would it be my bad to presume that it also stimulates growth for all of them ?