Announcement Thread for any announcement any user might want to post/add/share

This Thread has one simple purpose: to be used by anyone For any average or maybe even non average announcement (if Captain, Sammy or any Moderator wants to make an announcement here).


And my first announcement for all users of the forum (or at least for those who have an interest in my presence here):

It has been a Fabulous Journey, but all Journeys must end.

I wanted to end my journey here months ago, but then came my mom’s surgeries and I couldn’t.
Now, I can.

I won’t just disappear though.
I can see through email if someone writes me anything, but I’m not really that interested to check my emails either.
Anyway, I might login from time to time, to check messages, replies, etc.,but I’ll try to minimize my Presence, at the very least - so please, don’t be upset if I don’t reply or see your pm.

I’m NOT doing this out of any disappointment or due to bad experiences, Im just simply too obsessed with posting on the forum and I think it’s time to dedicate even more time to my health, future job and other needs.

At the most, I might reply if I’m tagged or in pms (although, I’ll try to be less present/active).

Thank You Everyone for Everything. :grinning::pray::heart:

We Must Grow, and Limiting My Presence Here is Part of My Growth.

I Hope You Have a Good Day.

See You Around.


Looking forward see you again george.


I wish you a lot of success mate!

Whatever you are going to do, do it with maximum possible levels of Self Love.



There’s gonna be a vacuum

Best of luck :muscle:


take good care, sir


You are a true delight! Please check in from time to time and let us you how you are doing. :slight_smile:


@SoulStar33 Have a fabulous journey! Thank you for your… service really, for maintaining this forum alive, for expressing your ideas (with all the considerate asterisks you use to add), for asking questions, for asking for help, for inspiring me, for providing resources, for being so helpful. Despite your occasional insecurities, I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability, as I don’t know of another way to learning.
I salute your decision to take control of your life however you see fit, and I wish that you get it – all that you need, all that you desire.
Good luck ahead! Thank you for being here! I wish you and your mom the best! :peace_symbol:
(not really really a goodbye, I know I’ll still see you around every now and then)


Goodbye and Goodluck! Hope you achieve all that you set out to do.


Well it’s sad to here that you’re going but hopefully we’ll speak to each other again in the future. I hope you succeed in your endeavours and everything works out in your life :+1:

Although who am I suppose to talk to on here or even about music, films and video games? Here’s another… who’s going to like my posts? :laughing:

I’ll have to try and find myself a new George on here lol


You brought such a lively energy to the forum in a short time. You had been so active and engaging. Now I am feeling partly guilty thinking that the long discussion with me on that thread might have triggered this.
Be well !


@Lanos I don’t think he posted that much, probably enough to infer to everyone that he was a regular on here but not what some users was making it out to be. I think he’s made more threads in a single day a few times than the average user but overall, since he’s been here altogether, probably not.

Me personally, I usually only comment if I think I’ll get a response back, otherwise I’ve just wasted my time. This repeated outcome doesn’t really motivate me to engage in the forum. I’m not complaining about it, I do have shit to do outside this forum anyway but I’m just letting you know, and everyone, that I feel like a ghost on a landscape on here sometimes.

I’m not one for making threads but I did make a book thread a while back. Although, the decent amount of traffic it had on it from the start, eventually fell like a ton of bricks a week after. The only thing I could gather from that was either, nobody on here wants to know my opinion and questions or just simply… not interested in reading books lol


Thank you for witting to me @The_Indigo_Man. And for you I can say that you really aren’t a ghost in this landscape since I clearly remember reading your posts and I am sure many others too. You are a very well know name. Books thread … yes some threads might be interesting and some might not be. It certainly also matters on how popular you are sometimes :blush: and more extrovert and social people get more attention. But this isn’t the whole point of this forum to start with. This forum is for spiritual growth too. So please don’t feel any less. Everyone has their significant place in their own unique way.
Hope I didn’t misunderstand you.


I keep wanting to post there…
I have like 5-10 posts on my mind in various threads, but every time I come home, my brain feels fried from work and an overdose of coffee with red bull lol

I’ll probably have to make a list as a reminder


No problem and vice versa to you also for acknowledging me. Thanks for the self assurance of my identity on here.

I could actually agree with me been very well known on here… in a monitoring sense more like :sweat_smile:. Mind you, over the years, I feel like I’ve regained some of my penalty points back after taking a ‘spiritual awareness course’ lol

I might of confused a lot of people on here (especially Sammy) on the case about free speech, which I believe that they should be regulations on what we say on this forum, in order to protect it. I’ve always been happy to follow the forum rules ever since. Although, I kind of wish there was some kind of SM handbook or ‘rules of the forum’ thread to look at, so I know where I am before posting or commenting.

Don’t worry yourself! It’s not going anywhere, so there’s plenty of time.

I’ve took a break from books lately because I’m under a lot of stress and anxiety right now with everything that’s happening around me. So yeah, I understand your fatigue. May I suggest some fields for you on that? These are the only fields I can mention that give me a right kick up the ass.

Semax and Phenlypiractam (remember to play Acetylcholine Production field before this one)

The Three Ginsengs

Don’t forget to use the Kidney and Adrenal Healing field occasionally to prevent the high caffeine dose from wearing you out.


I wish you good luck with everything, and all the best.

You will be missed and welcomed when/if you return.

Thanks for everything. Take good care of yourself.


Just dropped by to check my private messages and to reply to you guys.

Thank You for Your Love and for your messages.

I will login from time to time, maybe once a week, maybe once every two weeks to keep in touch.

Have a Good Night/Day. :pray:


This was a bad idea…

Oh, Well, back to my posting, I guess, but hopefully not too often. :grin::sweat_smile:

Anyway, as you can see, I’m quite on the extreme, either going Full Monk Mode (Absentee Mode) or Going Full Chimp Mode…

Oh, well, it is how it is.

I’m learning, hopefully.

Never say things, never promise, I’ll break my promises anyway, especially those done to/for myself.

Lesson learned (?)…


Did you just forum-relapsed? :laughing:

Now you know where your dopamine comes from…


@SoulStar33 … why are you being so hard on yourself? If you like being here and you post more then you think you should … let it be… why are you fighting a battle with yourself. No one else judges you on how much you post. You shouldn’t judge yourself too… it’s just posting at the end of the day. Unless this is significantly negatively impacting your life (or harming someone) in some way then you should do something about it, otherwise just let it happen naturally… let it go… don’t fight with yourself. I am only sharing this because I remember you struggling with trying to post less for almost an year now. Let it go. Let it happen naturally.