New Release: "Even more exotic matters" Album

Got it man! That’s what my intuition is leading me to do lol but I’ll experiment first with just one at a time, I’ll probably have a preferred listening style in a week

Share your reference!
Would love to know of an article/paper that specifically mentions the mono-atomic state of the elements and their benefits.

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if you click on any product you find its full description with benefits i only used this website because it provide specific sets of informations, more like resume of each element


Ruthenium makes the hair grow and fixes DNA.

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Wow thanks! The company seems legit though and it is making me super grateful; seeing the price for those—individually :flushed:
Seems like they are into spiritual practices too.
The Iridium and Indium turned out to be a gem!
Thanks man :) will look up more into it.


Take what I write with a pinch of salt as this is not from the perspective of Medical research, but Alchemical. These have been known and used since the time of King Solomon, and much earlier by Indian alchemists (known as Rasayanikas) and Daoists. The main challenge with using physical concoctions of these M-state elements is contamination (lead, arsenic). Also, these alchemical elements were not meant to be consumed willy nilly, but as part of a larger alchemical system which effected transmutation, and in the absence of that, these elements could potentially accumulate in the body leading to toxicity. Dream’s fields should avoid that to a large extent, making the benefits of these M-state elements accessible to all.

“That which is below is like that which is above
and that which is above is like that which is below
to do the miracle of one only thing” (Emerald Tablet of Thoth)

  • Above - Heavens, the cosmos, stars, realm of the gods, immortal realms, the internal invisible realm that cannot be accessed easily. Also, the cause of the “below”
  • Below - Earth, physical matter, where mortal man lives and breathes, physical reality, the external world
  • One Thing - Divinity expressed as a triangle or triad - soul (sulfur), spirit (mercury), and body (salt).

This being the core principle of Alchemy laid out by Hermes/Thoth/Mercury, the body is but an abstract reflection of the higher consciousness, and these M-state elements affect the body by actuating the consciousness and fine-tuning elements of consciousness. So, while they have direct physical effects, their effects are much more significant in terms of how they impact the consciousness and thus the body. They tune the ‘below’ affecting the ‘below’, while also tuning the ‘above’, impacting the ‘below’ - two birds with a stone!

A general recommendation when using M-state elements is to avoid extra supplementation of Sulfur as these do not go well together. While garlic is fine, to experience full benefits, it is best avoided or reduced when using M-state concoctions (of course, this may or may not apply to Dream’s non-physical fields).

Alchemists explain that in the case of M-state molecules, the left spin electron is time-reversed whereas the right spin electron is time forward, which net-net results in a zero-time polarity. If the M-state molecule is stable, it is ‘time-free’ and the atoms spin always in alignment with the North Star, which has an amazing effect alchemically. This seems generally true for most M-state molecules, and especially so for M-state Iridium. The most prominent effects I’ve noticed through these M-state elements are significantly increased bodily immunity and clarity of mind (like a crystal-clear, sharp mind).

M-State Copper: Great for cancers (especially breast cancer), tumors, and lupus. Good to reverse grey hair, wrinkles, sagging skin and breasts, protruding belly, varicose veins, issues of the arteries, hemorrhage, etc. It also awakens the pineal gland.

M-State Platinum: Great for alleviating symptoms of allergies as well as fixing the root cause for such allergies. Caution - do not drink alcohol when using M-state Platinum as that makes you feel very sick. Some have successfully used this reaction to rid people of alcoholism.

M-state Iridium and Rhodium: Is known to treat and reverse Osteoporosis. This is an intelligent molecule in the sense, acts only when needed and works synergistically well with M-state Iridium. Iridium is also a great M-state for detoxing the body.

An alchemist with a strong ability to see energy describes the workings of these two in removing carcinogens thus: “What the m-state does when it goes in your body it goes into your immune and lymph systems. It is not carried in your blood. The white corpuscle grabs a rhodium and an iridium atom and it carries them to the cells. The immune system can’t recognize a damaged cell because the DNA strip is kinked because of a carcinogen, or ligand, hanging on it that folds it up. Then the white corpuscle can’t read that DNA strip so it assumes it is fine and it leaves. The first thing the iridium does is to take the carcinogen off the strip. Then the white corpuscle can read it. If the strip is not normal the white corpuscle leaves a rhodium m-state behind in the cell. It takes the DNA strip out of the cell. Then it goes out into the lymph system and gets a T-cell made from the thymus. It gets a red corpuscle and it makes a newborn cell out of it. And then it comes back. The rhodium has already killed the cell it was in and the other white corpuscles are cleaning up the mess. It puts a new cell in its place.”

M-state Gold: Valuable in treating Alzheimer’s. Heightens psychic perceptions - enhances the ability to see auras, read minds, sense intentions, etc. Regular use changes one’s personality as it has a major “spiritualizing effect” where non-beneficial patterns and addictions are no longer tolerated. Also unlocks some past life memories, aids astral projection. Another superb effect of this element is the regeneration of nerve tissue. At some point, I was taking M-state Gold from an alchemist from Bulgaria who lived in Oregon before he passed - and I could literally see thought patterns from people as streams of light particles (imagine His Dark Materials). Gold is considered superior in some aspects as it corresponds to energy of the Stars and Sun (and not earth like other elements), propelling ascension. This is also very conducive to awakening the Pineal gland. It is said that while the Optic Nerve is active during waking states and is responding to light and visual stimuli, the pineal gland remains asleep. It is in darkness and sleep that the pineal gland wakes up (to an extent) and hence Dark Retreats are a great way to awaken the pineal gland by diverting light essence to the pineal gland and not visual stimuli. The M-state gold, with its “solar energy”, seems to actualize this alchemy in a different way, awakening the pineal gland by supplying it with what it needs. It also mimics deep states of Theta and Gamma brainwaves pretty easily and hence is a great tool for enhancing meditation.

This is the best of elements for Enlightenment and Ascension. This seems to “pull” from earth’s gravitational and magnetic fields to build up a massive charge which can be utilized by the body and brain in unimaginable ways. There is a pretty fascinating book, ‘Mutant Message Down Under” written by an aboriginal shaman, Marlo Morgan, where she describes her past life among the aboriginals of Australia consuming M-state gold in a ritualistic circle and manifesting their wishes at frightening speeds.


Glad your post made me curious and reminded me of the last two I haven’t listened to. I’m playing it for a second time now whereas for the others I could only handle one time (for now). It feels like Microcosmic Orbit to me…:thinking:

This is the exact kind of ‘encyclopedia’ we needed here!!


Edit: please take my wowed face as an immense gratitude gesture haha. Thank you Maoshan!


how many times can you hear this audio?


Wow man, thank you so much! I think I’m sticking to the gold one then! I’m sold!

Never knew I needed this till now! Haha


No,it’s been an year I think. Those informative videos, I used to love them and I used to research more after that.


As i am not a Patreon, can somebody tell me if Cosmo-Volt field is in this album?

Just to make sure, is the Cosmo-Volt Field in this album? I am asking as someone mentioned in a different thread it was part of this album.

Yes. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes. The album “Even more Exotic Matters” has four tracks (I assume this album will appear soon on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music etc.)


Thank you for the answer

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Thanks :pray:


I must’ve missed this one.

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Hey don’t know if you read about indium

if it is true what they state it could help you with your bodybuilding process. When I listened to it I did feel more of an energy boost than with the others but… I also listened to all of them in a row to test them so not 100% sure lol. Could help as a preworkout and before a meal.


Sounds awesome! Not just for bodybuilders. Having more atp = more energy .

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