Automated Tibetan Rites

The 5 Tibetan Rites are a form of Tibetan yoga said to be more than 2,500 years old that are said to produce many benefits such as:

  • sound sleep;
  • waking up easily and feeling energized;
  • improved spinal health;
  • relief from body pain, especially joints;
  • relief of arthritis symptoms;
  • weight loss; reversal of aging symptoms or ‘youthing’;
  • improved physical strength and endurance;
  • better memory and emotional and mental health improvements;
  • greater sense of well-being and balance; and better energy throughout your day.
    What gives these Rites their power is their positive effect on the ‘spin’ of the chakras. Get the chakras spinning well (i.e., activated or energized) and you feel better, more balanced mentally, emotionally and physically. It is a physical practice with many spiritual and mental benefits that revitalize you in many different ways. This is why it is also considered the ‘Fountain of Youth’ by the Tibetans.
    The field induces an automated workout of the Tibetan rites and also chakra stimulation and growth that is produced by the exercises.

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It won’t let you buy either.

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Will be very soon. Also… there is a gumroad and enlightenedstates sale on the horizon. So just give it a bit.


Thank you!


I was able to purchase. Love this one, thank you.


Got it.
Thanks Dream for creating it
and for the discount.

I didnt know if it would be energizing or relaxing.
For me it is relaxing.

I suggest NOT listening to this while driving.
During my 3 listens got slightly woozy (pleasantly so), like when I in the past have done the spins.


Wow, so many new amazing fields, lol I want all of them!! Or at least the Self Refresh and Tibetan Rites!!!


maoshan, dont you dare not get the cold therapy as well :smiley:
the ice demons will haunt you


Haha you sure are a mind reader!

I was thinking - may be just get the other two and not Cold therapy and my GF chips in - “nope, get cold therapy, that is more important” lol


He has so many things at his disposal, they will fight amongst themselves on who gets to fight against ice demons.


So, What Are The Real Benefits of The 5 Tibetans?

  • A significant increase in energy—more the endurance type of energy as opposed to the revved up caffeine type of energy. You feel like you can keep going and going.
  • Feel calmer and less stressed—your buttons simply don’t get pushed as easily anymore.
  • Develop significant mental clarity with a razor-sharp focus.
  • Feel stronger, more flexible, and less stiff.
  • Enjoy seeing muscles appear on your arms, stomachs, hips, legs, and backs. Good for toning flabby arms and tightening the abdomen.
  • Sleep better. Some people have more vivid dreams.
  • Overall improvement in your health, don’t seem to catch colds, etc. as often.
  • Helps with depression and anxiety—lifts mood and improves well-being.
  • More centered and at peace.
  • Improved self-discipline and sense of purpose.
  • Feel younger and more powerful.
  • Improved breathing—deeper, slower and more conscious.
  • Increased levels of Qi (chi, prana, life-energy, etc.)
  • Better posture.
  • Develop good core strength—provides a strong foundation for all forms of exercise and modern living.
  • Some people lose weight—most find it easier to control weight and desire healthier foods.
  • Improved digestion and elimination.
  • Helps with the transition and symptoms of menopause.
  • Helps with the symptoms of menstruation.
  • Improved libido.

Is the sixth rite included? Would be good for semen retention


I can’t spin three times without feeling dizzy and nauseous. If this can be effective, I am really happy, I have known this exercise for a long time, but I can’t do it!


So I had this issue when I first learned and practiced the rites about 30 years ago. Some years later I read another book on the topic with commentary in it and the commentator said that there’s nothing in the original that says you have to spin fast. I found that spinning rather slowly helped with this. And then at the end you hold your hands out and front of you, entwined at eye level, with your thumbs sticking up and stare at the thumbs. Helps focus and removing the dizziness.

Edit: the book is called The Eye of Revelation. This version:


:smiley: Thank you. I may try after I feel better.

How much should we listen to this?
I just read each rite is meant to be practiced 21 times a day.
Why 21 times ?
" The number 21 is considered a sacred number to Tibetans. The rites stimulate the chakras (the seven energy centers of the body) and increase a flow of energy from the core outward"


Also “When you progress to completing the full 21 repetitions, you must not go higher than this, as this is said to have a negative effect”
@Dreamweaver @SammyG how many repetitions are in this audio?

In the book there was mentioned a gradual buildup to 21 reps for each rite.

So for instance in week 1 you can start out with 11. In week 2 you do 13 reps each, week3 15 reps and so on.

There was sth mentioned about the gaps increasing by 2 reps each time but i forgot what it was and i don’t have the book at hand now

Yes it’s this book:


Start at 3 reps. Increase by 2 per week til you reach 21.

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