Attention Deficit Disorder

I am pretty sure I don’t have a parasite, I have had it since I can remember a a decade ago in preschool. As in I couldn’t concentrate

It’s entirely possible that you don’t. How’s your skin look?

I had trouble focusing in the past until I found out I had a candida imbalance and a few other things. Once I corrected it, it was like I had my life back.

It’s just an avenue to consider and maybe a solution for you. I don’t know. I’m just planting that seed. Good luck :wink:


My skin is dry, but it always has been.

I think I have some symptoms of ADHD, and my skin is pretty dry. I am not sure if I have fungal infection though but I guess it’s pretty common. Most people seem to focus more on SIBO and rarely on SIFO. How did you correct your candida imbalance by the way?


Hey, I’ll try not to make this answer super long :see_no_evil: but this was my experience. And I’ll give you some suggestions that hopefully work really well for you. We could have an hour-long phone conversation and probably feel like there was still more to talk about. Hopefully your case is simpler than mine was :crossed_fingers:t3:. There are going to be some finer details that might be left out, but I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have either here or via DM.

Depending on how long you’ve had candida or other parasitic infections (assuming you do), it can be really tricky and require some patience to eradicate because these things can root themselves deeply in the body and in some cases, form biofilms. When that happens it often results in leaky gut, and leaky gut often leads to food allergies to things like gluten, dairy, corn, caffeine, chocolate, solanine etc… So that’s what happened in my case. Everyone is different though.

I found out about my food allergies and parasites through a method called Nutrition Response Testing (NRT). You get muscle tested for all different types of imbalances (parasites, food allergies, other allergies) so that you aren’t guessing and get some real answers as to what’s happening inside your body. Through my own research I kinda figured out I had a gluten allergy, but NRT identified a whole bunch of other things going on that I would’ve never figured out. There’s a lot of info out there on NRT if you’re interested. It helped me figure out things faster.

If your particular case is simple, an anti-fungal/candida protocol can often knock it out. If your symptoms have been going on for years, regular anti-fungal/candida protocols sometimes fail bc the fungus/candida will mutate and develop resistance to the treatment before the treatment clears everything out. And then you end up back where you started, or worse, bc now there are only resistant strains in the body and they start taking over. And on the other hand, if you have biofilms, the biofilms shield the invaders in a filmy matrix that the anti-fungal/ candida protocol can’t reach anyway. Biofilms are awfullll. For years I suffered from them bc I didn’t know they even existed until I found NRT. It was like my body felt sticky all over, but on the inside…under my skin. Just awful. I was irritable and felt gross and unhealthy even though I took really good care of myself physically (gym, etc). Btw, If you’re thinking “I don’t have those symptoms”, you can still have biofilm issues without the same symptoms as me.

To keep this from turning into a novel (bc I’m super simplifying all of the years of trial and error), here’s what worked for me and why. Works best on an empty stomach.

If you have biofilms:

Serrapeptase: enzyme that breaks down the filmy outer matrix of biofilms in the body, so that other treatments can kill what’s hiding in the film. Best part is that the film can’t mutate into a resistant form bc the enzyme isn’t a “poison”. It’s simply breaking down the film’s cellular matrix and can’t form a resistance. Breaking down the film exposes the parasites inside so that they can be destroyed by other treatments. Serrapeptase does tons of other amazing other things for the body too, check it out. Lumbrokinase/nattokinase are similar enzymes, but Serrapeptase is the main one.

The Acetylcholine Field: turns out that acetylcholine is a potent biofilm inhibitor. Who knew? When I started using it recently it felt like my body/brain was in a frying pan (to use Philip Weiss’ term). The burning stopped after about a week of regular use and hasn’t returned. If I had to guess, the burning sensation was a biofilm die-off reaction in my body. And my skin went from pretty good to really nice and clear. I completely stumbled across this accidentally through some internet research. The plan was to use this as a brain booster (which it is) but got an extra unexpected gift out of the deal :gift::sweat_smile:.

To kill the candida/fungus:

Iodine (nascent iodine): broad spectrum anti-fungal, anti-everything, that the body needs as a nutrient as well. And it works long term. The ‘bad guys’ don’t develop resistance. Most people have some type of iodine deficiency anyway, so this kills two birds with one stone.

Undecyclenic Acid: pretty much the strongest natural anti-fungal/ candida supplement out there. Super strong, super-effective on its own if you don’t have a biofilm issue. Stronger than Grapefruit Seed Extract, Caprylic Acid, and similar products.

Sapien Fungus Destroyer / Parasite Destroyer: seems to work long term as well. Might even work all by itself for you. Or paired with the Serrapeptase (really hope Captain makes a field specifically for harmful biofilms). You could also add in the virus and bacterial fields, because skin issues can be caused by a lot of different things.

Also add in anything by Sapien that boosts oxygen in the body. He’s got a bunch of choices for that. The plasma protocol added to the other suggestions would probably work amazingly well.

For diet, I followed this:

I pretty much cut out all sugars (including fruit) and stuck with mostly vegetables for my micronutrients. That link gives the rest of the dietary guidelines (no gluten, etc) This post isn’t as organized as I want it to be but hopefully you get some ideas. My energy went from awful to really great, and my skin is really nice and clear and smooth now. It used to be uneven, dry, flaky, reddish in some areas… no fun.

Adding in fields for detox support will help you tremendously as well

Full body detox
Billary system detox
Kidney/adrenal detox
Intestine healing/ regeneration
Endocrine rejuvenation
Lymphatic drainage

This post is already kinda long. You can DM if you need more info since this is an ADD thread and I don’t want it going completely off-topic. Plus, there are other people here who are super knowledgeable and can add their own suggestions and experiences. I’m not a doctor, so use your own discretion as well.

To health and to super healthy skin :clinking_glasses:


Also adding in a high quality probiotic eventually to repopulate the gut is important as well


Excellent and interesting post.
Thank you!


Thank you for your reply and also for all the great suggestions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Sorry I just read it because I made a mistake yesterday by looping a health field which made me feel achy :expressionless:. I bookmarked it :wink:, and I will DM you if I have more questions.

I took allergy test already but the last time I checked for parasites was 5 years ago. The diet you shared would be so easy for me to follow because I am allergic to most of them anyway (even to many veggies :frowning:).

Oh wow, I also use Superhuman Genius for studying but it apparently has CoQ10 that can help me with other situation.

Cheers :clinking_glasses:


It’s gotten way worse for me. As an adult you have responsibilities you can’t get around that you just don’t have as a kid, so the “blur” between myself and others has disappeared entirely. I used to at least be able to try to “blend” lol…especially with medication on my side. But growing into adulthood has only made it that much more apparent that I struggle with some things so many other people don’t lol. And I think especially as a woman, it became so much more clear to me as an adult. Often young boys that displayed classic “symptoms” of ADHD were the only kids had early diagnosis…a lot of woman I know, including myself, had to read and learn and grow a ton to figure it out themselves to finally get help (outside of themselves). It was honestly a relief when I learned about ADHD 10 years ago—to realize I wasn’t an “idiot” or broken or lazy or a terrible person. I still have a lot to learn though


Yeah, I am still a kid, or teenager. My parents thought I had it years back in kindergarten, but they didn’t test me. I was tested, surprisingly they said it was not enough to be classified as ADD, although I do have mild attention problems, I am pretty sure I had it when I was younger; however, I think it is getting better as I age.


Thanks a lot… I was just reading your answer… don’t know if I have biofilm or not… doctors in India don’t recognise these issues… moreover at this time of corona everything is haywire…

I seem to have everything Candida, sibo, had hepatitis E too last year. Would be great if you could share the link for which Sapien field you used for ( The Acetylcholine Field) :pray:.

Is Serrapeptase also a field…


Hey Alka,

The Acetylcholine field is on Patreon. It’s titled “Acetylcholine Production.”

Serrapeptase isn’t a field (at least not yet). It’s an enzyme supplement I order from Amazon. The brand I use is called Doctor’s Best. They make quality supplements at reasonable prices. I’m not sure if that brand is available outside of the US, though.


How is Monoatomic Iron good for ADHD?

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I was going to paste some articles here but let’s make it easier and say that there’s a handful of researches supporting this. There’s also for example a not so old meta-analysis, “Iron Status in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis” conducted by Wang and friends.

Different forms of iron seem to be investigated though, meaning that not all have the same correlation with ADHD. Ferritin (blood protein containing iron/major form stored in the cells) seems more emphasized.

But when it comes to this Monoatomic field version, my post is rather based on personal experience with it. My focus seems sharpened when I use it.


This is what I found…

Monoatomic Iron

“Strengthens the male energy (Mars). Good for men’s problems and for clarifying father-son relationships. For potency. Improves blood circulation in all organs. Especially in the heart and brain, because it brings with it an energetic activation of haemoglobin. Purification and better flow of blood. Less fatigue, more energy and drive. Leaving the path of suffering. Steering anger and aggression in a creative direction. Stronger assertiveness. For all those who see life as a struggle: “You don’t get anything for free”. Learning to live easily and to leave the path of suffering. To perceive and express one’s needs. Detachment from the victim role, demarcation, strengthening of self confidence. Basically, the grounding and strengthening of the body’s own energies are stimulated. Being easy and using the potentials.”


Personally I don’t need the Mars energy part because I already have too much of it :joy: but jokes aside, a field with many purposes. I’ll keep it in my library ;) Thanks for sharing :+1:

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Didn’t Dream say that there were certain Mstate elements men and women shouldn’t use? Which is the Mstate element for female problems?

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I have to look this up, I can’t remember his post right now. I was mostly inspired by Maoshan’s post below so far (I cut some parts):

So I was using each one in small doses just a few days per week. To get a little of all the benefits mentioned, you know. But not really anymore (for most of them), since I have the Kinetic Quasi Crystal:


Acetylcholine is bad for hairs brother , I don’t want to have hair shedding , is there any side effects you observed ?