Audios to help with meditation and mindfulness

I feel like mindfulness can be life changing for us but I am having trouble making it a habit or sometimes I fall asleep in the morning to meditate, what are some audios that can help encourage this habit of mindfulness and meditation every morning. When done right it gives me a huge benefit in my mental health especially with what I’m going through right now

Opus Manhattan, brain booster fields. Start slow and build up those connections.

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These are practices that need time to develop.
Mindfulness can be turned into a very enriching lifestyle. Nowadays people are distracted almost non-stop. With mindfulness you can let the brain “recover”. You can make every moment more meaningful. But if you’re not used to mindfulness, you’ll have to build it up just like exercise. Simply place your awareness on what you’re doing right now. Use full focus but don’t force it. Also use this:

For meditation, apply a similar method. Simply start practicing daily for a couple minutes. It’s sometimes marvelous how refreshed you can feel after just a little time. Be disciplined and maintain this habit daily. Most important for meditation is that you fully relax. Let yourself float, sink or simply be. Place your awareness within. Don’t try to or do anything. Just let it all be. The best meditation fields I’m aware of are:

And the meditation audio from the energy awakening course:

Hope that helps