Alchemical Zircon and Danburite

I listened to this for the first time, right before BPOL.

I’m finding it much easier to forgive people I haven’t forgiven, today. And I also find it easier to forgive myself but still want to atone for things, not in a shameful way though. In a way like, I just want to raise the vibration of the planet.

So it’s helping me be a better person. A person I remember from many years ago before some things happened. It’s helping me to see things with emotional complexity for what they are and not so much in black and white.

Note: I also listened to be a kinder more patient person yesterday (and zealot of positive change before bed) so I’m not going to pretend that doesn’t have something to do with it. But my being made a marked noticeable shift after listening to zircon and danburite and BPOL.

Initial thoughts. If you don’t have BPOL, pair it with be a kinder more patient person and see how you feel :heart:


zircon before or after chakra series?

chakra series in this order?

1 Sacral and Base
2 Throat Chakra
3 Heart and Solar Plexus
4 Crown & Ajna

I would do Z&D after the chakras because I’d want the chakras cleared and repaired before aligning them. That’s just my preference.


Good point

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My personal preference differs and I’d indeed play the Alchemical Zicron before the chakra series,

to create the inner environment that is cleared and primed, do a major cleanse before starting, and bring some aliveness to the energy body :slight_smile:

The benefits of this one are not really contained within these words. It’s an experience of its own. But the many preferences at least show there are many ways to experience it. The order in many cases doesn’t really matter :)


Gracias Desiree :ok_hand:t2:
Thanks :heart: