Audio for finding the truth about a situation

The last few days or maybe a week I remember reading an audio’s description that helps with revealing the truth of a situation.

Unfortunately in this period I did a lot of reading and I don’t know where I found that audio. The thing is, there is a small possibility it is not from Sapien Medicine, dream seeds, energetic alchemy, the vendors here at enlightened states.

I have been looking and I will continue looking to find it as I really need it right now but if anyone has a clue please let me know.

found it. Sharing it here so others in need can use it:

@morph this ?


The sword of the righteous can help for whatever justice it needs.

Or if in general want to know the truth behind all the bullshit. Stick with crown Chakra field. It can help connect yourself with the wisdom of universe. And beings.

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That’s not it.

Thank you :pray: :pray:

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Conceptual Realizations


The audio I was looking for is what I wanted.

The audio you mentioned is what I needed. Thank you so so much :blush: :beers:


Psychic university has that energetic pendulum field for $22. You could work on yes/no answers with your higher self that way

Definitely on my soon to buy 🩵🩵

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Maybe the preceptionist nft

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Wow… Just… wow…

Not only it works but… the jolt of joy I am experiencing is amazing. It’s like I want to be making questions which are only answered by yes so that I feel that joy :heart_eyes:

Oh cool! Now I definitely want to try it. Thanks for letting us know

At last I found it. Sharing it here so others in need can use it: