Are there limits to morphic fields?

Just as the title says.

What I mean is…:
I know within the body, certain building blocks are required to accentuate a field’s efficacy. This I understand.

What I’m referring to is more like, for instance I’ve heard one should not visit area 51 during astral projection. I’ve no idea whether that’s true or fear mongering.

“We don’t go to Ravenholm” (Half Life 2 reference)

Are there any unwritten rules like this in regards to morphic fields? Is there any place one shall not venture for one reason or another?


Was speaking to dream about a potential field that would take our souls in the astral and gather a HUGE amount of energy while we sleep and upon waking up our soul brings that energy into our physical body

But its not possible as it requires consciousness, at least through the method I described.


The first rule of Morphic Field Creator Club is…

…if something is too dangerous for me to do, it’s too dangerous for me to talk about.

The only real limits are conceptual.


How do we get the results of morphic fields instantly? I have not gained any muscles :muscle: listening to “ Muscles beyond limit“

Have you had results from any other morphic field?


I have not figured out yet. I have bought a lot of NFTS but have not seen drastic results , eg face sculptor, etc. I have bought the fearless pendant for around $500 but I am still fearful in front of mass.
How can I be capable of getting the results ?
I am sensitive to energy and feel a strong energy in all the NFTs .

Have you read the various threads about PONR, the “Self-Love” stack, etc?

I’ve seen your various questions and it seems like you don’t get any results from morphic fields. Before we give suggestions - there are many, many threads with useful inputs on this forum - can you tell us what have you tried to fix the blockages that prevent results?


yes I have the PONR field as well. I use that most of the days. Other than that I meditate daily. also use sub conscious mind techniques , visualisations etc. I feel something is still missing that is not letting me receive the full benefits if the NFTS

before and after listening.


Thank you. I have posted a pic


Do you have The blueprint of life?

It is very helpful for manifestation, you may try it