Allowing PMs to be deleted by the initiator

As the forum does not allow deleting posts back to back and after a while one has to wait more than a day to delete another post and again the time gets added.

When we transact for NFTs we share each other’s personal details like name, number, e-mail as needed for the payment type (when dealing with someone for the very first time) used in PMs, the PM often turns into a long thread.

It would be great for the person who initiated the PM to allow to delete the complete PM at once (to delete all the sensitive information at once).

I’m a very private guy and get jitters when a site has all my details and inviting mod to delete would mean the mod would know all the details.

I would like to avoid all these, so please allow only PMs to be deleted at once (complete thread) by the initiator.


This would be a great option to have. I’m struggling financially and getting ready to sell an NFT and honestly this is one the things holding me back.


@Divine_Lotus please need this option soon.


If this eases your minds…but it is no real solution.

I think there is a way- even if it’s more than two persons

The initiator needs to first:
Remove the other user

Remove themselves

And if it’s the other way around, you ask that person to remove themselves first, and then you exit out

Bam bam bam


Step by Step (A Guide):


@Violet removing the other party and then the user will still keep the details on this forum

@Drift figured out a workaround, edit each post with sensitive info and write gibberish and save lol

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Damn why u do my boy @Drift like that

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the only way to do this is both people delete every message, then at the end the person that started the convo deletes their first post.

Removing both users as @Violet showed doesn’t delete the thread because the @system automatically gets added to the convo. So the convo still exists, but only the admins who have access to the system can get in the convos, read it, delete, etc.

And @Drift editing a post doesn’t delete your messages. When you edit a post, you’ll see a pencil show up on the top right with the number of times you edited the post. When you click on that, you can see every edit that person made to their post.

Example, Dream and I edited my first post in the New Release: Hardcore thread 3 times

clicking the pencil allows you to see all 3 edits

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True my man…I wasn’t even warned, I just kept getting weird notifications xD

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yeah i edit some things then i delete, or i delete and then edit

doesn’t really matter, cause the whole history of edits can be seen.

maybe a work around is to send images/videos, cause i cant see those posts properly…but maybe i could if i just change the zoom in chrome (seeing the page at 80% instead of 100%)

anyway this wasnt my point

my point is…if i wanted to scam anyone, i can copypaste the info or take a screenshot

even if everything is deleted…as long as you still want to trade NFTs, i can simply pm you guys again, get your info again, and then step back from the trade

not to mention, i have the paypal info of people i bought from cause paypal saves it

so thats why i said, for the sake of sensitive info in trade/offers PMs…doesnt matter

a scammer is gonna get your info one way or another…they can even get it from other users if they are persuasive enough

i didnt mention all this in my post because like i said, i thought deleting messages could ease your minds but if you dont want your info out there, then do no business, that’s the only way

all we can do is expose the bad users in the disputes thread if they even come back again…but yeah they can simply make a new account…there is no turn around this

people should be more active in the forum, thats the only way to get trust


@anon51404939 right now, most trustable person in the forum with his millions of posts and likes xD

This is a good solution then. I think what they want is the person in the PM to not be able to access it. Admins are fine.

Yeah it was really nice of Sammy to encourage us to troll like that xD…cause the trolling applications are endless

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Oh I thought you meant PM
Idk bro sorry lol

If we’re talking public I think there is a solid reason (from what I’ve gathered at least):

Sometimes it’s important because like some people (literally .00000001% but it’s enough) might manipulate how a conversation went with SM; like I don’t actually know how it works because idk I stay away from stuff like that, but people - and again literally a tiny faction- get envious of SM’s success and like if they could totally manipulate to others as to how a convo went down w/ them
well i think this would make it a pretty opportune moment for ‘em to pounce (well to me at least- I speak from experience)

You could however shoot Sam a PM or something to take a message down ; or just flag it :woman_shrugging:t3:

(Just my two cents!)