Beginner's Journey through the Corpus Spiritus Tarot

I considered it air for the sky. So you are saying the sun is the fire. cool :slight_smile: I still think his motivation comes from his inner fire though.

Addition: I just realized that the wands are fire, so that would be the stick slung over his shoulder with his pack attached. In my mind it’s a magic wand, so he is ready to use it for magical purposes whenever he should see fit. Also, it’s okay that he never needs magic, as he himself is a magical being.

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Actually, I was asking, honestly, because you’re the one sorting into your categories. (And maybe this is a “higher” level conversation for this beginner thread? I don’t know. Of so, we can continue it in my Mysteries of the Tarot–for all levels thread, if Sammy prefers.)

I don’t think there’s a “right” or “wrong” answer. It depends on our criteria. Are there 4 categories? 3*? Or 5? Or I could say that we “know” that there’s air all around him (and the dog) but the majority of that air is dark, so why is that upper portion light? Does that signify something else? And that wouldn’t make you “wrong” at all.

One of the interesting things about The Fool in the Rider-Waite lineage of cards is that the “sky” is clearly yellow, rather than the blue of the sky in other cards. That indicates a deliberate choice by Mr. Waite and Ms Smith.

One explanation for the yellow sky is to include the “5th element” of Spirit/Akasha. As I babble on about in that other thread, this interpretation sees The Fool as Spirit about to emanate forth as a “separate” extension of All-That-Is (also indicated by the rays of the sun in the Rider-Waite card).

I agree with you that The Fool’s fire is burning within him. Again, this might be a question for that other thread but what does “fire” mean to you? (Because there can be a number of different interpretations for “fire,” which could come up later in this thread.)

Interesting insights!

*IIRC, the very early Greeks (that we know about) worked with 3 elements, which map over to the 3 Doshas and to the 3 Treasures.

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Looking at the fool card. I noticed the colors are the higher chakras, heart, throat, the third eye, and the crown.
I think this is the fool following his higher intuition, belief in divinity, following his heart, perhaps not only speaking his truth, but acting on it.
in comparison to a dog is also present in the card “the moon” in the traditional deck. There’s a dog and a wolf one domesticated and one wild.
And I think the dog represents the more primitive aspects of who we are, which society tend to look down upon. Man is dogs best friend, the dog doesn’t judge so maybe that’s why the fool is with an animal and not a normal member of society.

so basically higher chakras by the colors and maybe the dog could represent a more “domesticated” root chakra. The dog is there to keep the fool from danger. More grounded in reality.

i don’t believe the fool is a real fool i think he just looks that way to the outside world. He is alone, away from society. to start his own journey. To the outside world that may seem foolish to look at other ways of life.

This Is A Person Who Understands That The Way Society Has Taught Us To Live Has Actually Not Made Us Anywhere Near Becoming Whole.
He Knows That Nothing Outside Of You Is Going To Make You Feel Whole.
The Fool Is Willing To Learn From Scratch And Not From Society.


@SammyG I’m confused. I see images from the Corpus Spiritus Deck posted. Which images can’t we post?


Hello friends. I unfortunately missed the boat on this deck, but I am thrilled to watch everyone dive deeper into it.:two_hearts: Uh, if I may, as a fellow lifelong tarot student, it seems the meanings come from Biddy Tarot, no qualms there, but another good supplementary resource is Joan Bunning’s site, from which I started to learn many years ago.

The Fool


i will use

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It is currently still available right now if you want it:


Thanks! I’m so used to NFTs selling out 0.5 seconds after they’re posted, so I just assume if I blink then I’ve missed it. :joy: glad to know it’s still there.


You threw me off at “categories” so I couldn’t respond. Could you explain what you mean? Do you mean earth, air, fire, water, aether?

Last night I wrote: one-pointed, single-minded, happy in current state, content

Just after typing that I heard the words: what is he hiding?

He is the world pushed out, he knows the whole path from the beginning, but normally he is not telling. Yet, if we ask, we can find out here and now. There are no mysteries, there are no secrets. All is revealed now.


Sure. In order to do that, let’s keep this conversation in context: You meditated, contemplated and connected to your card (Yay, you!) just as Sammy asked of us. And you shared with us your experience. (Thank you.) That experience of yours is you, connecting to the card AND your own higher guidance.

So, this is key: I don’t want to impose myself on your higher guidance (or substitute myself for it). Your higher guidance knows precisely what you need to know, in a way that you will know it. And I honor that.

So, I’m going to be careful (as best I can) not to mess up your experience with my “stuff.” That’s why I’m asking a lot of questions here in this thread (and saving my pendantry for that other thread).

In your own exploration, you (clever one that you are) were the one who looked for earth, air, etc. I know what those things mean to me but I don’t yet know what they mean to you, which is key because we’re talking about your insight. So, I used a generic term, “categories,” to continue our conversation. I really wanted to use the word, “piles,” to say something along the lines of “as you were contemplating the different parts of your card and you were sorting those parts into your piles of earth, air, etc…” but that seemed even more confusing to me. :laughing:

I asked you my question about “categories” because I wanted to check in with you to see if you might have been limiting yourself with a preconceived idea of how many categories/piles there should be. (And that’s sort of natural that we might do this.) Because isn’t that one way we sort? By defining our piles first and then assigning what’s in front of us into our different piles? I wanted to know if you were also sorting into piles of—say—animal (dog and possibly The Fool himself), vegetable and mineral or however else you were categorizing the parts of your card.

When I sort the parts of my cards, I do sort into earth, air, fire, water and spirit, yes. For me, that ties nicely into the suit of Pentacles (among other things) when we get there.

Is that The Only Way (or The Right Way)? Hell, no. I’m not that arrogant.

I’m a firm believer that the Tarot (this or other decks) is a tool to inspire your connection to your Higher Self and to your Higher Truth. I ask my questions here on this thread to, hopefully, inspire us to explore more. That’s all.


And just like my questions are with the intention of inspiring exploration, I’m using the insights and experiences shared here to inspire my own exploration, to check my own self to see what preconceived notions I’m bringing to my cards and my interpretations.

See? Like this question, which got me thinking, for myself. You inspired me to check in with my own connection, to see what I can learn for myself.

Whatever conclusions I come to, they’re my conclusions, that’s all.


Changed that up considering our deck is a bit different from the waite deck. So seemed a bit incongruent to do it this way


Several days ago, upon meditating on ‘The Fool,’ I wrote:

Possibilities. Beginning of the journey. Life is play and all that comes after, all the pain, the gains, the wins, losses, lessons, setbacks are just a part of the journey of life and as much as I’ll get attached to it all, it’s all for fun. To learn. Explore. And although I forget, I’m but the universe experiencing itself in an infinite amount ways. I am the traveler. The essence.

I thought it interesting when I started assosciating myself as "the fool’ in my thoughts, that’s when these thoughts began clicking with me. I remembered I am the fool. And all these worries of mine…it’s all just part of the game I’m playing. It’s all in the journey and to not forget who I am in essence as it helps guide me. But even if I lose my way and get stuck on a certain path. It’s okay because it’s all a journey anyways.There’s no right or wrong answers. I’m here for the experience. If I start getting bored of life though… then I ain’t living right. As an explorer, I am searching for the new. Breaking new ground. And to not lose sight of that.

Anyways, those are my contemplations on the card!


How do y’all shuffle? Do I have to be gentle and careful?
On day one of having this deck the sides started peeling up. I guess this is to be expected? Can’t imagine what it’ll look like in years lol


Mine are pretty sturdy and well intact despite my usual vigorous shuffle. Sure cards fly out from time to time but none have ever peeled.

I don’t know…maybe you got a defective copy? :woman_shrugging:

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I don’t over hand shuffle. I just part the cards and riffle shuffle, because 2 or 3 cards had dents on the side and i didn’t want to cause more damage. I would just try to glue it back together.

I don’t know where to post this, but I slept with the deck near me and had very vivid messages.


I’ve been very gentle with shuffling, as I don’t want peeling cards. Now I know why backup decks are good.


well you usually do a contemplative shuffle, not really casino style.

definitely not casino style


This is the start of anything, yes? A new day, a new project, a new thought. Being open to everything. Seeing with the Fool’s eyes. Seeing the sky, exhilarated with nature. Why is negativity an option when it makes the receptacle smaller and positivity makes it larger? Not just pretending things are okay, but not even buying into the “things” as being real. How much can I get out of life by loving it? How much do I bring to a new moment by being open to it?